Analysis 2022 Captaincy Analysis

3 Feb 2014
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West Coast
Picking the right Captain is an important factor in Supercoach success; and stratagems vary as to how to best take advantage of their valuable x2 score. In 2022, how did you go with your leadership selections, and will your strategy change in the future?

As for me:

I took my VC score on 10 occasions (it would have been 11, but in Round 1 I started with 30 playing selections).

Oliver was picked most often as Captain, leading the side on 9 occasions, followed by Macrae and Touk Miller four times each. Lachie Neale with 3, Rory Laird twice and Zach Merrett round out the selections. Patrick Cripps was the only player selected as VC to not get any C scores, with Oliver again leading the line with 9 VC selections, only 5 of which went on to become C scores. Neale showed up more often, with 6 VC selections, followed by Macrae with 3, Touk Miller and Rory Laird twice each and the aforementioned Patrick Cripps once.

Overall, I think in the end, my Captaincy choices were one of the brighter spots in a campaign to forget for me; putting aside some blunders, especially in the middle of the season, and it would have been safer to nail my Vice Captains more often.




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3 Jul 2017
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Port Adelaide
Thanks to @nicohighscore for the following from

Slightly down from my average of 133 odd from last season with three scores under 100 this year compared to only one last year. Not much variation between maximum percentage (2022= 80% vs 2021=86%) and three less vice captains banked compared to last year (2022= 5 VS 2021= 8). VC of L Parker in Round 14 at the SCS catch up at the Mail Exchange would have to be my favourite choice, narrowly edging out those post bye Laird matches. Unlikely for my strategy to deviate in the future.
20 Dec 2016
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Fun little exercise! Have just done mine up, and based on those numbers I'm giving up around 250 points to you across the season. Some interesting things to get out of this for me, then!
I only took a VC five times this year - from five different players :eek:
There's a couple more that I should have taken on the surface - I think Miller in round 17 I missed lockout on my donut by a minute or two - but what this is really telling me is I was happy to take more of a risk with my VC this year and it's probably cost me a fair bit by giving me only one of the proven guns to look at rather than two.
18 Jun 2012
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Great idea, interesting to see everybody's results :cool:

Despite my poor year ranking wise, on the face of it it was not due to poor C scores.

Used VC 11 times and second chance C 12 times for the year.

Average C score for the year was 134.78 which across 23 rounds is pretty good.

Only 5 players were used for the entire year with Macrae being my go too, but results for the most part were sound.
28 Dec 2016
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Started the year off very well, choices went downhill after I ran out of trades and lost interest as my team was a total disaster.

Captains average of 131.78
Was as high as 142 at Round 16, averaged to 106 for the last 7 rounds :sick:

Only 8 successful VCs.
5 scores under 100.
Used 7 different captain's throughout the season

5 times my VC outscored my C and I didn't take it.
Round 19 I got caught out by the game starting at 7:10 and still had the captaincy on Witts from the week before, that was a disaster, Touk was an absolute freebie this week also.
Round 23 was the only time I set my VC/C without realising I wouldn't be able to take the score anyways.

1. Miller 137 C
2. Neale 198 VC
3. Neale 105 C
4. Steele 125 C
5. Macrae 153 C
6. Neale 108 C
7. Macrae 89 C
8. Macrae 144 VC
9. Oliver 99 C - loop bust (Neale 115)
10. Oliver 178 VC
11. Neale 164 VC
12. Miller 167 VC
13. Oliver 141 C
14. Macrae 155 VC
15. Witts 148 C
16. Oliver 176 VC
17. Neale C 89 - loop bust (Oliver 124)
18. Witts C 78 - loop bust (Darcy 94)
19. Witts C 86 - loop bust (Mills 97) / Missed lockout
20. Miller VC 153
21. Mills 106 C
22. Mills 128 C
23. Miller 104 - loop bust (Oliver 118, no loop available)

Miller - 140.25 over 4 games.
Neale - 132.8 over 5 games.
Steele - 125 over 1 game.
Macrae - 135.25 over 4 games.
Oliver - 148.5 over 4 games.
Witts - 104 over 3 games.
Mills - 117 over 2 games.

Will be avoiding ruckmen in the future, used the VC or C on Darcy/Witts 7 times for 1 score over 100.
17 Jan 2015
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Not sure how this is going to make me feel haha

Rd1: Steele C 87 (had Macrae 133 VC but needed to get Hayes' 127 on field from memory so couldn't loop). -46
Rd2: Macrae VC 142
Rd3: Neale C 105 (Macrae 92 VC)
Rd4: Macrae VC 158
Rd5: Macrae C 153 (over Neale VC 117)
Rd6: Neale C 108 (Over Macrae VC 92)
Rd7: Gawn VC 172
Rd8: Macrae VC 144
Rd9: Neale C 115 (passed on Macrae's 117) -2
Rd10: Neale C 100 (Passed on Macrae's 104) -4
Rd11: Neale VC 164
Rd12: Oliver C 134 (Passed on Macrae's 107)
Rd13: Neale C 123 (Passed on Darcy's 91)
Rd14: Miller C 100 (Passed on Cripps' 79)
Rd15: Macrae C 123 (Passed on Neale's 111)
Rd16: Neale VC 135
Rd17: Oliver VC 124
Rd18: Macrae VC 128
Rd19: Neale C 123 (Passed on Sicily 97)
Rd20: Laird C 144 (Passed on Steele 107)
Rd21: Laird C 145 (Passed on Miller 98)
Rd22: Laird C 97 (Passed on Neale 76)
Rd23: Laird C 133 (passed on Miller 104)

Overall Captain Average: 128.57
Utilised Loophole: 8 times (Avg 145.88)

Disappointing when compared to some other results above, for sure.
Happy that I stuck true to my rule of taking 120+ VC scores, which worked out fairly well overall.
Reasonable 'safe' choices as captain after VC failed, aside from round 1 which was a shocker.
At times I think I was too conservative with my choices, and I missed out on some of the 'runs' of good scores, like Touk from rd16-19 or whatever it was.