Review 2022: Round 8 Review

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22 Aug 2012
AFL Club
Score: 2,345 Clarry
Overall Rank:
2,865 (up 1,902)
Heroes: Short, Neale, Oliver, Macrae, Miller, Cripps, Crisp, Sicily, Preuss, Hayes, Brodie,
Villains: Dunkley, Heeney, Butters, Berry, Cogs
Comments: I've had enough of Berry. Going to dpp him to maybe English if he's back. Happy with the rank rise. Need to think about what I'm gonna do with Rowell soon.


Leadership Group
17 Jun 2014
AFL Club
Score: 2,333
Round Rank: 5,602
Overall Rank: 7,090 (Up from 10,871)
Trades Made: OUT Daicos & Dixon IN: Zorko & McComb
Heroes: Cripps, Macrae, Oliver, Dawson, Zorko, Neale, Miller, Brodie, Short, Preuss, S Hayes
Villains: Butters, Gresham, Coniglio, Treloar, L Ryan, Dunkley, Jelly
Finally happy to see a rank climb after four straight weeks of sliding. However, it was a real Yin and Yang performance with half of the team going really well and half going poorly. My biggest hero was S Hayes whose score saw me abort plans of bringing Gawn in, and I grabbed Zorko instead. I guess time will tell if that sliding door moment ends up for better or worse. The two biggest disappointments were Butters and Gresham, who I think have now done their jobs and I need to seriously consider moving them out of my team due to their Round 12 bye, but I am sure that I will be thrown other curve balls that will see them continue to stay! Neale scoring 123 as my captain doesn't sound much, but it is my best captain score since Round 2, so I will happily take it.

Intended Trades: A bit like the Gawn situation last week, I am on S Hayes score watch before pulling a J Hayes to Darcy maneuver. I am also considering using my second trade boost to get Lloyd. I figure that I had better be using them soon if I want to use them before I don't have enough trades left!
18 Jul 2016
AFL Club
Score: 2,208
Weekly Ranking: 35,568
Season Ranking: 31,053 (up 1,025 spots)
Trades made: Curnow (149) to Curtis (35), Berry (65) to McComb (73), McCartin (94) to Dale (103)
Heroes: Rich (117), Oliver (135), Macrae (144), Cripps (151), Brodie (115), Preuss (103), Hayes (98), Martin (88)
Villains: ME (Idiot getting cute), Steele (75), Dunkley (78), Rozee (74), Coniglio (70), Butters (52), Rachele (40) and Ward (53)

Well this one is just flat out on me, the Curnow trade was stupid, the McCartin trade might be even worse (albeit not as costly), I had Macrae as VC until seconds before the game when I switched it, I had Oliver as C until seconds before the Lions game when I switched it.

Curnow trade will cost me in the 100k range in cash, 109 points already and just stung as I didn't need the extra cash this week and should have sat on him, part of it was rushing trades on a Friday and not really analysing it, most of it was just being cute.

McCartin trade will only cost about 40k, I hope, and the 33 points but still falls in the same category, partly rushing, partly just a stupid trade by me trying to be cute.

Team is just cooked, I'm multiple premiums down on most, don't even have particularly good ones where I do have them and I'm missing several of the best performed and most common guys, honestly, at this point if I finish top 30k it would be surprising.

Intended Trades:

Rachele > Darcy - Mostly to get English onto the field up forward with the added bonus of getting Hayes (who I don't like starting with his overreliance on HOtA) off the field also for a super premium who is good value. Negative is I get the durability train wreck that is Darcy but it's the kind of YOLO move needed from my situation.

Ward/JHF/Durdin > Hamilton/Carroll/Rioli - Will be using 3 trades for sure, may do both of these and get the best rookies. Durdin least likely.

NOD > Thompson - More rage trade than good trade, no reason to go early here that I can think of really but need to cash the backs when I can. Shame the ass fell out of my DPP so they're all trapped.

Leaves me with a strong amount of cash and just D6 (Daicos), M7 (Martin), R1 (Preuss) and M8 (JHF) to go with a Martin/Butters/Coniglio leftover to be a F7/M9 loophole if viable or worst of those to be used to get the M8 otherwise.

Will probably burn a few trades going for the Bont/Parker/Heeney upgrades. Gawn for Preuss the likely last move at this point given relative scoring.
26 Jun 2019
AFL Club
Score: 2284
Weekly Ranking: 13,809
Season Ranking: 31,460 up 7,146 places
Trades made: Daicos, Rachele, Dixon > Carroll, Hamilton, Short
Heroes: 11 players scoring 96-151 with the VC on Macrae and a shout out to SDK for his 82 covering Hewett
Villains: 6 Premos (I'm using that word loosely) scoring 52-85


Finally got a decent VC/C score with Macca, I still have Touks 72 and Cripps 38 burning holes in the back of retina.

Fielded Rosas over Butters at a cost of 34 pts but what stung was that I could have fielded SDK at F6 and that cost 64 pts. Traded Daicos out because of the worries about gastro (see Butters) instead of NOD which cost another 19 pts.

Overall, I seem to be going in the right direction, albeit with small gains, from a 60k ranking in rnd 4.

Intended Trades:

I've been very aggressive with my trades and will use my last boost this week with 15 trades left to negotiate the rest of the year.

It's a bit of a gamble on my part bringing in 3 rookies early over 2 weeks and could well blow up in my face, Carroll and Hamilton last week and Clark this week. I reckon Clark will be fieldable at M8 so it's a risk worth taking IMO. Sicily will come in as my last def upgrade (should have started him)

I've brought in 6 rookies over the last 3 weeks and cashed out all of my cows leaving 300k ITB and a new crop of recruits to fund my last 2 upgrades. I'm hoping to not trade now until rnd 13.
25 Jan 2013
AFL Club
Score: 2117
Weekly rank: 66,541
Overall rank: 24,377 (down 6,722)
Trades made: Rachele and Hough to Carroll and McComb
Heroes: Short, SDK, Macrae, Cripps C, Oliver, Preuss, Brodie, Nartin
Villains: Sinclair, Steele, B Smith, Gawn, Dunkley, Cogs, Rosas
Planned trades: Dixon to Rioli, JHF to Petracca

Yep so I’m gonna switch to league mode now. Fallen about 13K spots over the last 3 weeks, which hasn’t been helped by carrying English and Hewett on the bench. Not starting Sicily over Whitfield after having him most preseason and trading out Crisp for English and keeping Whitfield back in round 4 also haunting me (stupid trade) but it is what it is, with Whitfield showing signs of life over the last couple of weeks so can only hope he comes good.

With sights set on my cash league, I’ll be focusing on building a stronger team rather from here on rather than upgrading as fast as possible. So instead of using a boost to get Zorko down back, I’ll wait till next week when I can use another downgrade to get a Sicily/Stewart type. Team is actually not half bad, a bad decision here and there with some cards not falling my way with injuries has put an end to rank chasing. Feel like I have the necessary cash cows to fund remaining upgrades. Have had a soft run in my main league, sitting at 5-2 despite an ordinary 3 weeks. Admittedly got lucky this week when my oppenent didn’t take the C off McCartin and I took a gamble on Cripps to get me over the line. I’ll take the small wins.

Good luck for the round ahead! Here’s hoping English and Hewett are back.
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Ben's Beasts

Leadership Group
6 Jan 2013
AFL Club
Score: 2,349
Rank: 32 (from 35)
Heroes: Sicily, Crisp, McCartin, Neale, Oliver, Macrae, Miller, Cripps, N Martin, Preuss, Brodie
Villains: Stewart, Butters, Gawn, Dunkley, Parker, Taranto, Coniglio, De Goey
Trades Made: Hewett, NOD & Rachele to Cripps, Parker & McComb
Trades Planned: TBA
Comments: A solid round which saw a slight rank increase. Went hard again with trades which I feel I need to do due to my current rank. I didn't like the comments coming out of Carlton re: Hewett which made pulling the trigger on him a bit easier. I would have actually traded Brodie if not for the Hewett injury so that worked out well. Might look to paint the fence this round. Maurice the pick of the rookies for mine and I'll likely grab a premium DEF as the other trade. Really need a big lift from my forward line. De Goey has been insipid since trading him in 3 rounds ago. Butters is on shaky ground but will hold for at least this week as hopefully he can post a respectable score against the Kangaroos this weekend.
20 Dec 2016
AFL Club
Score: 2199 (Neale)
Weekly Ranking: 38,594
Season Ranking: 11,397 (down 1995)
Trades made: Daicos and Rachele -> McComb and Parker
Heroes: Macrae 144, Oliver 135, Neale C 123, Miller 122, Brodie 115, Preuss 103, Hayes 98, McCartin 94
Villains: Butters 52, Jackson 55, Coniglio 70, Stewart 74, Steele 75, Dunkley 78, Parker 89
Comments: Calls continue to grow for the Marauders coach to be sacked amid allegations of "not being fully invested in the game" and "making unfathomable decisions". This week's blunder was passing on the absolute gift horse that is Patrick Cripps, taking Parker instead only to see him stranded forward in a surprisingly beaten Sydney team.
Jackson continues to cost me matchups left and right but I can't get rid of him now, not when he plays West Coast next and he might even be first ruck...
Intended Trades: Looking at Dawson in this week - kind of fell off my radar with a string of 90-odds and the spike score from the after the siren goal but 134 in a well beaten team is worth noticing. Other option is Darcy and I can probably negotiate that if Hayes has a particularly bad game. Either would require me to use a boost, of which I will have one left after this round.
21 Mar 2012
AFL Club
Score: 2163 (Gawn)
Weekly Ranking: 50,950
Season Ranking: 57,050 (up 1761)
Trades made: NOD and Rachele -> Oliver and Curtis
Heroes: SDK, McCartin, Daicos, Lloyd, Rich, Dawson, Cripps, Macrae, Oliver, Neale, S Hayes, Curnow
Villains: Tom Mitchell!!!!!, Parker, Rosas, Butters, Coniglio, Heeney, Dunkley
Comments: So, my entire backline features as Heroes (although to be fair three of them only because they are rookies) and 5 of my forwards are villains. To say I have mixed feelings would be an understatement. I started with Tom and have steadfastly kept him to now but with that 40 rolling through the next three weeks he has to go now while he still has some currency (who would have thought his uncle Sam would have put him on the cross like he has?), I know he's not Sams nephew.
Intended Trades: Mitchell and a rook (probably JHF) to a ruck and rookie on the bubble if Gawn is out or to anther premo and a rookie otb, plenty of thought and team selections required.
28 Dec 2016
AFL Club
Score: 2,225

Weekly Ranking: 29,912

Season Ranking: 31,655

Trades made:
Daicos > Zorko
Dow > Parker
Dixon > McComb

Zorko, Neale, Oliver, Macrae VC, Miller

Stewart, Steele, Cogs, Butters

Week was never going to go well with Hewett and Bont out when the teams dropped.
Probably only watched about 7 quarters of footy for the entire week, score looked pretty good when I looked at my leagues Sunday morning, but as per usual on a Sunday, things turned to water and I ended up losing basically all my leagues by a decent margin.

Intended Trades:
It's time to get back on the Darcy train, jumping off earlier has worked out somewhat, allowing me to get most of the ruck cash cows, would have worked a lot better if it was to basically any other mid premo besides Bont.

Hinge > Rioli/Carroll
Williams > Darcy
Ward > Hamilton

Don't have the funds to go Rioli & Carroll, finding it very hard to split the two, leaning towards Rioli just because of the DPP.


Leadership Group
3 Jul 2017
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Score: 2294
Round Rank: 11,766
Overall Rank: 19,740 (from 25,315)
Trades Made: Out: N Daicos, J Rachele and H Dixon, In: S Pendlebury, D Zorko and C Hamilton
Heroes: D Zorko (new recruit), L Neale (C), T Miller, P McCartin (Hewett cover), C Oliver, J Macrae, P Cripps, B Preuss, W Brodie and S Hayes
Villains: J Kelly, Z Butters, J Berry, S Coniglio, I Heeney and J Dunkley
Comments: Another good round and have now managed to move approximately 13000 spots over the last two rounds. Final boost will be used to grab S Darcy pushing S Hayes to the bench for the tougher upcoming matches with G Clark and N Martin the only rookies left on field at M7 and M8. Team value has just ticked over $13,000,000 and I will be looking to cash out the likes of McCartin and De Koning in the coming rounds to hopefully allow an upgrade of Hough/Hobbs/etc to R Laird/J Steele.
Intended Trades: Out: J Hayes, N O’Driscoll and J Berry, In: S Darcy, G Clark and M Rioli
20 May 2014
AFL Club
St Kilda
Score: 2,339
Round Rank: 4,862
Overall Rank: 452 (+199)
Trades Made: Dixon, N Daicos, JFH > Luke McDonald, Touk Miller, McComb
Heroes: Sicily, Macrae (c), Cripps
Villains: Butters
Comments: Instant regret on the trades this week. Tossing up between NOD>Lloyd or Dixon>McDonald and went the latter because I thought we might get a good score from NOD v Roos, and I was unnecessarily worried about rolling the dice with De Koning again. McDonald looked like a nice cheap option to slingshot at byes (still fine for that) and it allowed me to sit on the fence about Lloyd a bit longer rather than committing. But now I just wish I played with a straight bat. Oh well. Still feel like I'm set up well enough and making progress leading up to the byes. Arbitrary goal #2 for me is to be in top 100 by the byes, and within 300 points of 10th. About 50 points of the latter part at the moment (and obviously 352 places off the former). My spreadsheet tells me I'm trading Nic Martin and De Koning this week but unfortunately they've gone too well and need another week to keep cashing, so I will change the plan to keep Rowell till byes and he can go now. Crisp a boring but probably necessary element this year. Crapshoot with the rookie options and I can't fit Carroll on my mid bench so will follow the crowd on Rioli even though it's the kind of pick I hate. Would be nice to go against the grain but not confident enough in Hamilton to want him as a POD against Rioli. Important pick through the byes so fingers crossed. I'm on holiday in Tasmania at the moment and will be going out of range Friday afternoon so just praying that cat and SuperCoach Gods don't leave any nasty surprises for my return. Good luck all for the week ahead!
Intended Trades: Rowell + NOD > Crisp + M Rioli Jnr.
9 Aug 2012
AFL Club
My average team is just chugging along, nothing fancy. I'm not gonna win it, but, I'll make my play during the byes. Aiming for a top 5k finish. Looks harder to achieve this year.

Made 3 trades, out Daicos, Rachele and Hayes. In Goldy, Petracca and Clark.

Sunday carnage hit team Professor with Gawn C backfiring, add Steele and Mills to that which ensured I lost most of my league matches.

Have 3 rookies onfield in defence still, have held Hinge and McCartin. Will have to upgrade this line first, unfortunately not many downgrade options in defence, Thompson back last week after 3 years in the wilderness, may be an option, waiting for Dean to appear, still at least 4 weeks away.

Intended trades - maybe Gibcus to Thompson. Mead/Noddy to Rioli.

15 Mar 2019
AFL Club



Bit of a mixed result. Regained some of the ranking drop over the last few rounds, but plenty of dud scores in that team still. 10 scores below 90 on field by round 8, at least half from players you have as keepers is not what you want. Traded Cripps back in after trading him out when he got injured - just another wasted trade. I have jumped the gun trading a few players out early I shouldn't have and kept others (i.e. English) I maybe should have traded - just haven't got it all right this year. Happy with my trade outs, Parker was disappointing first up though.

I think I have a reasonable core of the team, there's a few key players missing, but I'll hopefully get them in by around the end of the byes, by which stage everyone has an identical team. I've got a reasonable team value, so should be on track still, just need to stop wasting trades.

Planned trades: Not sure. Likely 1-2 rookie downgrades, I'll work it out tomorrow night once Sunday teams are finalised. Still concerned Hewett misses again which would affect plans a lot.