Strategy 2022: Round 9 Trades

25 Jul 2012
AFL Club
Settled on :-

Out: Butters , Dixon , Gresham
In: Darcy , M Rioli , Zorko

Round 10 target is Clark
Round 11 target is Steele

Then wait for the new DPP's and see what to do next , if the 4 Bulldogs/2 Swans forward line looks the go means a Brodie/Coniglio could be at F7 , lot of $ tied up just for coverage.

N Martin could be a better (cheaper) option.

Will still need 1 , possibly 2 premium mids after Steele then upgrade my defence

Any $ and trades left after that will try and get a "luxury" D7 , M9 & 10.
That didn't work out real good , Butters 104 & Gresham 115 short term pain for long term gain hopefully.

Steele injured , time for alternatives.

Daicos , Martin & SDK might have all peaked at the same time