Review 2021: Round 12 Review

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4 Jul 2012
AFL Club
North Melb.
Score: 1,934
Weekly: 22,505
Overall: 1,184 (from 988)
Team value: $12,823,000
Trades made: S.Berry -> Bianco
Heroes: Treacy, Weightman, Walsh VC, Lloyd, Z.Merrett, Dusty, Mills, Daniel, Bianco, Poulter
Villains: Heeney, Short, Ridley
Planned Trades: Poulter & RCD -> Reeves & J.Kelly

Comments: First time my overall rank has worsened since round 6 but fortunately it wasn't by much. Once again not owning a few of the best of the best premiums in Steele, Bont and Zorko hindered my ability to do too well which makes it a few weeks in a row now, guess its a sign i should be getting these guys in which may now be possible with 2 extra trades. Backflipped of my planned Daniher -> Bianco trade last week after news filtered through of the change of games meaning it was easier to hold Daniher right throughout. Definitely dragged me to a respectable score with Daniher managing an 88 and looking solid again. Bianco doesnt help for the worst bye round but he is a must have rookie.

Been all over the place with trades this week. Bloody $300 short of a simple Weightman and RCD -> Reeves and J.Kelly. Weightman could make $50k more so not a complete disaster. Played around with a few trade combos in the last 48 hours, have had Rid, Heeney and RCD out for Whit, Kelly and Reeves for a while but two sideways trades seems a bit ambitious for this round at least. As much as i like Whit, trading Ridley or Daniel to him in a round where i should have 18 playing seems a slight waste, I think Ridley is only a defence injury away from being a 100 average player again for Essendon. Chopping Poulter $20k short but has a tough matchup and it allows me my preferred upgrade target so it's not a big issue.

Based on that, think i'll do the simple one down, one up route for this week. Leaves me with 11 trades and $25k for one definite upgrade at F6. Pretty happy with the pace i've been able to upgrade but i've definitely strayed from my usual strategy of targeting the best 22 guys which has hurt in recent weeks. Having an extra defender scoring at 95 vs a gun midfielder hurts as well as Daniher and Heeney's inconsistent scoring. Next week seems like the week to offload a few of these issues with a Short sideways trade to Bont/Lyons and a Heeney upgrade to Dale which would get me to 17 or 18 players depending on the rookie i get in to generate the cash. These 2 trades would leave me with 8 left with 2 definite upgrades as i will need to trade Daniher down to CCJ (who will cost me a 0 in rd 14 if i get him) or ideally a cheaper rookie from rd 12 or 13 that helps avoid a 0 and allows me the cash to get Bont over Lyons (please debut Newcombe). Team going into this week is:

DEF: Mills, Lloyd, Stewart, Short, Ridley, Daniel (Jones, Highmore)
MID: Macrae, Oliver, Walsh, Merrett, Laird, Mitchell, J.Kelly, Dusty (Bianco, Brockman, Spicer)
RUC: Gawn, Grundy (Reeves)
FWDS: Ziebell, Hall, Impey, Daniher, Heeney, Weightman (Waterman, Treacy)

Last 2 upgrades if trades go ahead as planned next week will probably have to be on the value side. Think i'll need at least 3 injury trades so need to manage my last 2 upgrades with 5 trades so i'll be praying Jones, Bianco, Reeves and Weightman can get me there. Dangerfield likely to be the forward upgrade, Zorko is far too pricey. Midfielder is up in the air. Steele would have been good at $560k but at $630k after his bye it's too much. I think i'll be able to pick up a decent enough mid for $550kish for the stretch home so 5 trades seems manageable to do it in.

SCSBOTB 41st overall. Can't catch a break in the league, 3rd on overall points but sitting 14th on the ladder. Will have to relegate myself next year at this pace.
15 Mar 2019
AFL Club
Score: 1,974
Weekly: 14,372
Overall: 830 (down 34)
Team value: $13,045,700 + bank $40,600, = $13,086,300 (+$145,600)
Trades made: Flynn (DNP) to Reeves (DNP), Highmore (17) to Bianco (75), Madden (DNP) to Lloyd (108)
Points lost: D 0, M 0, R 0, F 0, C 58, = Total 58
Heroes: Parish, Merrett, Petracca, Gawn
Villains: RCD, Short, Ridley
Comments: Managed to scrape together a side with just the minimum 18 scoring players, reasonably happy with my score based on that, just a poor captaincy choice cost me 2K. Lost minimal ground, I'll take that, as I usually score awfully during byes.

Intended trades: Lots of good scorers I'm missing, not much cash to get them. I really don't know. I was planning on sorting out my planned trades tonight (RCD scoring so low wrecked my first lot of planned trades), but I currently have no power and my phone is nearly flat :(. Looks like I might need to sort trades in the hour or so before the Thursday night game - such an awful idea having games on a Thursday before the public Holiday on Monday.
30 Jun 2012
AFL Club
Score: 1,859
Total Points: 25,856
Weekly: 39,884
Overall: 5,471 (down from 4,364)
Team value: $12,655,400 + bank $311ish = $12,960,k ish
Trades made: 3 - Grundie (DNP) to Colemn Jones (86), Mansell (DNP) to Bianco (75), Brockman (DNP) to Neale (84),
Points lost: 0
Heroes: Laird, Lloyd, Macrae, Steele, Gawn, Martin
Villains: Short, Ridley, RCD, Cripps (me), Neale, Heeney.
Comments: I am still in disbelief.
Intended trades: Depends on teams tomorrow, but I am out and about at that time, so am likely going with Giants and Norths and Hawkes players - Whitfield (the mysterious jogger), Reeves, Hall, Kelly. Oh and I lost all ten regular season matches - first time since 2016 round 4... Wonder what happened then?
19 Feb 2017
AFL Club
Score: 2013
Weekly: 8169
Overall: 4981 (up from 5935)
Team value: $12,452,900 + bank $262k = $12.7 mil
Trades made: 3- Grundy (DNP) to NicNat (121), Berry (DNP) to Bianco (75), Farrar (DNP) to CCJ (86)
Points lost: 0
Heroes: Laird, Macrae, Gawn, Steele, Walsh, Merrett, CCJ, Bailey, Treacy (!)
Villains: Short, Ridley, Highmore, Murphy
Comments: The standard this year remains super high. Short and Ridley were enough to turn a great round into just a pretty good round.
Intended trades: Flynn to Reeves, Highmore or Mansell to Whitfield. I'm not sure about other trades, Flynn's my last rookie with any real value.