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17 Jun 2014
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Match of the Round

SuperCoachScores v Blaze of Glory

Prediction: SuperCoachScores to benefit from the extra depth this round and win by 103
The match of the round didn’t disappoint with the two coaches putting up the highest and fourth highest scores in the league this round. Coach Jay chalked up his sixth win in seven matches to halt Coach Tom’s run of five consecutive wins and join him on 24 league points. Coach Tom should not lose heart as the loss has him only sitting out of the top 8 on percentage and still very much in the hunt for finals action.

Other Matches

Beast FC v Courtesans

Prediction: Courtesans to do just enough to keep top 4 aspirations alive and win by 29
This game was predicted to be closer than ladder positions would suggest, and an 8 point margin meant that was exactly what eventuated. However, Coach Keith will be disappointed at falling just against his lower ranked opponent and missing the opportunity to sure up a top 4 position. Coach Ben will be thrilled with continuing to turn his season around by winning his second match in a row, which in turn keeps his chance at finals action alive.

Pay the Mark v The Darkness

Prediction: The Darkness to get up in scrappy win by 72
This was an important match for Coach Adrian if he wanted to keep up with the ladder leaders and he certainly came to play, recording the league’s largest win for the round. Coach Mark would have come into the match with confidence after coming so close to a win last week, but it is was always going to be difficult task after he got hit so hard by the rookie omissions this week.

Philzsay v PC

Prediction: Philzsay to benefit from the numbers advantage and win by 126
This weeks resident tipping ‘expert’ could not have got this one more wrong! With top spot up for grabs, Coach Jack came to play, and Coach Phil did not appear to have any answers. To add insult to injury, the second loss in a row now has Philzsay sitting outside the top 8 despite being the top ranked team in the league.

Rons Badboys v TailsPower

Prediction: TailsPower to do just enough to get the job done and win and win by 27
Coach David took full advantage of being the coach of the only Premier League team entering the round without Grundy, and Hickey certainly took full advantage of having no ruck opponent. Coach Adrian will be disappointed at losing top spot on the ladder and will be trying hard to get his season back on track again.

Diabolical Rabble v GV Vikings FFC

Prediction: Diabolical Rabble to benefit from less premiums benched this week and win a thriller by 10
This was predicted to be a close one, and it remained that way all weekend as the two teams went head to head to try and sure up a top 4 position. The difference in the end was that Coach Ashley was forced to field two sub 40 scores whilst Coach Andrew benefitted from getting those lower scores off field. The Vikings are still right in contention sitting just 4 points off top spot and their superior percentage means they could be at the summit sooner rather than later.

Brownie’s Bandits v Ricky Bobby

Prediction: Brownie’s Bandits to continue recent form and win by 95
Coach Iain would be disappointed with his performance after being in such a rich vein of form over the past couple of weeks. Coach James worked hard on tightening his defence and his hard work paid dividends, keeping the in form Bandits under 1,900 points. The win put an end to his worrying four game losing streak, and may give him the confidence to turn his season around.

Jaca’s Attackers v MADMUNZA

Prediction: Jaca’s Attackers to benefit from more premiums on field and win by 84
Coach Jason will be thrilled to get up in this battle of similarly placed teams and move within 4 points of a top 8 birth. Coach Matt will be disappointed to lose his second match in a row, and in particular a game where the two teams only had 6 PODs each. The big difference in the end was that Jaca’s Attackers was able to have Heeney’s score drop out of his best 18 scores.

Jibrangers v Goodie’s Guns

Prediction: Goodie’s Guns to turn the luck around and win a nail biter by 5
A nail biter was predicted, and this match didn’t disappoint with scaling in the final game switching the result around. Coach Tim can only be left wondering what he has to do to get a bit of luck in this league. Coach Sho put the disappointment of last weeks result behind him as he joins the logjam of teams on 24 points.

A disappointing 4/9 Predictions this week, but with teams closely matched for best 18 scoring, it was always going to be hard to tip … well that is my excuse anyway!
7 Jul 2012
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Trade Round Up Round 12

In's & Out's - Round 12.jpg

Trade Observations...
Coach thanked him for his service and gave Joe Daniher the flick
. Coaches punted Anthony Scott only to see him score a handy 75
3. Coaches didn't waste a second jumping back on Lachie Neale
4. Coaches jumped off injured ruck Brodie Gundy
Coaches went a week early on big man Ned Reeves
Coaches thanked him for his service (and cash increase) and gave Matt Flynn the flick
12. Coaches brought in young gun Trent Bianco for another great rookie score
7 Jul 2012
AFL Club
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It's Round 13, and it's getting down to business with the odd curve ball thrown in for fun. Trades are becoming very crucial in deciding match-up's... And it's a very fine line between a win and a loss in this league that is chock full of talented coaches. Who is going to separate themselves from the pack, and who is going to start falling out of contention? It's all to play for in the SCS Premier League.

Apologies in advance if their are any mistakes in the teams this week, time was a limiting factor this week.

Round 13.jpg

Match of the Round

SuperCoachScores v PC.jpg
I hate to continuously put the same team in MOTR… But when you have the two hottest teams going head to head… You just have to highlight this clash. Coach Jay is simply on fire… having won 6 of his last 7 matches, he has been a revelation this year. Coach Jack is no slouch either having won four of his last five matches, and having just hit first on the SCSPL Ladder. It should be an epic encounter.
Prediction: SuperCoachScores to continue the hot streak and win by 47 points

Other Matches

Beast FC v Pay The Mark.jpg
Coach Ben has had a couple of close wins in the last few weeks, but it was just what he needed to turn his season around. He will be looking to build on this momentum and try make it three in a row. Coach Mark’s win-loss record may not look flash but he has had three losses under 27 points so it could be looking very different if he's had lady luck on his side. In with a great shot this week… Just needs a little of that luck.
Prediction: Beasts FC to win in a close one by 31 points

Philzsay v Courtesans.jpg
After a great start to the season, Coach Phil has let the ball drop, losing five of his last seven matches. He would not be happy at all with that… And things must change to get the season back on track. Coach Keith is also in a bit of a funk after losing his last three matches by just a combined 27 points… He could very easily be on a nine game winning streak heading into this. Trades will be very interesting to see.

Prediction: Courtesans to get back on the winners list and win by 52

Rons Badboys v The Darkness.jpg
Coach David has been up and down this season, still yet to string two consecutive wins together. Will this finally be the week? A win over the mighty TailsPower last week was a very good sign. Coach Adrian comes into this match having won four of his last six matches, and he was in both the matches he lost right up until the end, so don’t sleep on this coach and his troops.
Prediction: This will go to the wire with Rons Badboys just coming out on top by 29 points

Diabolical Rabble v TailsPower.jpg
It’s been a very strong season from Coach Andrew, with seven wins and three losses but just one of those was a bad loss. He heads into this on the back of two wins. So you know you are in for a very tough time coming up against his men. Coach Adrian after a stunning start to the season, has surprisingly lost two of his last three matches, and lost top spot on the ladder. He must regroup and arrest this poor recent form. Trades will be interesting to see.
Prediction: Diabolical to prove that little too strong and win by 54 points

Brownie's Bandits v Blaze Of Glory.jpg
Coach Iain, after famously stating he “Wouldn’t win another game”, then preceded to pump out two monster weeks and get two unexpected wins. A loss last week however brought him crashing back to earth. He will need to pull out all stops this week if he want to get back on the winners list. Coach Tom entered last week on a five game win streak, but couldn’t extend it against the league’s hottest coach. He will be looking over last week’s match trying to find out where his team can improve and make the changed needed to win.
Prediction: Trades likely decide the winner in this, Blaze of Glory by 23 points

Jaca's Attackers v GV Vikings FFC.jpg
After a poor start to the season, The Champ has turned things around winning four of his last five matches. He will be eager to see this form continue. Coach Ashley could very easily be sitting 9-1 heading into this match, with three losses under 25 points. Got the feeling some coaches have been sleeping on this coach and his team. One again trades will prove crucial in deciding the outcome.
Prediction: GV Vikings FFC to prove that little too strong and take out the win by 66 points

Jibrangers v Ricky Bobby.jpg
Coach Sho got off to a poor start to the season by his lofty standards, He has however turned that around to become one of the form teams of the League… winning five of his last six matches. You do not want to be seeing this team in your upcoming round opponents. Coach James headed into last week on a five game losing streak, but managed to pull off a great win over the Bandits. He will no doubt be trying to replicate last week’s formula and try get another valuable win.
Prediction: Jibrangers in an absolute thriller by 1 point

Goodie's Guns v MADMUNZA.jpg
A great match-up to finish the round. Coach Tim has had it rough this season. Sitting fifth in total points, yet 17th in league play, Luck of the draw has played a fair part in his current ladder position with his team just catching opponents at the wrong time. Coach Matt has had a patchy season only ever stringing two wins at a time, followed by a trio of losses… He will be hoping that pattern does not repeat. Trades will be the deciding factor in this one with whichever team that can strengthen his team the most… nabbing the win.
Prediction: Goodie’s Guns to come out on top and win by 39 points
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