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11 Sep 2020
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SCS group / league participants round 22 update

- I'm only showing a subset of relevant players due to screen size (but am tracking quite a few more)
- a brutal round for many ...
- key missed games were SGA (4), Leonard (4), LBJ (1), Curry (1), Giannis (1), Doncic (1) etc
- @Gritt (1st) finished in the top 10 scorers for the round ..
- only one round to go !!

I'm also not showing two of my leagues due to one player not being a SCS member (that I know of) out of respect for him ...
- an excellent player though that has been part of our leagues before so I technically class him as one of ours ..
- those two teams are currently ranked 1st and 6th overall

So that brings me to our other 10 leagues (I don't own all of them by the way):

- Our 20 team leagues are ranked 1st and 4th by league size ..
- Our 12 team league is ranked 1st by league size ..
- Our 10 team leagues are ranked ranked 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 11th by league size

Our overall league rankings despite the league size in the top 10 is:

- 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th. 8th and 9th

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Yeh I missed the SGA, Kawhi outs
Just traded down my bench the other week too. brutal!
11 Mar 2021
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Antetokounmpo (calf) is unlikely to return for any of the Bucks' final three regular-season games, and his status for the start of the playo*** is in question, Shams Charania reported Wednesday on FanDuel TV's "Run It Back" program.

Coach Gregg Popovich said Tuesday the Spurs will "look it over" about playing Wembanyama in Tuesday's game versus the Grizzlies, Jeff Garcia of KENS 5 San Antonio reports.