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3 Jul 2017
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Port Adelaide
Unfortunately I have not been able to provide my usual round reviews due to time constraints this season and prioritising other forums (captaincy, quartets,etc) and the quick turnarounds between rounds wasn't very helpful.

Starting squad:
D: R Laird, L Ryan, S Docherty, D Roberton, J Noble, B Zerk-Thatcher, (F McAsey, B Starcevich)
M: J Macrae, P Cripps, J Kelly, T Mitchell, P Dangerfield, D Hannebery, M Rowell, M Pickett, (T Green, J McInerney, C Budarick)
R: B Grundy, S Naismith, (B Williams)
F: C Petracca, T Lynch, A Brayshaw, D Smith, J Brander, C Taylor, (B Cavarra, M King)

Final team:

Season scores and rank:

Trade history:
1600764192069.png 1600764224980.png

Best trades:
T Doedee at $294,400 in RD4
L Whitfield at $441,200 in RD6
T Stewart at $443,000 in RD10
O McInerney at $389,700 in RD11

Worst trades:
Trading J Kelly to C Rozee in RD3 (Kelly scored 1166 between RD4 to RD14 (Rozee was traded out at RD14) compared to 421 from Rozee and add on emergency scores from his missed games)
Trading out A Brayshaw in RD4 and keeping D Hannebery until RD6 (wish I had traded Hanners in RD4 instead). Brayshaw proceeded to average 106.14 for the remainder of the season.
Selecting E Yeo, B Long and M Walters

Best starting selections:
Luke Ryan, Christian Petracca and Rory Laird

Worst starting selections:
P Cripps (Did not particularly like Cripps before this season (moreso now) and would have preferred to start Oliver and Neale over Cripps and Mitchell)
T Lynch (Richmond- Traded after RD1)
D Hannebery (Could have had Greenwood instead who I was very keen on if I managed to free up $40,000 via selecting T Brown over T Green)

Very happy to have finished in the top 8000 considering the amount of points I have lost through silly/unfortunate trades (1000+).

My crackpot theory of avoiding Whitfield and Dusty as starting selections and going full value in the fwd line was proven correct but I was unable to effectively capitalise on the advantage and had trouble convincing others to follow suit.

Congratulations to SCS members that enjoyed their personal best seasons, registered their maiden league wins (cash or non cash) and especially @lavenderbandit for his deep run (if only Williams and Parker scored 40 more points :cry:) and @jarveg for his weekly win and deep run.

Thanks to the other LG members for keeping everything running smoothly throughout the season and the likes of @Professor , @Beg2Differ and @nicohighscore for their constant updates and relevant news, competitions and ownership statistics respectively.

Make sure to stick around during the offseason for fantasy competitions varying from
NFL Sportsdeck (currently 2 rounds in)
EPL Sportsdeck (currently 2 rounds in)
Supercoach Racing (starts on the 3rd of October)
Supercoach Big Bash (season scheduled to begin early December)

Over the past few seasons I have enjoyed participating in the Non AFL comps more than AFL SC thanks to the astute and helpful members in their advice provided which helps eliminate most of the barriers for newcomers to the above sports thanks to their generosity.
23 Mar 2014
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Jarveg and the Jets: Position #58,348 and Back Again and Jarveg and the Jets: An Unexpected Journey to #15

So I written a small treatise on both Round 18 and my season in general. I don't know if I entertain anyone else, but I amuse myself so that's the important thing ;)

Round 18

R18 Score: 2,436
Weekly Rank: 5,077
Team Value: $14,024,800 - only team over $14million (for the second week in a row!) that I am aware of. Its all about team valve and not points right?
Season Score: 40,066
Overall Rank: 15 (up 8 from 23)

R18 Heroes: Steele (149) Neale (142) Titch (130), Cripps on my bench being looped (26), Petrock (130), Whitfield (120), Simpkin (144)
R18 Villains: Bont for not scoring 175 as my captain to vault me into 10th, Libba for stealing all of Bont's points,

Comments: So close but yet so far. Was always going to be a hard slog, and fell just short. My VC decisions for the last two rounds probably cost me in the end - if I'd gone Gawn VC last round and Steele VC this round (instead of visa versa like I did) then I think that put me up to 9th. Oh well.

Won 4 out of 5 grand finals - got the Colliwobbles in SCS Magpies - too good Shannon/Couch Coach!

Season Review

So, how did I get to 15th overall? Very good question! Winning the weekly prize definitely helps, but it certainly wasnt the only thing. I got lucky nailing a lot of mid-pricers early (both starting and trading in) which definitely helped this season.

My illustrious starting team:
Defense: Laird:cool: Sicily:)🤕 Howe:)🤕 Docherty:)🤕 Noble:) BZT:( Brander:( Starcevich:)
Mids: Macrae :cool: Jelly:)🤕 Cripps:(🤕 Dunkley:confused:🤕 Bont:cool: Rowell:cool:🤕 Green:( Picket:cool: Buderick:confused: T Brown:confused: McInerney:confused:
Rucks: NicNat:confused: Naismith:)🤕 B Williams:(
Forwards: Dusty:confused:🤕MacPherson:sick: Petracca:cool: Freoshaw:cool: D Smith:) Taylor:)🤕 M King:) Cavarra:confused:🤕

Total Injury Trades: 15 (with both Gawn and Simpkin being traded out when injured and traded back in later on)

So, hardly a great starting team in hindsight, but in the COVID world SC wasnt really high on my priorities. Taking a very cavalier (almost YOLO'ish attitude) I traded out rookies at their first price peak, avoided trading in rookies who had had the initial price rise (except Geodude), traded out injured players straight away, and always went for the value premium on my shortlist. With so many injury trades it meant that I was always churning through premiums, finding value and creeping up the ranks.

Final Team:
Lloyd, Laird, Stewart, Ridley, Docherty, Williams, Rivers, Rory Thompson (to pad out my team valve ;))
Bont, Steele, Zerrett, Neale, Macrae, Oliver, Titch, Freoshaw, Cripps, Schoenberg, Wicks
Gawn, Grundy, Conroy,
Petracca, Whitfield, Greenwood, B Smith, D Smith, Simpkin, Foot, Coleman.

Round 13 was when I first thought I was having a great season - I'd been top 150ish multiple times over multiple seasons previously, but to vault up to 72nd with a full head of steam was certainly exciting and made the last 5 round pretty exiting and enjoyable.

I will admit to being quite nervous previously in posting on SCS as so many people have incredible knowledge that who wants to hear my 2c. But now as a two time weekly prize winner I've now got enough head-wobble going on that I think I'll be fine :ROFLMAO:
18 Jun 2012
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Round 18 Heroes: Rich, Dawson, Merrett, Neale, Fyfe, Titch, Parker, Gawn, Grundy, Petracca, Whitfield, Dusty
Round 18 Villains: Ridley, Z Williams, Cripps,
Round 18 Trades: Docherty to Rich :cool:
Comments: Top 1,000 finish is aways my aim, but an aim I have not acheived for a couple of years and last year was a disaster, so good to bounce back after an average start. I traded hard early, but it was pleasing that after being 133 after Rd 15 I was able to hold position on 3 trades, this is usually the period with low trades that the ranking can take a bit of a hit. Overall very happy with a new PB end of year ranking wise :cool:

League wise, generally speaking I tned to focus more on O/A ranking and league results are of lesser importance, but still nice to make 6 Grand Finals and to win 5 of the 6. Won SCS REP, SCS Boognish, SCS ShakeNBake, SCS Demons, SCS No Days Off, unfortunately @Bermi got the best of me in SCS Old Farts so congratulations!

I also managed the minor premiership in that inaugrual SCS Premier League 2 and ended with the higest O/A rank, unfortunatly I was knocked out in the Preliminary final when Dawson was out unexpectively and I took a 0 as a result of J Martin (injured) and Riccardi (rested).

Final Team
Lloyd :cool:, Stewart :cool:, Ridley :cool:, Rich :cool:, Dawson :cool:, Z.Williams :confused: (McKay, B.Williams)
M: Neale :cool:, Merrett :cool:, Oliver :cool:, Fyfe :cool:, Parker:cool:, Wingard :confused:, Titch :D, Cripps (n) (J Martin :mad:, Mahony, Bytel)
R: Gawn :cool:, Grundy :cool: (Comben)
F: Petracca :cool:, Whitfield :cool:, Greenwood :cool:, D Martin :cool:, O McInerney :), Riccardi :) (Cameron, Foot)


Ranking History


Trades History


Best Trades
  1. Roberton to Petracca in Round 2
  2. Howe to Lloyd in Round 5
  3. Pittonet to Gawn in Round 7
  4. Rankine to Stewart in round 10
  5. Docherty to Rich in Round 18
Worst Trades
  1. Lynch to Townsend in Round 2 (he was traded out again the next week)
  2. Georgiades to J Martin in Round 14
  3. Brayshaw to Simpkin in round 2 (not so much that Simpkin was a fail, quite the contary, but trading Brayshaw to get him was a bad move).
Best Starting Selections
  1. Merrett, Neale, Oliver, Grundy

Worst Starting Selections
  1. Roberton, Lynch (Rich)
I also want to congratulate all those coaches whom were at the pointy end of the rankings and also those whom acheived great results in what was a somewhat challenging season of SC. A big thanks also to @Impromptu for providing the SCS site and all the hard work done by the Leadership team (moderators) in facilitating such a great and welcoming forum (y)


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15 Mar 2012
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St Kilda
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for making my supercoach 2020 my best season yet! Managed to finish 85th, which is disappointing as I was 11th at one stage, just too many injuries. Ended with McGrath, Kelly, Docherty, Kelly, Witherden, Walters and I’m sure others within a few weeks.

Being in Melbourne, supercoach has provided a valuable way to spend my time, when in lockdown and being able to do nada! I spent lots of time during the year following how others were doing and to just be aware of what more of the supercoach community is doing. I somewhat stayed away from the website towards the end as the injuries made me lose a bit of interest. I’ll be back next year to try and go 84 places better.

Thanks again, and all the best for everyone else in lockdown/ not in lockdown. Cheers - Damon :)
4 Jul 2012
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North Melb.
Final Rank: 356
Best Rank: 126 (Round 3)
Worst Rank: 4,899 (Round 1)
Best Weekly Rank: 681 (Round 13)
Worst Weekly Rank: 32,992 (Round 5)

5 Best Starters (Premiums/Mid-Pricers)
1. Neale
- Played all 17 rounds, averaged 134.4 incl. multiples VC scores early and didn't dip below starting price until Round 15.

2. Petracca - Played all 17 rounds, highest averaging forward by a long shot for a starting price of 441k.

3. T.Mitchell - Played all 17 rounds & averaged 113.5.

4. Sicily - Averaged 103 (108 excl. injury). Made 30k on his starting price when injury forced me to trade.

5. Docherty - Season long keeper for 435k, had a lean patch during the middle of the year but his output exceeded his starting price significantly.

5 Worst Starters (Premiums/Mid-Pricers)
Cripps - Paid 635k for a guy who averaged 97.5 over the year and at one point dipped to 480k. Every player around his starting price would have given a better output if i had gone them instead.

2. Roberton - Wasn't bullish on him pre season but chose him anyway. Scored 26 in rd 1 and required a trade out when the season re-commenced.

3. Houston - 485k for a guy who averaged 69.5 before trading out in round 3.

4. D.Smith - Wouldn't have made this list if i held him all year but i traded him out with 6 weeks to go when he then proceeded to avg. 97 for the remainder of the year. Averaged 78 while in my side and missed a game, for his starting price it wasn't a disaster but was neither a keeper or made enough as a stepping stone so he didn't serve his purpose.

5. Bontempelli - Dropped a 76 in round 1, traded in round 2 to facilitate other trades.

5 Best Trades:
1. Howe - Ridley (Round 5).
Was falling behind in cash gen early on and needed to generate some money after Howe's injury. Ridley didn't have much history behind him but took a punt at 410k for a guy who then proceeded to play every game and avg 100.35.

2. Comben - Pittonet (rd 2). Helped cover for Naismith in round 2 with a 134. Averaged 92.5 while in my side and made 180k. Should have chopped a round or two earlier for Gawn but held his own in R2 for long enough while I focused on other parts of my side.

3. Rowell - Lloyd (Round 6). Lloyd played every game and averaged 126.67 for only 586k

4. Fyfe - Bont (Round 5). Fyfe did his hamstring and I needed some cash so went down to Bont after his score of 166. Scored 55 the first week i got him but over the 10 rounds i held (until his bye) he averaged 116 and went up 100k. Was a good pod to own.

5. M.King - Macrae (Round 9). Paid a bit of a premium for him at 618k after missing his 169 against GC. Got him in the following week, averaged 124.1 for the last 9 rounds of the year

5 Worst Trades:
1. T.Green - Ceglar (Round 2).
Green wasn't selected to play and ruck scoring after round 1 was looking too good to pass up on. Chose Ceglar against better judgement. Averaged 74.6 while in my side for 5 rounds and had to trade out at the same price i paid for him.

2. S. Simpson - Haynes (Round 12). Trading out Simspon was the right move as he got injured the round after i traded but getting Haynes in did not work out. Paid 550k and he averaged 81.86 over 7 rounds, costing me multiple cash league prelim finals with his 46 in round 17 and then backed it up with a 34 in the final round. Had only gone below 97 once in the 10 rounds i didn't have him. Went below 97 in 5 of the 7 rounds i did own (one of the two scores 'over' was exactly 97).

3. Mcinerney - Duncan (Round 10). Was pretty bullish on Duncan at his discounted price of 520k. Had scored below 114 once in his first 8 games, that score being injury affected. In the 8 games he was in my side he went over 101 once and averaged 96.13.

4. Pittonet - Gawn (Round 8). Paid 776k for a guy who went 157, 87, 107 and then 3 games missed through injury. Held him through his injury games which was probably a win as going to Goldy (my most likely trade in for him) would have deepen the hole i dug for myself. Trading Pittonet was the right idea. If Gawn didn't get injured it wouldn't have been too bad a trade, paying 775k for someone is definitely not on my to do list again.

5. Close - A.Brayshaw (Round 15). Probably a bit stiff to make the list, averaged 86 over the last 4 rounds which wasn't disastrous but he cost 546k and i could have got a discounted premium and had a better M8 than Dunkley in the final two round if i hadn't have gone Brayshaw.

Comments: Pretty happy with how the year went all things considering, the rules made on the fly added a new aspect to the game which all coaches had to adapt to. If they hadn't have added all the trades my side would have fallen off quite quickly, didn't get to make my first upgrade until Round 6 as i was too busy dealing with injuries/under-performing 'premiums' in the first month or so of games.

Thought my starting team was fairly decent. Naismith was looking like a great pod at R2 before the delayed re-start where Gawn was able to improve his fitness and Naismith hurt his hammy and didn't re-emerge until rd 4 and then got injured. Feel as if he could have made 250k and Gawn could have dropped significantly if the season had no hiccups.

Trading was so-so throughout the year, stuck to my usual strategy of targeting the best premiums possible in each position while taking value here and there. Worked for the most part with a few mistakes like paying top dollar for Haynes and Gawn for poor returns and my value selections in Duncan and Simpkin didn't exceed their price point.

Won some money back from cash leagues through overall rank but a very poor round 17 where i lost 8 of my 9 prelims was quite deflating. Lost my two main SCS cash league games by 9 & 20 points as both opponents benched Docherty to take River's 109 which ultimately made the difference.

Was part of 3 of the top 8 leagues including SCSBestoftheBest which followed up last years rank of #1 with a 5th placed finish. The leagues rankings over the last 5 years have been 5th (2016), 237th (2017), 5th (2018), 1st (2019), 5th (2020). 4 top 5 places shows the quality of coaches on this site, will be making a couple of adjustments for next year so hopefully we go as far as possible and show 2019 was no fluke.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the forum over the course of the year, i don't really post much other than my weekly team reviews but i read almost every single post. This has basically been the only SC forum I've visited for the best part of 8 years and it's easy to tell why. Hopefully we get a bit more normality next year and can return to SuperCoach how we know it.
15 Mar 2019
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As per my earlier post, a season summary is below.

Starting team.

Sicily, Docherty, Short, B. Williams, Noble, BZT (Starcevich, Brander)
Titch, Bont, Boak, Cogs, McCluggage, Rowell, Green, Pickett (McInerney, Hibberd, Budarick)
Naitanui, Jacobs (Naismith)
Martin, Ceglar, MacPherson, Greene, Lynch, D. Smith (Cavarra, King)


Rd 1: 2111. Rank: 41187. Overall: 41187
Rd 2: 1996. Rank: 75979. Overall: 61206
Rd 3: 1921. Rank: 23090. Overall: 42714
Rd 4: 2154. Rank: 21493. Overall: 34070
Rd 5: 1670. Rank: 105619. Overall: 55253
Rd 6: 1863. Rank: 48940. Overall: 53550
Rd 7: 2123. Rank: 34767. Overall: 49193
Rd 8: 2048. Rank: 39448. Overall: 46937
Rd 9: 2158. Rank: 61181. Overall: 49401
Rd 10: 1896. Rank: 41819. Overall: 47810
Rd 11: 1949. Rank: 32539. Overall: 45366
Rd 12: 2447. Rank: 1397. Overall: 35486
Rd 13: 2241. Rank: 23763. Overall: 33345
Rd 14: 2036. Rank: 38266. Overall: 33596
Rd 15: 1741. Rank: 35504. Overall: 32671
Rd 16: 1964. Rank: 32689. Overall: 32092
Rd 17: 2213. Rank: 18809. Overall: 29887
Rd 18: 2476. Rank: 2602. Overall: 25598


Rd 2
MacPherson to Petracca. :love:
McCluggage to Viney. :(
Lynch to Cameron. :unsure:
BZT to Hurn. :cry:
Green to Rivers. (y)

Petracca in for a dud mid pricer was a great trade. Sideways of McCluggage for a short term cash gain on Viney didn't work how I wanted at all. Getting rid of Lynch was smart, but Cameron was no good. Bringing in Hurn symbolised a lot of my season - awful trade in. Rivers in paid off late in the season, Green was good, but this worked.

Rd 3
Naitanui to Pittonet. :cautious:
Cavarra to Sturt. :sneaky:

Pittonet was a good trade in at this point, just wish I hadn't traded Naitanui to do it. Second trade ended up trading one list clogged for another due to injury. Made me very little cash.

Rd 4
Greene to Simpkin. :cool:
Jacobs to Fyfe. :cry:

Bringing in Simpkin for Toby, I would say overall this worked well. Both missed a few games, but Simpkin was better value. Jacobs was a dud starter in the end, Fyfe was selected to be a reliable captain option (something I was missing) and what happens - he gets injured as soon as I bring him in. Of course.

Rd 5
Noble to Hill. o_O
Pickett to Serong. :)

Bit of a wasted opportunity with these trades. I was saying all pre-season in the X v Y topic to avoid Hill, he will get injured - of course I bring him in, of course he gets injured soon after. Serong was a great rookie pick up. Getting rid of Noble and Pickett were the wrong choices though, and hurt my team.

Rd 6
Viney to Grundy. :oops:
Naismith to Aarts. (y)

Viney missing Rd 3, along with 3 sub 100 scores killed my early plans of a quick cash grab. Held him a round too long, lost 30K by doing so. Grundy was good, kicking myself due to Covid he wasn't set and forget as planned. Naismith was an unfortunate injury, Aarts was a pretty good rookie choice in the end after a slow patch.

Rd 7
Fyfe to Greenwood. :D
Ceglar to Rankine. :cool:

Fyfe was a mistake due to injury. Greenwood was up and down, but overall a good selection. Ceglar was a dud and I apologise to everyone for saying I thought he was a good selection this season. Rankine was a good rookie option.

Rd 8
Rowell to Gawn. :(
Pittonet to Eggmolesse-Smith. :rolleyes:

Held Rowell a few weeks due to other problems, Gawn in was good thinking, but not great timing - I got one decent score from him before his injury. Pittonet was rubbish at this point, Egg was :poop: too.

Rd 9
King to Close. :rolleyes:
Hill to Georgiades. :sneaky:
McInerney to Parker. :confused:

Just a bunch of mediocre trades here. All didn't perform as expected, especially Parker, who had a few costly fails.

Rd 10
D. Smith to Stewart. (y)
Egg to Duncan. :)
Budarick to Draper. ;)

Not sure I should have traded Dev out in hindsight, the other two I couldn't wait to remove. Duncan was s bit of a let down, but the others were good value.

Rd 11
Gawn to Naitanui. :eek:
Rankine to Ruscoe. :unsure:
Brander to Neale. :D

First trade was a bit of an inverted version of the boomerang, based on previous trades made. Second was to get some cash, bringing in a dud rookie. Third got me the Brownlow medallist way too late for his worst games of the season, but he still performed most weeks.

Rd 12
Hurn to Z. Williams. :censored:
Georgiades to Reid. :coffee:
Starcevich to Wicks. (n)

Finally got rid of Hurn who had been a dud, Williams was an even worse selection it turns out. Second trade was for cash, not much to say, it worked. Starcevich came good later after I had held him through some poor games and Wicks was a dud rookie.

Rd 13
Sicily to Walters. :sleep:
Serong to Saad. :confused:

Brought in two players who didn't finish off the season as I wanted. Poor choices.

Rd 14
Aarts to BJ Williams. :)
Cameron to Parish. (y)
Draper to Gaff. :geek:

Williams was necessary ruck covrr and played his role. Parish didn't work as I wanted but scored just well enough to call him a success. Gaff was a great choice.

Rd 15
Duncan to Brayshaw. :confused:
Sturt to Riccardi. :)

First trade was one under performer for another. Second was a good selection as cover, even if it was a week late. I somehow restrained myself and held back a trade here.

Rd 16
Martin to Walsh. :cool:

Instant pay-off here, the two matched each other in the final two rounds though.

Final team.

One thing I forgot to mention in my previous post - thanks to @Herbie66 for our head to head comp when we were both struggling mid season (after Rd 6). This kept me interested in SC and helped me turn things around. As you can see from my rankings, I managed to get a decent team together and was coming home nicely.

So long 2020. It was a crazy season with a lot of mistakes made, but a lot of important lessons learnt too. Onwards and upwards in 2021!