Competitions 2020: SCS AFL SuperCoach Doubles Competition [49 Confirmed- Entries close 17th of February 2020 at 9:00pm AEDT]


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3 Jul 2017
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Similar to the doubles competition I’ve been running for the Big Bash ( but adapted to AFL SuperCoach, which means I will be creating and administering a AFL Supercoach doubles competition where Supercoach Scores members will be paired with another member thus forming a team/duo to then compete against other teams/duos throughout the course of the season.

Our official Supercoach AFL sides will be used, meaning there is no need to create another side and no additional work needs to be done once you have entered into the group and leagues (codes provided once game opens), as after each round I will capture the results to be then displayed in this thread and combine your score with that of your teammate to determine the results per round and tracking your duos results throughout the season.

As an example
A doubles team could involve Player A being assigned with Player O in comparison to another duo involving Player C and Player G.
Player A's score at the end of the round will be combined with that of Player O.
Eg Player A scored 2101 and Player O scored 2288
2101+2288= 4389

Player C's score at the end of the round will be combined with that of Player G.
Player C scored 2355 and Player G scored 2045

The number of participants will determine the type of structure used for the tournament ranging from a knockout (single-elimination) tournament, pools/divisions, ladder format, etc. Duos will either be based on previous rankings or randomly generated dependent on the preference of participants via a vote.

Cut-off date for entries is 17th of February 2020 at 9:00pm AEDT.

If interested in participating, please provide an expression of interest below.

Currently 49 participants:
1. @Connoisseur
2. @Tails
3. @Ironhawk
4. @Tex
5. @Professor
6. @Herbie66
7. @Darkie
8. @PC
9. @bomberboy
10. @All is Wells
11. @Creeker
12. @Diabolical
13. @Goodie's Guns
14. @Ben's Beasts
15. @THCLT
16. @Beg2Differ
17. @Presto
18. @toxic
19. @Spots
20. @Ricky Bobby
21. @Beijing_Sting
22. @Seymour Skinner
23. @jaca
24. @BomberSam
25. @pizza safety
26. @Rowsus
27. @BigRuss
28. @Hawk41
29. @Stormzy
30. @Dimmawit
31. @quite ironic
32. @Rumbler
33. @The Experiment
34. @Bomber18
35. @stephen
36. @kadog
37. @Philzsay
38. @kakarot
39. @50 shades of Wade
40. @IDIG
41. @KLo30
42. @Tamuhawk
43. @Damion23
44. @FirstTimer
45. @Impromptu
46. @Bermi
47. @lipsunited
48. @Snowman
49. @kennychao
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