Discussion 2022 Round 20: Teams & In Game Discussion

26 Nov 2012
AFL Club
2473 and 3 x finals wins, including against my son in one league.

- Jordy off my bench for Treloar
- Tom Stewart traded in for Hewett with my last trade
After pronouncing "can't win them all" having lamented not being able to lock in Laird VC, I left the captain on Touk Touk!

Good start to the finals campaign


Leadership Group
3 Jul 2017
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
“Only St Kilda could win a game that puts them back in the eight and leave you with less confidence in them.

Being St Kilda, they got out to a 44-point lead and then decided that this was too relaxing for Saints fans, so they let the Hawks boot eight of the last ten goals.

If St Kilda was a friend, it would be the crazy one that made every situation much harder than it needed to be.

They’d be the friend trying to organise a lift even though they’re on the other side of the city, and when you got there, they’re not ready, then they insist on going to someone else’s house to pick up something, and you find out it’s not ‘just around the corner’ but 45 minutes away, and they’re not picking up anything urgent, just a jumper they left there six months ago, and now you’re late for your thing, and it’s an hour drive to get there, and St Kilda acts like they can’t understand why you are upset.”