Review 2022: Round 14 Review

18 Jun 2012
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Score: 1,904 :unsure:
Weekly Rank: 8,213
Overall Rank: 1,590 (up from 2,090) :cool:
Trades Made: OUT Gawn, De Goey, Dixon, IN Witts :unsure:, Miller :unsure: , Teakle :sick:
Heroes: Macrae (C), Dawson, Green, English, Dunkley, Parker, Coniglio, Heeney, Wehr, CStephens
Villains: Ridley, Jelly, Witts, Cripps
A good round, but one that got away a bit, traded in Witts who was down 50 points on previous average, Jelly was 50 points down on previous average and Ridley who was 30 points down on previous average, even an extra 80-90 points from these 3 would have go me up to close to 2,000 and maybe even pushed me closer to the top 1,000, but good week none the less. 5 forwards scored 596 at average of 119. Had 20 so Teakle and Rioli dropped out, but were only replaced by GClarke. Glad the byes are over.

As previously stated bye round scores of 1,956, 2,012 and 1,904 (ave 1,957.33) saw a ranking improvement of 4,075 places from 5,665 to 1,590 :).

Intended Trades: At this stage for the first time in a long time, probably none, don't have a Butters or Pruess, but not sure about Hinge's status, was hoping he might be reasonable cover, but unsure now, may just wait this week and re-assess D'Ambrosio and see how he goes, with the intention of freeing up some case to get Steele after he drops a bit and looks like a must have. DCameron's time maybe limited, to that may be a move down the track.
25 Feb 2019
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Score: 1,847
Overall: 24,092 (up from 27,079)
Value: $13,632,800 + $276,300itb
Leagues Won: 4/10
Heroes: Macrae, Dawson, Parker, Heeney, Laird, Dunkley, English, Hewett
Zeroes: Witts, Short, Cripps, Keays, Butters
Trade Out Made: Gawn, Marshall, McDonald
Trade In Made: Witts, Himmelberg, Bazzo
Planned Trades: OUT : Butters IN : Miller
Well that was the end of a very unpleasant bye round series.
An average of 1740 over the 3 rounds and dropping ~5000 places in ranking is disappointing.

Was thinking Gawn, Marshall & Heeney as my trades, but decided to hold Heeney and swing McDonald to Bazzo.
While Bazzo wasn’t a raging success, he provides the D/F swing with SDK I was looking for.
Witts also a poor start in my team, rucks a real issue this year though ditching Marshall feels like a win.

With Butters going down, he’ll be going to the knackery in place of Heeney (who redeemed himself) this week.

Interesting that my top 7 scorers all had the bye last week.
8 Aug 2012
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Score: 1,778 (Miller)
Overall: 7,685 (down by 600)
Value: $14.3M + $430K ITB

Heroes: Macrae, Bontempelli, Dunkley, Coniglio, English, Walsh, Hewett, Blicavs, Miller
Villains: Cripps, Houston, Butters, Blakey
Trades Made: Gawn, --> Teakle, Titch --> Macrae, Lipinski --> Walsh
Planned Trades: Preuss --> Jackson
The scorecard says I did pretty well across the byes
An average of 1867 and picking up about 4300 places in ranking, but it doesn't feel that way as I've been hit too hard with injuries/suspensions. I had already lost Baz & Gawn and then all of Butters, Preuss & Teakle this week - really stinks when they go down early.

Apart from great scores from my Bulldogs contingent (Go Dogs) , most of my other premos were below par.
I have taken the risky path and traded hard, but now will be carrying the injured.
Perhaps I'll go with one more precious trade in Preuss -> Jackson - surely he scores well for the next month?

Picking a Captn is the least fun part of SC - Miller was another fail this week.
I haven't picked my highest scoring player once this year - only close 2 times & on average have missed by about 40 pts!
9 Feb 2015
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West Coast
Score: 2002
Overall: 443 (Moved up 443 spots from 886)
Value: $14,01,400
Leagues Won: 9/9
Heroes: Macrae (capt), Dawson, Docherty, Heeney, Laird, Dunkley, English, Hewett, Conglio
Villians: Short, Cripps, Butters
Trade Out Made: Petracca, Brodie & McComb
Trade In Made: Laird, Bontempelli & D'Ambrosio
Planned Trades: Dylan Stephens (or Greg Clark pending teams) > Clarke (open mid/fwd link for more coverage), Butters > Parker (always wanted him but had other more pressing needs - he is the 1 top fwd I am missing & need asap


Great last 2 rounds of byes for me, moved up over 2,000 spots over the last fortnight. Getting the captaincy call right the last 2 weeks has been huge (Oliver & Macrae), I was getting frustrated looking at my team & comparing it to my ranking - the main issue was not picking the right capt for so many weeks in a row.

Current team before potential trades :-

Screen Shot 2022-06-20 at 10.01.09 am.png

If I go Stephens > Clarke, Butters > Parker I will look like this :-

Screen Shot 2022-06-20 at 11.34.34 am.png

I have contemplated waiting till after the Bris v Melb game Thurs pm before deciding on the Butters trade to Parker (have a look at Coleman's score first) but with Parker's BE 97 & the form he showed last week, realistically I think I need to grab him before he goes up again in price.

If Greg Clark not named I might go Clark > Clarke which would leave 60K in the bank which could help fund a potential luxury upgrade of Merrett > Steele once Steele has bottomed out after his return. However I think Clark should retain his place myself, showed more in a 1/2 than many other WCE players in my opinion/ very surprised with our selection calls this year ....

Thompson was excellent in the reserves upon his return, real chance he comes in this week for the suns giving me more bench cover - D"Ambrosio was very good on debut, think the bombers give him an extended run at AFL level - very nice kicking action/ decision making from him on the weekend.

Open to any suggestions, cheers in advance (y)
20 Dec 2016
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Score: 1921 (Laird)
Overall: 4323 (up 1523)
Value: $13,882,600
Leagues Won: 9/10
Heroes: Macrae 155, Dawson 140, Parker 135, Bont 120
Villains: Angwin 13 (didn't count), Kelly 65, Short 84
Injuries: Teakle 30 (unfortunately, did count!)
Trades Made: McDonald, D Cameron, Clark -> Laird, Dawson, Angwin
Comments: A slightly above par round to go with two slightly below/at par in the byes, feel about even money but have made up over 2000 spots in three weeks so can't complain. Only real downers were in the Giants game where I had eight players, so to get six of them to scores I was happy with was a huge win so even that isn't too bad. Although I would have liked Angwin to outscore a bloke who saw less than half an hour of actual football... that was a structural move though so I don't mind too much.
Laird and (particularly) Dawson big wins early, their draw from here should see them be excellent picks the rest of the way.

Wrestled over whether to trade out Brodie or Cameron all week but settled on the latter pretty much entirely due to only having five trades left. Jackson will need upgrading when Gawn comes back, and want to use two more to carry a 23rd premium, so it's pretty fine margins from here and I didn't want to have the Jackson problem with Cameron too.
Planned Trades: None!

Completed (?) team:
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10 Jan 2020
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Score: 1,851
Weekly Rank: 16,755
Overall Rank: 1,272 (up 27)
Trades Made: OUT Gawn, De Goey IN Bont, Himmelberg
Heroes: Macrae (C), English, Heeney, Cogs, Parker, Dunkley, Bont
Villains: Short, De Koning, Butters, Teakle
Comments: I just scraped by with 18 this week so I am actually surprised I gained spots. Teakle my lowest scoring on field & I was able to not count Rioli's 25. The GWS, doggies game saved my bacon as I had most of the top scorers from both sides. I have moved up 2700 spots over the byes so hoping I can tread water for a few weeks while I build up a war chest.
Intended trades: Butters & De Koning to Parnell & J. Clarke. I had a spare premium after all the shuffling around at the byes so I will double down this week if both get named. round 14.png
22 Aug 2012
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Score: 1760 (Macrae)
Overall: 1,816 (down 505)
Heroes: Macrae 155, Bont 120, Cogs 113
Villains: Crippa
Injuries: Teakle, Preuse, Butters, Parish
Comments: Must of been a black hole in the rankings, thought i would have dropped to like 3-4k.
Parish not getting up and the above injuries I copped mid round and only have 18 playing was just to much to get a half decent score.
Hoping Butters is only a 2 weeker. Just don't have the trades to sideways him. Hobbs will have to fill in.


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17 Jun 2014
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Score: 1,757 (Touk)
Overall: 7,575 (down from 6,555)
Heroes: Macrae, Dawson, Bontempelli, Dunkley, Laird, Coniglio
Villains: Preuss, Teakle, Jelly, Butters, Short
Comments: Bye-bye bye rounds! I thought I could play this game and usually make up some ground over the byes. However, not this year, which is the first time I can remember where I managed to slide further down the rankings every single round. I also managed to burn 8 trades whilst I was at it. Like many I have copped all of Preuss, Teakle and English to run salt into the wound opened up by Parish, Zorko and Owens the week before. On a positive note, I was happy with two of my trade ins in Laird and Whitfield, so I am going to celebrate the small wins 🍾
Planned Trades: I am going to have to boost my way out of this situation. Preuss gone and possibly Butters. Goldy leading my in thoughts at present And not sure of what other premium to target, but given where my team is at I will be punting on someone with lower ownership.


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4 Feb 2013
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Score: 1835
Weekly Rank: 19,842
Overall Rank: 778 (down 59)
Trades Made: OUT Gawn & Cameron IN Docherty & Laird
Heroes: Macrae (155), Parker (135), Docherty (128), Dunkley (114), Laird (114), Cogs (113), English (110) Sinclair (105), Hewett (103) & Miller (100×2)
Villains: Cripps (78) & Witts (68).
Very happy to have finally made it into the top 1k over the bye rounds. Expected to drop out of the top 1k after this week but to my surprise only dropped 59 spots. Had two poor bye rounds when I had 20 available and had my great bye when I only had 18 available. So next time won't even bother planning for them 🤣. My trade ins combined for a 121 average so that's definitely a win. Captain choices continues to be my weakness area. Teakle & Rioli's scores were dropped out of my best 18.

DEF: (8.5/10)
New recruit Docherty scoring the highest in this line is definitely a great start. Sinclair getting his lowest score since I've traded him in but still averaging a cool 125. Hewett back above to scoring 100+. Short playing more forward is a definite concern and currently has become D6. Wehr with a solid score.

MID: (5/10)
Macrae seems to only score big when I don't have the VC/C on him. Has happened since about round 3. Very frustrating. New recruit with a good first up score. Miller as captain was quite disappointing too. Cripps is the most frustrating player to own. Wish I had more trades to get rid of him. Zerrett along with Cripps is another who is frustrating to own. If he can go big against West Coast... a rage trade later in the year is coming. Clark basically playing only half a game to gain an extra 14 over Teakle's score. Rioli also making a bit of cash. Hopefully those two can get back into the best 22.

RUC: (1/10)
Witts what a massive disappointment. Hopefully that was just a once off as that was his lowest score of the year. Was pretty happy when Teakle was named to debut as he became my 18th player. But very sad for him now.

FWD: (9.5/10)
Dunkley & English doing well and can't wait to add their teamate Bont into my side soon. Parker with an enormous 2nd qtr was also great. Cogs finally bumping his up his average to 100+ a game. Butters is the most fragile player ever. Even if it's a week injury, he's finally given me a reason to offload him. McCartin with his worst score since that concussion back in round 6. Hopefully he bounces back as he'll be my English cover for 1 or 2 weeks.

Intended Trades: Butters to Bont. English injury only gets 21 premos onfield.
21 Mar 2012
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Score: 1885
Overall Rank: 52,879 (from 59,901)
Trades Made: OUT Gawn, Boak, Rosas IN Miller, English, Teakle
Heroes: Vlastuin, Blicavs, dawson, Hewett, Macrae, Heeney, Coniglio, Parker, Dunkley
Villains: Cripps, Lloyd, J Kelly, Butters, McGovern, Preuss, Curnow
Comments: Best bye round ruined by my villians, especially those traded in this week. Looking to trade in Bont, Jackson & Clarke for McGovern, Butters & Curtis means keeping English & Preuss in the hope at least one is back next week and the other the week after at latest (fingers crossed) Jackson can then be f 6/7, R3.
3 Feb 2014
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West Coast
Score: 1814
Weekly Ranking: 24229
Overall Rank: 12962 (up 552)
Team Value + CTB: $13, 444, 300
Trades Made: Smith, Clark and Hayes to Teakle, English and Laird
Heroes: Dawson, Laird, Macrae, English, Dunkley, Coniglio, Heeney
Villains: Ridley, Cripps (VC).

Bye Rounds Total Points + Average: 5381 / 1793.66 (down 735 ranks)

Comments: The byes are over and mixed feelings. I did fall over the course of the byes but the slide was a lot better than I expected and probably a lot better than what I usually manage. I somehow manged to top score in the week I had 2 doughnuts - go figure.

Round 14 was something, to say the least. Bailey Smith, who I brought in in Round 10 anticipating forward DPP, for a 117, followed by a DNP, then 67, was traded on to Tim English, as my ruck and forward line got absolutely smashed by injury. The vaunted Doggies Supercoach forward line has been hammered over the past few weeks - granted, it is the risk that someone like Preuss will get himself injured, but just by being in Supercoach proximity to him seems to have effected Port Adelaide too.

I decided to go Cripps as an early VC v Richmond. Didn't work out, so the backup was either Touk or Laird. Went the wrong way, but at least Touk recovered for a semi decent score (though still a poor C score). Macrae decided to show up as a C option - making quite the VC/C conundrum for me this week. Dawson is probably my best full price starting pick now.

For trades this week, I could do something like Preuss and Butters to Jackson and Luke Parker (I'm like $7k away from Bont), which would mean no doughnuts, but even with Gawn's temporary absence I'm not certain on Jackson's scoring power right now.

15 Mar 2019
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Thought I'd post all my bye round trades, as I know I've missed posting them in at least one of the bye rounds. They weren't great.

I knew I'd be struggling badly in this round with just 16, and it proved to be the case (was going to be 18 or 19 at the start of the byes before injuries/omissions). Poor captaincy choices, again, also didn't help.

Bye rounds are done, thank god, and... I'm still struggling to field a full team with just 3 trades left. Luckily I kept D Cameron (almost traded him), can switch him with English to avoid one donut, but Butters is a different story. Will still need to field Curtis as well, who is meant to be a bench warmer. Can't see a good score coming from this round.

Proposed trades: Butters to Bont. Was going to skip on Bont, but will probably just suck it up and spend the extra cash for a quality forward. Will leave me with 2 trades - might just use them next round, start the NTL topic (again) and just not stress until 2023 - not a lot left to aim for this year, as I can't see me winning any leagues I'm in, and my overall rank is awful. Maybe I'll enjoy the footy more when I'm not worried about players in my fantasy teams.