Calling 9 tennis fans...Last-ditch US Open Sweep - $30 Entry

12 Jul 2012
AFL Club
Hi all,

I thought it would be good fun to run a little last-minute Sweep draw for the Tennis US Open. It would've been nice to think of this a few days ago, as the tournament starts tomorrow morning at 1:00am AEDT. Partially for that reason, I'll limit the comp to 10 people.

The rules are as follows:

- I will put each of the top 30 seeded male into a hat and each of the top 30 seeded female players into a separate hat.
- I'll draw randomly out of the hat three players from each of the men's and the women's top 30 seeded players for each of the participants. So each participant will be assigned 3 players from the men's draw and 3 players from the women's draw.
- You then need one of your assigned players to be the winner.
- Winner takes all, with two separate prize pools for the men's and the women's.
- E.g. If you are assigned Ash Barty, and she wins it, you'll win $150. Therefore the prize pool in total is $300 but divided into two lots of $150 for the two separate comps.

I don't really have a method by which to prove I'm conducting it ethically. There could be some suspicions if I draw both Djokovic and Osaka. You'll have to trust me on that.

I'm well aware this could get zero interest. If so, no dramas, but even if a few people are interested and we don't end up with the full 10, I can figure out another way to conduct it. E.g. if we have 5 people, each participant can be assigned 6 players out of the top 30 seeded players.

In the unlikely event that a player outside of the top 30 seeded players win, those with the best performed player will be the winner, or split accordingly if for example both players were knocked out in the Semi/GF.

If there's any issues, or any questions, let me know.

Little bit of fun/interest during the lockdown...comment if you're interested and if we have enough numbers I can send out PM's to organise payment.

Cheers :)