Competitions 2020 SCS One-Eyed Club Challenge

25 Jul 2012
AFL Club
All about the Bombers this week with @hunterpunter helping his team to fly to the up [pause] up [pause] to lead the [say quickly] SCS One-Eyed Club Challenge; @Eagling had a great weekend seeing his team smash the Pies and his SC team smash the 2400 barrier; @Mudflap provides a little ray of sunshine for us embattled Shinboners by placing 3rd for the week.

Note that the highest scorer in the group this week was from a team named Yeah Na Cheers which was not a team I was able to match against a SCS member.

The Bombers now take over the overall lead from the Blues who held it for 4 weeks. @Crippa managed a solid score for the Blues but could only manage 7th for the week as they drop to 2nd. @jarveg salvaged something for the Magpies this week as he placed 4th for the week and helped them into the top 3 for the first time albeit 115 points behind 2nd.

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That is weird , I read an article on the Internet the other day about tips from a coach who's team was Yeah Na Cheers.

He won the weekly prize in Round 5 , 2018 from memory.
22 Oct 2014
AFL Club
North Melb.
No need to change the colour scheme this week as the Bombers put in another stellar week this time courtesy of @Philzsay who scored a massive 2577 points. I get a nosebleed just thinking about that sort of score. Thankfully the Hawks finished second through @sven_inc because this gets right up my nose (and stops the blood flow). Port Adelaide join the party this week through @PowerBrokers to record their highest finish of the year.

Essendon now skip out to a 119 point lead from the Blues who managed a creditable 5th for the week through @kakarot. This Pies are the best of the rest 114 points further back after @Courtesans assisted them to 4th place this week.