Competitions Lock and Load Comp - III (2020)

30 Jun 2012
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Welcome back to the Lock and Load Comp - III

(Pretty much the same as last time, but with a small tweak to the timings and prizes - see the old thread here:
  • 18 team capacity - Register intent here - first registered, first in. :)
  • Team submission starts on the weekend of the 1st AFL Round and closes before the start of the 2nd AFL Rd.
  • Select your 30 players - the same as you do in SC under the salary cap. This includes 8 def, 11 mid, 3 ruck and 8 forwards. No need to separate bench players as all players are "Live".
  • Submit your team here: <>. The best bet to ensure you are under the SC cap is to use Erich's amazing 2020 AFL SuperCoach Selector (using official prices and positions)
  • Your highest scoring player will score double captain points.
  • Your highest 16 scoring players count towards your total score for the round, regardless of positions.
  • Each week your team will battle H2H. The H2H competition will run from Round 3 to 19 with a final series from week 20 to 23. The total Points Prize Comp will run from Round 3 to 23.
  • The competition has no trading! Just 'Set and Forget' and follow your team selection through the year here.

Prizes and Cost:

No Costs - No prizes :)

Just for the title!

Registered so far:
1. Herbie66
2. KLo30
3. Tex
4. Deeman1
5. The Experiment
6. Spots
7. IronHawk
8. Doc Ron
9. Hasnoshoes
10. Bermi
11. Professor
12. PC
13. Beijing_Sting
14. Diabolical
15. Tails
16. Darkie
17. Zagbag
18. Beg2Differ

Reserve - Will be included in theTotal Points competion (possible for a second H2H comp, if numbers allow)
1. Random Cliche
3. Presto
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