Review 2024: Round 17 Review

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1 Feb 2016
AFL Club
It's getting close to the pointy end of the year! How did your team go? In other news, somehow my SC Gold subscription passed and didn't auto renew :unsure:

Score: 2338
Round rank: 29,131
Season rank: 1271 (down about 200)

Trades made
Fisher => Whitfield


Curnow???? :eek::mad::poop: Fairly disappointing scores from a lot of the team. Getting dangerously low on trades and needed to trade out Fisher because Josh Draper is my only cover -- and he's more likely to score 30s than 60s. Apart from last round, Draper has been a big blow to my team structure with a lot of my trading decisions based around getting his score off field :whistle:. Going to make sure my bench scores are a lot stronger next season.

Merrett (145), Sheezel (141), Butters (159), Heeney (127), Jackson (121), LDU (114) and Sinclair (110) all went 110+. My perception was that I didn't have enough winners but when I went through, it turned out to be 9 tons :D. Reasonable but still not great.

CURNOW (33)! Got this guy because I thought he was consistent and due for a big 150+ (or even 180+). Chose him over Caldwell which has been a massive loss. He owes me big time now. Otherwise, my midfield severely underperformed. Walsh (69), Serong (84) and most importantly Rowell (79) were very poor. Rowell has scored one ton for me. I got him thinking he was a bargain and able to push super premo status. Don't know where his contested game has gone. Houston (76) has also been quite poor outside of one game after I got him.

Planned trades
Will try to hold Gawn, but may mean I need to field 2 rookie scores this round (depends on if Heeney's suspension holds up). Said this last time but I'm trying to save trades. Feels like I'm just holding onto a cliff face while I slowly slide down :).

Final word
Subpar scoring. Second half of this year has not been any good -- felt like I've been treading water for about 10 weeks.