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Leadership Group
4 Feb 2013
AFL Club
Score: 1,923
Weekly: 24,932
Overall: 1,577 (down 313)
Trades Made: OUT Berry & Flynn IN Bianco & CCJ
Heroes: Macrae 129 x 2, Laird 144, Gawn 138, Zorko 122, Brayshaw 120, Lloyd 108, Dusty 102 & Mills 100
Villians: Heeney 55, RCD 27 & Highmore 17
Had to happen sooner or later but finally dropped rank after a good 5 weeks of steady rises. Am not too fazed about it as I did plan to have a down week as I trying to bank cash ready for planned upgrades next week. Hindsight though almost traded in Steele/Zerrett at points during the weekend but held back. Will need to see if I can make up for it next week.

Had 21 playing this week and my 3 villains were the scores that dropped out.

DEF: 9/10
Lloyd still consistent as ever. I did expect a lowish score from Mills due to the game being at the SCG as I didn't think he could do well more than 2 weeks in a row. Hope he has a few Away games on the horizon. Daniel with his new role was very good to watch. Ridley not taking many kick ins and is becoming a troublesome one to own ever since the concussion.

(Highmore didn't count and lost cash)
MID: 6/10
Macrae still yet to go under 100 which is just incredible. Laird went huge also so ignoring him as a captain option was a mistake. Brayshaw averaging just above 100 for me since trading in as a donut, so gets atick from me this week. Oliver quite the disapointing game as VC. Cripps you spud, the biggest premium fall from grace since Rockliff. Need to see if I can trade him out and place him on the Never Ever Again List. Jordon & Bianco very reliable rookie scores.

(RCD didn't count and losing cash was very costly)

RUC: 9/10
Gawny back to being a reliable VC option. CCJ great game on debut to cover Grundy.

FWD: 8/10
Zorko great score but faces a suspension in rd 14 so all of that good work undone. Dusty with only his 4th tonne of the year. Has been such a disappointing pick but there doesn't seem to be many others putting their hands up in the fwd line to trade in. Daniher bounces back after a bad one which was great to see. Poulter scores 80s every 2nd week so dont' expect him to do well next week. Waterman outscoring Heeney by 2 points Heeney and making cash so couldn't have rally asked for much more... could learn a thing of two from Treacy though who I don't have.

(Heeney's 55 did not count so techincally he's still averaging 128 for me lol)
Intended Trades:
With 400k in the bank, I'll be looking to get at least 2 upgrades. RCD definitely the number 1 out target.
3 May 2017
AFL Club

Trades Made: OUT Scott and Flynn IN Lloyd and Reeves
Heroes: Bont 149, Macrae 129, Laird 144, Gawn 138 (c), Lloyd 108, Dusty 102 & Mills 100 and honourable mention Weightman (80)
Villians: Heeney 55
With only 18 on the park I'm okay with this score, though I wish I could go back and slam CCJ on the park for a few more league wins.

With game switch I got to having 19 on the park before trades, but only 13 the following week. This is diabolical. I'll be closely watching teams this week to see who I can move in to play R14. I think I'm going to need those trades extra 2 trades to do 2 extra flips, which is not how I like to treat those gifts from the SC gods.

I was on track to come out full premo with 4 trades post trades R15...I'm going to aim to still be there...

Well done to the many SCS teams slamming through a good week 1 of the byes.
25 Feb 2019
AFL Club
Score: 1,830
Weekly: 46,607
Overall: 11,873 (down from 10,173)
Value: $12,299,800 + $291,500 salary
Trades Out
: Flynn (BYE)
Trades In: Heeney (55)
Heroes: Laird (144), Gawn (138), Merrett (137), Macrae (129 x2), Walsh (124), Zorko (122), and special mention to Treacy (88)
Zeroes: Cripps (81), Ridley (80), Short (78), Cerra (67), Heeney (55)
New recruit Heeney a disappointment.
Cerra also had an off game, hoping for better for the rest of the season.
Ridley has lost his golden boy status, and is now just another meh defender.

With the extra trades on offer, need to move the magnets on the white board to see what can be done this round as my FWD line is still held together with duct tape and wire.
RCD has put his hand up for an early exit, though I may hang on for another game until his bye as his BE isn't terrible.
16 Dec 2017
AFL Club
Score: 2029
Weekly: 6178
Overall: 102
Value: $12,522,000 + $185,000 salary
Trades Out: grundy + mansel + mcneil
Trades In: Heeney (55) + coleman jones (86) + bianco
Heroes: Laird (144), Gawn (138), Merrett (137), Macrae (129), Walsh (124), Zorko (122)
Zeroes: Ridley (80), Heeney (55)
28 Dec 2016
AFL Club
Score: 1916
Weekly: 16851
Overall: 5041 (Down 432)
Value: 12,642,000
Trades Out: Flynn, Jiath, Daniher
Trades In: CCJ, Petracca, Neale
Heroes: Laird, Macrae, Steele x2, Petracca, Zerrett, Gawn, SIDEBOTTOM FINALLY.
Zeroes: Short, RCD, Ridley, Brynes, Waterman.
Comments: was supposed to by my worst bye, but that will now be 14 like everyone else now, was set so well for round 14 that I was even able to trade Steele and Petracca in the last 2 weeks without issue, that's out the window now.

Didn't get to watch much footy and thought my score was pretty solid but looks like most were able to eclipse it, probably had a few extra players than me and didn't have to cop the really poor rookie scores.

If a few rookies playing round 14 put their hand up this week and next I might be able to field 18.

Hate Ridley.
Last year the bloke went under 90 once (88) before I got him in, when finally got him in he scored <80 for 4/8 remaining rounds.
This year he was averaging 105, including a first Q sub game, just had back to back tonnes, and has now produced a 64 and 80.
17 Mar 2020
AFL Club
Score: 1,969 (Bont C)
Weekly Ranking: 15,276
Season Ranking: 12,381 (in from 13,812)
Trades made: Flynn, Rowe, Berry OUT, CCJ, Bianco, Neale IN
Heroes: Bont 149 x 2, Laird 144, Steele 140, Gawn 138, Brayshaw 120, Poulter 89, CCJ 86
Villains: RCD, Highmore and Warner not in my best 18, Ridley and Short in my best 18

Some pretty good scores in there, but more were underwhelming
With the Richmond/WCE game being brought forward my already bad rd 14 has gotten even worse
Kind of given up on rd 14 if I'm honest, getting over 15 playing will be a struggle let alone getting to 18

Intended Trades:
Warner to Reeves through CCJ DPP
A couple rookies in please to build the bank further for hopefully a triple upgrade next week
17 Mar 2012
AFL Club
Score: 1,919 (Macrae, 20 players onfield)
Weekly: 25,855
Overall: 3,737 (down 355)
Trades Made: Highmore for Bianco, Flynn to CCJ, Berry to Whitfield
Heroes: Steele 140 :D, Walsh 124 :unsure:, May 106 :love:, Dusty 102 :whistle:, CCJ 86 :love:, Bianco 75 :love:, and Macrae 129 as the bailout captain (y)
Villains: Fyfe 70 :mad:, Heeney 55 :mad:, Rowe 32 (bench) :poop:, RCD 27 (bench) :poop:
After 5 consecutive weeks of moving up the rankings from 9218, a disappointing week in what was supposed to be my strongest week of the bye rounds. Existing rookies in the team were really poor and couldn't bust out a usable 60+ score. And the podish premiums in my team are putting up average scores and failing to fire out the heavy scores. This is all the more annoying because my trading has been pretty strong in the past month, with the new players performing well, but its the existing players that are holding me back.

Traded Highmore out for Bianco so that Laird (in midfield as M8) can be switched into defence if required in the run home. Opens up a lot of options - can liquidate L Jones if he fattens up significantly, or liquidate any existing premo if they hit a spike game.

Went early on Whitfield as otherwise Bianco's score would have been lost at D7. The move ended up gaining 43 points, so am very happy with that.

DEF: 6/10
A lot of average to decent scores, nothing out of the park. 6 scores onfield ranging from 75-108. For the premos, the kind of scores where you'd hope an extra 10 points from most of them - eg. Lloyd 108, Daniel 99, Doc 94. Ridley has fallen off in a big way and is likely a negative POD on the run home, bitterly disappointing after what looked like an astute trade in Round 3 (Cripps => Ridley).

On the run home, bench coverage is superb - L Jones and Bianco, so hopefully no wasted trades required in defence unless strategically beneficial.

MID: 7/10
Steele, Macrae, Laird and Walsh very good with 120+ scores. Fyfe has screwed things up, started off with 9 points or something in the 1st half before putting in some effort and then getting injured and dropping a bunch of coin to boot. Oliver a down game with his 94, his first half was poor before lifting in the 2nd half. Poulter continues to be a shining light, he is doing so well that I'm actually reluctant to trade him in R14 - he will still have much value to gain.

Missing Bont is really hurting.

RCD didn't count, McNeil and Berry missing was annoying, Berry was traded out and McNeil held on the slim chance he is recalled for R14.

RUC: 9/10
Gawn was rubbish in the 1st half v Lions before he pulled the finger out for a massive 2nd half. CCJ started hot before fading, however will take 86 anytime.

FWD: 3/10
Fading Zorko several times this year continues to hurt, and in hindsight was a terrible play as there isn't really a decent substitute for him in the forwards at even a 100 point average. Even though Steele has done well, premium mids are plentiful around $570k or less and Zorko should have been taken at $530k.

Dusty decent at 102. Heeney garbage for 55, and Rowe garbage and unused for 32.

Intended Trades:
Fyfe (inj) and Rowe (BE 90) definitely need to go. Reeves an obvious trade in. RCD likely to be held - with his BE of 59, will roll the dice on a decent score before chopping in R14. Need RCD's rookie downgrade to be certain to play R14, so I don't want to take any chances this round.

The R12 premiums on offer really don't look that attractive, with most having some issue to do with fully-priced, age, or role/durability concerns. Touk, Mitch Duncan, Jelly, Boak, Danger, Hawkins. Yuck.
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18 Jun 2012
AFL Club
Score: 1,934
Weekly: 22,505
Overall: 1,811 (Down 259)
Value: 12,711,700 (plus $325,9000 ITB)
Trades Out: Grundy, Flynn
Trades In: Natanui, Reeves
Heroes: Laird, Ryan, May, Macrae, Merrett, Gawn (C), Natanui, Zorko, Robertson, Poulter, Jordon, Scott
Villians: Short, Warner, Rowe,
Comments: This was supposed to be my best bye round, but lost ground unfortunately. Trade plans messed up by the bye shift for WCE and RIC. Went early on Flynn to Reeves to free up some cash to prepare as best as I can for next week.
Rd 13 Trades: Should have 19-20 this week , btut next week is problematic to say thel least, so have to do something with some Rd 14 bye players this week. Potentialy looking at Rowe, Jordon, Warner to Holmes, Whitfield, Boak may also look at RCD to CCJ or Bianco, but not sure which one yet, both have poor byes.
24 Feb 2015
AFL Club
GWS Giants
Score: 1,807
Weekly: 51,746
Overall: 2,264 (Down 1,068)
Value: 12,768,000
Trades Out: Jordon, Flynn, Scott
Trades In: Heeney, Bianco, CCJ (ITB $240k)
Heroes: Laird, Macrae, Merrett, Gawn, Steele (C),
Villians: Heeney, Rowe, RCD
Comments: Actually was stunned I took such a hit and dropped over 1,000 places, I mean I knew it was bad just not that bad. Traded Jordon and wasn't sure about this. I'm neither pissed nor happy how this turned out. He's there to do a job and that's make money and become a premium but his onfield score would've been handy. Heeney had a mare by the sounds of it listening to it on the radio. the trades do set me up this week for some big trades so we'll see if that benefits me, at this stage I could have 24 playing.
Rd 13 Trades: Rowe, Harry Jones, RCD out and Whitfield. TMitchell and Reeves in. Leaves 8 trades with only one spot to upgrade in the forwards with Poulter, Weightman, CCJ and Waterman holding F6 until I can sort Dangerfield as an in.
6 Mar 2013
AFL Club
Score: 2,031
Weekly: 5,968
Overall: 44 (down 2)
Trades Made: Grundy to CCJ, Scott to Steele, Highmore to Bianco
Heroes: Macrae (C), Laird, Steele, Gawn, Merrett, Zorko, Walsh, Lloyd, Dusty, CCJ, Poulter, Weightman, Bianco
Villians: Heeney (whose score didn't even register for me this week), Zorko for being a complete tool and who is supposed to be their captain, Oliver wasted VC
Decent enough score but unfortunately not enough to hold rank. Looking at Flynn to Reeves and double upgrades of McNeil to Whitfield as originally planned but with the extra trades afforded to us might go a week early on Jordon to get Kelly in, plays North, Carlton and Hawthorn in the next three weeks, plays Carlton in round 23 as well. Might hold it at three trades, will leave us with 10. Was set on Neale round 14 but he still has some more value to lose, might still try squeeze him in if funds and trades plans allow. Resigned to the fact that getting Bont is not achievable without robbing a bank.
18 Jul 2016
AFL Club
Score: 2,013
Weekly: 8,169
Overall: 677 (up 95)
Trades Made: Grundy > NicNat, Flynn > Reeves and Berry > Steele
Heroes: Gawn (c) 138 finally!, Laird, Steele, Merrett, Petracca, Poulter and Treacy!
Villians: McCluggage 87, Ridley 80, Short 78, Hind 75, RCD 27 (just needed a 50 mate!).
Not a good week for me, this was by far my strongest bye with r13 a serious problem and r14 now needing some handling thanks to the changes (gives me a chance this week though), to tread water in your best bye is a really bad sign.

The villains list reads like my most unique players list with Hind having a terrible position change that I'm afraid of moving forward given I can't afford him to not be a premium from here. On a positive at least Doch got moved back to this position in the 2nd half so that might save his chances after a month playing out of position and looking completely lost.

DEF: 1/10

This went about as badly as it could. Laird is utterly irrelevant and in any team that matters and actually hurt me by posting a legit captain score to bail out Oliver owners... Doch was bad, Ridley was worse and Short somehow was even worse. Throw in that Murphy got stuck playing as a KPF for the Pies and his cash gen is cooked when I really needed him to get to 230k and, well, this went badly.

MID: 6/10

The problem here is simple... the most important one in McCluggage failed miserably again and his role is clearly going to only get worse as Neale gets going. The dream is over it seems.

Petracca a nice reply after last weeks poor effort. Walsh another failure to go on with it, just refuses to play a 2nd half right now. Macrae par, Merrett really solid and Steele a great first up effort.

RCD the other problem, a 50 and all my plans are comfortable, a 35 and it's probable... his score: 27. Still has to go this week

RUC: 9/10
Gawn finally did something, he still got beaten by almost all the alternatives to bail out the Oliver coaches, only Macrae doing the job for me elsewhere. NicNat solid but not great but better than Darcy (option 2) but behind ROB (option 3). In hindsight I should have gone ROB as that cash was game changing but prior to the round I hadn't really locked in Ridley needing to go like he does and while I expected the two trades I couldn't bank on it and ROB probably has to go back out while NicNat, hopefully, doesn't.

FWD: 4/10

Hard to judge this, Hind, the most important by a mile, was terrible (SC, played well in game), Poulter and Martin are irrelevant and so I'm basically grading on my unique premium going terrible against a shock rookie going awesome. So basically Treacy gets a 10, Poulter and Martin are solid 7s and Hind's 0 brings me to a somehow average of 4 (don't ask for workings!).

Martin's bye change is helpful at least.

Intended Trades:

The bye changes have made just enough difference that round 14 is actually now the target of my trades instead of r13.

While trading Ridley to Whitfield seemingly makes more sense, I think Short is actually the right trade as I need Ridley next week but don't need Short this week barring teams going badly for me and I can't see any decent targets for Ridley next week and will instead be trying to dump him for Lloyd/Mills in week 15/16 I think and/or praying he comes good.

Bianco in for RCD just makes sense, bye neutral and he looks a jet.

I believe that will be all for me, if Holmes or Rosas are in, I'll definitely consider them but realistically I don't actually have anyone to trade out for them, Murphy probably the closest thing and he doesn't make me enough cash. What I actually need is a rookie target for Jordon next week and I'm struggling to see one.
21 Mar 2012
AFL Club
Score: 1,946
Weekly: 19,873
Overall: 19,958 (from 21,798)
Trades Made: T Kelly/Scott > Neale/Bianco
Heroes: Gawn (c), Laird, Merrett, Zilliams, May, Daniel, Lloyd, Macrae, Zorko (also a zero)
Villians: Ridley, Cripps, Neale, Oliver, Waterman, Weightman and Heeney with me for having Traecy on the bench and having to take thye scores from the last three named but finally Zorko. In the words of Doctor Phil "what were you thinking"
Comments: was ok with my score until coming on this site this morning now its pretty meh but at least i didn't vote for the lowest ranking option this week.
Looking for two up two down but like everyone struggling with the second rookie (after Reeves), might even go a non playing 102k player if can't find someone named but that will only give me 17 this week, next week with some further trading should be ok for numbers.
As always good luck all.
2 Feb 2015
AFL Club
St Kilda
Score: 2,034
Weekly: 5,667
Overall: 567 (up 113))
Trades Out: Scott and Highmore
Trades In: Bianco and Lloyd
Heroes: Laird (144), Steele, Gawn (138), Merrett (137), Macrae (129), Walsh (124 x 2), and Poulter, Jordon and Weightman all went 80+
Zeroes: Ridley (80), Short (78), Oliver (94)
Missed a golden opportunity to get in CCJ early which would have helped with trades over the next two rounds. I was in trouble for both rds 13 and 14 before the Richmond/West Coast game brought forward - now Rd 13 should be OKish but still light compared to others that were in better shape, and multiple donuts for Rd 14. Ranking wise it will be a bloodbath :cry:
Intended Trades:
I have been desperately trying to avoid bringing in Hall and Jelly but looks like I'm going to succumb :rolleyes: for RCD and Zorko, and also bringing in CCJ and Reeves for Flynn and Warner. CCJ not helpful for Rd 14 but think I need to bring him in for cash gen and coverage. (I still have Fullarton so will move Fullarton to R3 when Reeves is ready to go and use CCJ to cover two lines if he stays in the team). Trading Zorko goes against the grain but it will help in Rd 13 and avoid one of several donuts in Rd 14.
I think trades for Rd 14 will be Jordon for Neale and any other trades will depend on downgrade options. That will leave me with 2 FWD upgrades still to do (not including Joey :LOL:) - going to be tight.
22 Aug 2012
AFL Club
Score: 1,921
Weekly: 25,372
Overall: 858 (Down 222)
Trades Made: Scott<Steele, Kosi>Bianco
Heroes: Gawn, Laird (c), Merrett, Lloyd, Macrae, Zorko, Steele
Villians: Ridley, Oliver, Heeney, Zorko for getting a week
Comments: Cant complain really. Side was never going to score in the 2000s this week.
Got 20 next week so happy with that. Round 14 ill have 16, thats including Neale after i bring him in and Zorko sitting on the pine for a stupid act. Not looking fwd to that round at all.
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16 Mar 2012
AFL Club
Score: 2110
Overall: 186. From 321.
Trades Made: Grundy to NicNat, Mansell to Bianco.
Heroes: Laird, Crisp, Steele, Merrett, Petracca, Bont, Macrae, Zorko, Gawn (VC), NicNat, and Dusty. Special mentions to Poulter, Bianco and Weightman.
Villians: Heeney, Short and Ridley could of givin a little more.
Comments: Three solid rounds in a row now, with scores of 2477, 2424, 2110. Overall ranking three weeks ago was 1280 and is now currently 186. Team almost set with plenty of trades in hand.
Planned Trades: Thinking of a Zorko slingshot and setting up for round 14. Possibly looking at Zorko to Hall, Waterman to Reeves via Treacy, then RCD to Boak. In some strife for round 14 and these trades will help fill the numbers.
6 Jul 2012
AFL Club
West Coast
Score: 2,071
Weekly: 2,583
Overall: 490 (up 235)

Team Value: $13.35m (incl cash)
Trades Made: Flynn to CCJ/McNeill to Zorko

Heroes: Laird, Petracca, Macrae (C), Merrett, Walsh, Zorko, Bolton, Jordon, Weightman, Poulter
Villians: Ridley, Short and Zorko for getting suspended

Comments: Nearly didn't bring Zorko in, however, once word of Richmond game brought forward, realised I could afford another R13 bye player. Extra trades unlikely to help R14, like everyone else, will field donuts with likely 12-13 players.

Cash generation solid, with hopefully bye rookies about to give another burst.

Planned Trades: RCD and Rowe most likely for Bianco/Reeves, will further boost cash reserves. Could ease R14 donut with Hall, however, prefer to wait to see Danger. Expect Bont in R14, had hoped Neale would have given me also a reason to target him. League focus means R13 looks ok, 14 will hurt.

Treacy a question mark on whether to bring in this week as an additional downgrade target.

SCS02 - lost to Jay by 7 points. Now 7-3
Wins in SCS Final Scores and SC_Insider_Suitcas - 7/6 wins

Zorko follows Ridley and Bolton as coming in then having a rest.
9 Aug 2012
AFL Club
Score: 1873 ( Gray, Gawn vc )
Weekly: 36,564
Overall: 7113 (from 6199)
Team value: $12,364,400 plus $85,100 itb
Trades made: Grundy, Flynn and Scott to Wines, Hunter and CCJ. 15 left. Plus bonus 2 trades = 17.
Heroes: Lloyd, Maynard, Daniel, Macrae, Bont, Hunter, Merrett, Walsh and Gawn.
Villains: None
Rookie Villains: Rowe, Murphy and Highmore.

Comments: The dreaded mbr's are here and my team failed to flatter this week. Got my vc right in Gawn, with Robbie Gray assuming official captain duties. Was tempted to give the big C to others, but, sanity prevailed with some great advice, thank you. Believe I had 19 green dots onfield with 2 green filling benches and unable to be used, they were Bianco and Treacy. Had 17 from Highmore drop out, but had other disappointing low scores in Murphy 37 and 32 from Rowe, so 1873 isn't too bad. Traded in Hunter, CCJ and Ollie Wines knowing I'd be short a premium, but would help my bye structure. I have 19 onfield this week, which includes some potential outs, ie Bergman, Fin Macrae, Murphy, Highmore and Fyfe with his shoulder.
Intended Trades TBC

Screenshot_20210607-011909_SuperCoach.jpg Screenshot_20210607-011958_SuperCoach.jpg
20 Dec 2016
AFL Club
Score: 1955 (Mills)
Weekly: 18,010
Overall: 1756 (down 127)
Trades Made: Grundy, Brown and Scott for Naitanui, CCJ and J Kelly
Heroes: Laird 144, Gawn 138, Merrett 137, Macrae 129, Walsh 124, Naitanui 121, Bolton 119, Poulter 89, CCJ 86, Jordon 82, Weightman 80
Villains: Cerra 67, Short 78, me for getting too cute with Mills C
Comments: Felt like a better round than it actually turned out to be. Annoyingly picked the only two real underperformers among my genuine C candidates in Oliver and Mills, which accounted for 30-40 points. The Richmond vs WCE game being moved and the additional trades gives on one hand - I'm now safe in R13 and can pretty easily get enough on field for R14 - and takes away on the other, if I had foreknowledge of extra trades I would probably have gone for a Steele type last week rather than taking the punt on Cerra. Nothing from him in two weeks so far and I'm not sure how patient to be as my team nears completion. Should be done in R15 as it stands.
Intended trades: RCD to Bianco, one of Short/Ridley to Whitfield, and that might be it. Next week going to bring in Bailey Dale, then Mitch Duncan the week after, and we'll see how much we can improve after that.
17 Jun 2014
AFL Club
Score: 1,959
Weekly: 17,200
Overall: 6,064 (up from 6,410)
Team value: $12,898,800 + $126,500 = $13,025,300 (+$168,600)
Trades made: Grundy, Jordon & Flynn to Naitanui, Neale & Bianco
Heroes: Laird, Steele (c), Gawn, Merrett, Macrae, Naitanui
Villains: Heeney, Cripps, Neale, McCluggage, Short
Comments: A bit of a middle of the road round this week, which is a bit disappointing as I though it would be my strongest bye round. However, it appears I was not alone with that thought, so given it’s all relative, hopefully I can also hold ground in the following two rounds. I decided to go early on Neale, and that decision may have backfired. On the flip side, I was happy with the debuts of Nic Nat and Bianco in my team. Decided to trade Grundy, so I guess I won’t know if that was the right thing to do until late in the season when I want that trade back!
Planned Trades: No idea, but round 14 will be firmly in my sights. I may need to sideways trade one of my premiums to maximise chances of getting 18 on field that round.