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SCS BBL|10 SuperCoach Invitational Leagues

With SuperCoach BBL almost back, with an October 28 opening date locked in, it's time to start getting expressions of interest sorted for the most sort after SC BBL leagues on the planet. Over the years SCS Members have lead the charge in BBL SuperCoach (as we do with all fantasy sports), and this year will be no different.

We will again be running the popular SCS Invitational Leagues, being:

SCS Champions League
SCS Premier League
SCS Super League

If you wish to be considered for a spot in one of these leagues, please complete the following form in the link below:

Leagues will be compiled over the coming weeks, so be sure to check the SuperCoach Scores threads for allocations and other fantastic BBL content and discussions that will ramp up as the season gets closer. There are many great coaches (including previous winners) who are always happy to share their thoughts and wisdom.

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