Strategy Round 10: Trades

Stewart and Duncan - Will they be joining your team this round...?

  • Yes to Both

    Votes: 40 38.5%
  • Stewart only

    Votes: 43 41.3%
  • Duncan only

    Votes: 12 11.5%
  • Neither as I have other issues to deal with

    Votes: 9 8.7%

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6 Jul 2012
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West Coast
Out: starc, simpson, rankine (5k left, or cull Picket instead of Simpson :-( )
In: Neale, Stewart, Draper (via FD)

Cash gen from every rookie cull trade still critical.
I’m not sure whether it’s worth getting rid of the potentially useful Comben/D Cameron combo to get Draper. There’s no cash to be made from dumping Comben.

Problem is I don’t see any other attractive downgrade options yet (trading the likes of McInerney and Starcevich to anything other than 123k players is a waste).
I think this is really important. I still have Bailey Williams and since brought in Darcy Cameron. early on moved on Cavarra and yet still have Mahoney.

Better of moving on a non playing 223k player rather than you donut which gives no cash.

Also maximising each trade critical. By not moving in McKay at 190k and either going to a 123k rookie or changing the other trade from Mitch Duncan to Stewart (both come in over next week) has a domino impact next week.

Learnt my lesson bringing in Stephen Hill at 190k which led two decision like Maynard over Jake Lloyd.

Not suggesting we comprise a rookie trade if you don't like them (swans pair come to mind), just juggle things to utilise the $70k difference. Draper I think works as he will get games, 123k and will likely move Bailey to def and rivers to mids to get the right rookie out.
9 Feb 2014
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North Melb.
Is Dusty a priority? Want to take advantage of the huge value presented by Stewart and Duncan, have been planning to for weeks, however Dusty is looking like he is about to go into a great patch and is highly owned.

Is anyone else in a similar position or have any views on this?

I have one eye on trading Dusty out in 2 weeks. He will be in the 575k – 600k range by that point.

Really dependent on when the next fixture is released and when Richmond have the bye. If he has a bye in rounds 13 or 14 he is out for sure. If not I still may pull the trigger.

Will be targeting anyone who has had a bye at that point, hopefully around the 475 – 525k range. Possible are Greene, Walters, Jack Martin.


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13 Sep 2014
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North Melb.
Any guesses on Duncan and Stewart’s R11 prices?
Sorry do you want to bring them in next round (Round 10) or wait until Round 11?
Might need to do one in R11
If Stewart goes 100 & 100
R10 $423,300 BE 62
R11 $439,800 BE 61

If Duncan goes 120 & 120
R10 $515,100 BE 38
R11 $551,200 BE 87

If cash is your priority go Duncan in R10 then Stewart in R11.
14 Jul 2020
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Im thinking Sicily and C. Oliver for round 10 but im not sure those too will keep up their scores and beat their BE. Any other prems within that price/point range that could be trustworthy?

Because I need someone to fill the void P. Cripps and Fyfe left when i traded them out (big mistake for cripps but i dont regret Fyfe atm) But i already replaced them with Durmont and Greenwood. Ive got 2 spots left that id like to have prems in but idk who. Any suggestions?
25 Jul 2012
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Having Cameron , Ceglar & Ladhams keen to see Strachan now , might be a better option personally for me than Draper.

Need to work if I can still get Goldy in 2 weeks or better off getting Titch.

Might be a sleepless Sunday night ahead.
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11 Nov 2012
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Someone to draper (via Cameron R/F)
And finally Starc to Stewart

Defs would then finally be fully upgraded to:
Lloyd, Sic, Doch, Laird, Ridley and Stewart

If I’m feeling adventurous, I could try trading Sic out but early thoughts are to hold him (although as flagged earlier Witherden type interests me as a cash making maneuver)