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12 Apr 2014
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I always thought it was meant to be who'd you'd want to Captain this side if it had to go out and play an actual game... Usually coming from one of the actual Captains in the side. But now they have introduced these "Legacy" selections as captains.

The selectors have made a complete mess of it in the last few years. Take 2018 for example when they went with a "Legacy" selection in Lance Franklin... ahead of the actual 2018 Premiership Captain in Shannon Hurn. Absolutely baffling. Franklin has never been voted by his teammates to Captain a side... Hurn was voted in to captain his side and led them to the Premiership, yet gets overlooked for Franklin & Dangerfield.

Guess that's what happens when you let muppets like Ling & Richardson onto the selection panel.
The last point is the salient one for me. It’s like having the worst of Channel Nine’s late-era commentary team pick the Allan Border medalist. I wouldn’t really care who they picked, because I don’t respect their opinion in most cases. If it had been Richie and co, it’s a totally different story.

If they want it to be an honour worth winning, they need to appoint selectors with the skill and/or the gravitas that such an honour deserves.