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At post #118 Freowho/Bermi have a picture. Do you think

  • Speccy 1 is better

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  • Speccy 2 is better

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  • Another 2 frames should be added to complete the action!

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  • The guy on the bottom got kneed in the face!

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28 Jun 2012
AFL Club
Supposed to drive to Noosa from melbourne on boxing day.

Have booked a stop over in goondiwindi to get across the border asap. Then its just hoping Vic keeps borders open to the green zones on the return journey on the 2nd of Jan.

Am I mad for not cancelling just yet lol? Theres alternative ways to get home avoiding the red zones by hours and hours. This not leaking to places on the newell hwy has me thinking im going to risk it. Worst case even if it does leak to dubboish I can take a 5 hour detour, travel to broken hill which then avoids the newell then back to vic via mildura.

Anyone else in a similar boat? Looked at flying but woth a family of 5 its way too espensive. Fwiw in the event i got stuck i do have free accomodation available in QLD.