Opinion 2024: Round 18 VC/C Selections

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Rd 18 VC/C Fantasy picks: Caldwell Rockets Into Calculations, Dunkley To Continue Hot Streak. - Honeyball

Posted on July 11, 2024 by Corey Viney

We are getting towards the pointy end of the season, meaning sides are becoming more similar by the week. The easiest way to get some separation from the pack this late in a season is by nailing your Captain. So who are the best options in round 18? Let’s take a look.


We get an early look at Nick Daicos this week, who comes up against the Cats on Friday night. He scored 114 against them in their match up last season, and Geelong shown this year they can give up some big scores, like Caldwell’s 144 against them 2 weeks ago. Daicos is likely to cop some attention, but he does most weeks and still manages to get the job done. He is worth a look.

If you want to go early in the week but aren’t keen on Daicos, Errol Gulden plays an early game on Saturday afternoon against the Roos. His last 2 weeks have been a little disappointing, but the three weeks prior to that had resulted in scores of 154, 127 and 151. North haven’t been as easy to score against since their bye, only allowing one opposition player to reach a ton against them in each of their last 4 games. With that said, Errol is still at the top of the VC list for me this week, with his ceiling being exactly what you want from your VC.

I am not very interested in anyone outside of those 2 guys as a VC option early on in the week, so if you want to save it for later in the weekend or you pick one of those guys and they fail, I have outlined the top 5 Captains options for round 18 below!


  • Josh Dunkley
Having Dunkley as you Captain this week could be what dreams are made of. 140 & 158 in his last 2 games, 151 earlier in the season, only 1 score below 87 for the year, and a match up with the Eagles. Granted, with Simpson sacked, everything we have seen so far from West Coast could go out the window this week, but in the last 3 weeks, they have allowed 11 players to score a ton against them. Consistent, has a ceiling, what should still be a good match up, and in form. I love a captain in the last game of the round too, and you could sit back on a late Sunday arvo and watch Dunks rocket you up the rankings.

  • Jye Caldwell
Another man that is in an incredible patch of form. Finally released as a full time midfielder this year, Caldwell is making the most of it, with a low score of 126 since his bye, and a 3 round rolling average of 133. Never going to get tagged with Merrett in the same team, and this week they come up against Melbourne, who Dunkley scored 158 against 2 weeks ago, who I think Caldwell plays in a similar fashion too. Both love to tackle, can rack up the marks and have no issues finding the ball, I expect Caldwell to continue on with his hot streak.

  • Lachie Whitfield
Whitfield is averaging 123 over the last 5 weeks since coming off of his bye, with a low score of 106 (last week) and a high score of 160 in that time. This week he plays Richmond, who allowed Luke Ryan to find some form and score a ton last wee, Nic Newman to score 143 against them 2 weeks ago and Sicily to score 137 the week prior to their bye the week before. They give marks and points galore, and Whitfield should be the beneficiary this week.

  • Jordan Dawson
The top 3 this week are well clear of the next 2 in my opinion, mainly based on the form and safety of them, but the upside of Dawson this week is huge. Coming up against St Kilda with Rankine out suspended, there should be plenty of midfield minutes handed to him this week, and there will be no Windhager to spoil the party this week. Someone else may pick up the tagging job, but even having an up and down year, Dawson has shown an ability to hit big hundreds, with a ceiling of 155 in round 6. Saints can give up a lot of points on there day, and Dawson will most likely be a very unique captain option this week. Consider him if you want a differential.

  • Tom Green
Another guy who hasn’t been at his best this year since his first few games, we do know that Green has the ability to bully weak opponents and pump out some massive scores, like his 145 against the Roos in round 2. Along with Whitfield, playing against Richmond this week could give Green the chance to get back to his best, with Brayshaw (146), Walsh (132) and Cripps (129) all dominating the Tiges midfield in the last 2 weeks. As mentioned above, well behind the top 3 options for me this week, but he could be a left field option that goes bang.