Review Round 4: Review - SCSPL 3rd overall, SCSLG 7th overall. 1st and 3rd Of The 18 Team Leagues!

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19 Mar 2012
AFL Club
Score: 2,058
Weekly: 51,431
Overall: 19,645 (down from 13,908)
Value: $11,366,300
Bank: $291,100
Trades Out: Pickett
Trades In: Simpkin (119)
Heroes: Grundy (C) (270), Docherty (185), Neale (147), Rowell (114), Sicily (114, for a 100 point 2nd half!)
Villains: Rozee (53) 2nd week in a row. Florent (59), Fyfe (71)
Comments: All week I had 2 trades planned. The 2nd was to bring in Maynard. With the Naismith injury I decided to wait a week, as it is a Def I'll bring in for Naismith. My own fault (again) there.
Planned Trades: Will hold Fyfe. Naismith to a Def. Bring in a bubble boy with my other trade.
League Report

SCSPL - number #1 ranked League with 18 teams! (3rd overall, all 10 team Leagues in front of them!)
SCSLG - number #3 ranked League with 18 teams! (7th overall)
SCSCL - number #8 ranked League with 18 teams! (13th overall)
Another 6 or 7 Leagues ranked in the top 100 overall, including those pesky 10 team Leagues!


19 Mar 2012
AFL Club
League - 18 team ranking - overall ranking

SCSPL - 1st - - - - - - - - - - - - 3rd
SCSLG - 3rd - - - - - - - - - - - - 7th
SCSCL - 8th - - - - - - - - - - - - 13th
SCS04 - 19th - - - - - - - - - - - 31st
SCS Old Farts - 26th - - - - - - - 41st
SCS Shake n Bake - 47th - - - - 70th
SCS$C - 54th - - - - - - - - - - - 77th
SCSBOTB - 71st - - - - - - - - - 100th

That's an amazing effort, guys!
1 Feb 2014
AFL Club
Score: 2,306
Weekly: 1,075
Overall: 3,415 (up from 13,718)
Value: $11,553,600
Bank: $10,600
Trades Out: Ryan and Sturt
Trades In: Ridley (134) and Butler (118)
Heroes: Grundy (C) (270), Docherty (185), Neale (147), Mitchell (143), Gawm (141), Ridley (134), Butler (118), Rowell (114), Sicily (114), Howe (112)
Villains: Whitfield (85), Cripps (81). Dusty (81), Doedee (48)
Comments: So happy when trades come so well.
Planned Trades: Waiting for news on Howe, and need to think about my 4 villains.
9 Aug 2012
AFL Club
Score: 2,103
Weekly: 36,794
Overall: 11,079 (down from 8,943)
Value: $11,011,500
Bank: $156,800
Trades Out: Dunkley and Houston
Trades In: Boak and Doedee
Heroes: Gawn (C) Neale, Mitchell, Grundy, Crisp, Rowell, Walters and Haynes
Villains: Macrae, Boak, Whitfield, Coniglio, J Martin and Doedee
Comments: Dodged injuries, but still had an underwhelming score, hoping for the villains to redeem themselves next week. I'm focussing on the positives, in the top 7% overall, not bad for a hack. Trade wise in round 5, nothing urgent in terms of corrections, rookies starting to fatten up, flirting with the idea of trading Rowell, he's still got a good price rise of $50k next round. Some terrific scores posted and leagues doing well too, congrats all.
Planned Trades: tbc
23 Mar 2019
Score: 2,071
Weekly: 47,223
Overall: 36,245 (down from 35,000ish)
Value: $11,089,000
Bank: $300,500
Trades Out: Sturt, Houston
Trades In: Hately (47), Doedee (48)
Heroes: Grundy (C) (270), Docherty (185), Rowell (114), Lukosius (102), McCluggae (141), Oliver (111), Simpkin (119), Gawn (141)
Villains: Dawson (54), Coniglio (49), Yeo (59), Smith (70), Ainsworth (69) + both trade ins and plenty in the 70-80 range
Comments: Decided to bank a little cash. Tossed the coin on Green vs Hately, and thought maybe had better job security, but I suspect he'll be going out this week, and I'll have only made 10k on the deal. The other one was Ridley vs Doedee. Decided it was better to go the cheaper option. Both I clearly pulled the wrong rein. I was completely rattled after last week, as I had about 5 premos including C in the Ess-Melb game, and only realised that they weren't just delaying round completion very late. The frustration of that week carried over into this week and a lack of planning until late thursday (which was hampered by footywire not having breakevens!)
Planned Trades: Maybe drop Pickett to a bubble mid if he's not selected, then push Hately to a premo. Some consideration to dumping Dawson as well.
24 Jun 2013
AFL Club
West Coast
Score: 2,266
Weekly: 2,896
Overall: 307 (up from 1,216)
Value: $11,551,200
Bank: $187,500
Trades Out: Jacobs, Sturt
Trades In: Butler (118) and Simpkin (119)
Heroes: Trading in Butler @ 4:32pm Sat, trading in Simpkin, no Dusty
Villains: Probably would have ranked higher had Gawn/Sicily/Mitchell scored less than what they did lol
Comments: Dodged some solid bullets and managing to avoid some average rookie scores (only copped Brander & Taylor & Noble). Disappointed Viney only scored 91 (surely deserved a 110+)
Planned Trades: Howe (and maybe Fyfe)
31 Mar 2012
AFL Club
West Coast
Score: 2003
Overall: 1260 (from 68)
Hero’s: doc Sicily Rowell Neale Pitt
Villains: the rest all scoring under 85

Comment: how can a team that is basically the same as last week score less with 4 more on field?? Issues a plenty Fyfe zerrett (hold both) naismith Houston Ryan playing a pure lockdown and poor cash gen.

Anyway start of the year if u told me I would be 1260th at this point would take it. Have cash for one of grawndy so first upgrade yeeeeew.

Chin up move forward good luck all.
15 Mar 2019
AFL Club
Score: 2,154
Weekly: 21,493
Overall: 34,070 (up from 42,714)
Value: $11,650,600
Bank: $19,100
Trades Out: Greene (96) and Jacobs (DNP)
Trades In: Fyfe (71) and Simpkin (119)
Heroes: Docherty (185), Sicily (114), Mitchell (143), Bontempelli (166), Rowell (114), Simpkin (119)
Villains: Naismith's knee, Fyfe's hammy, Leon Cameron for playing Cogs as far from the ball as possible
Comments: I honestly thought I was having a shocker, the last match redeemed things slightly (460 odd from 4 players).

Boak had his worst score for the season as VC (90), Fyfe as captain was a failure too - my 4th lowest on field score as captain was not a good choice. Could have had a pretty good score this week with a better choice there.

I still have a lot of holes in my team, but I'm hanging in there. Going to have to trade my way out of it. If my trade ins would stop getting injured in their first match in my team, it would help.

A lot of my rookies had below par scores this round which is concerning, at least a lot were on the bench rather than on field. Cash gen looks likely to slow down from here.

Planned Trades: Still have Sturt and may end up hanging onto Fyfe pending news on how bad his injury is. Naismith is a definite out, TBC who else - too many to choose from. Viney was my original plan, but may have bigger concerns.
8 Jan 2014
AFL Club
Score: 2,210
Weekly: 9,227
Overall: 932 (from 1,697)
Trades Out: Danger & Pickett
Trades In: Simpkin & Doedee
Heroes: Neale (C), Grundy, Gawn, Docherty, Rowell, Sicily, Howe (until injured), Simpkin, Wingard
Villains: Fyfe, Macrae, Cogs, Heeney, Smith

Comments: I’m not sure how it happened, but ended up having a pretty good week and jumping up into the Top 1000. Won 6/10 leagues, but lost the all important PL and Cashy, so not everything went my way. This included injuries to Howe and Fyfe so have some big decisions coming up in order to turn some lemons into lemonade 🤔
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Leadership Group
13 Sep 2014
AFL Club
North Melb.
Score: 2,267
Weekly: 2,819
Overall: 1,838 (up from 6,215)
Value: $11,640,100
Bank: $13,100
Trades Out: Lukosius & Long
Trades In: Simpkin & Williamson
Heroes: Grundy (c), Docherty, Bont, Gawn, Danger, Simpkin, Sicily, Howe & Rowell
Villains: Cripps, Doedee, Howe & Fyfe injuries
Comments: Ins & Outs doesn't look good in hindsight for the round but hopefully it will end well at season's end. Injuries to 2 of my Keepers not ideal at this stage, however, I was so close to doing Grundy to Naismith trade prior to teams dropping so it could've been worse. If there's any motivation for me to keep going this season, then it's the fact that our SCS PL has a real shot at the overall league ranking.
Planned Trades: Howe will have to go unfortunately and will wait on further injury update on Fyfe. I have most of the core group of Rookies so could afford to skip them this round should I desire to do so.
21 Dec 2019
AFL Club
West Coast
Score: 2118
Weekly: 31999 - heading in the right direction :ROFLMAO:

Overall: 39003 up from 44146
Value: 11.1
Bank: 100k
Trades Out: Luke Ryan, Whitfield
Trades In: Petracca, Simpkin
Heroes: Dochery, Gawn C, Grundy, Crisp, Danger, Rowell, Simpkin, McInerney, Noble
Villains: Coniglio, Greenwood, Dawson, noNeale
Comments: Slowly moving up the rankings. Avoided injuries this week which was nice.
Planned Trades: Dawson and BZT out for Wingard and Hill. Maybe a crazy play for Neale via Coniglio.
15 Apr 2014
AFL Club
Score: 2,163
Weekly: 19,135
Overall: 152 (down from 99)
Value: $11,615,900
Trades Out: Houston
Trades In: "D'oh"dee (48)
Heroes: Grundy (C) (270), Docherty (185), Neale (147), Titch (143), Crisp (115), Rowell (114)
Villains: Budarick (47), Doedee (48), Taylor (57) - they're all rooks so I can't be too harsh on them. Let's add Greenwood (61), Cripps (81), Whitfield (85)
Comments: Hi all, the SCS regulars here might remember me from the sub-affected seasons where I did a little analysis and created a thread called Vested Interest. Since then I've been trying to find another way to add value to this site but the amazing contributors have this well and truly covered - thanks for all the informative posts :)
Anyway, it's my best start to a season and surprised I didn't fall down the rankings further given it was a round filled with carnage. I don't expect to hang around the pointy end for too long as my focus shifts to creating a winning strategy for my cash leagues.
Planned Trades: Will try to find the best replacement for Howe and will most likely hold onto Fyfe.
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6 Jul 2012
AFL Club
Score: 2212
Weekly: 8925
Overall: 4311 ( up from 8005)
Value: 11,275,200
Trades Out: Houston
Trades In: Ridley
Heroes: Neale, Ridley, Titch, Jelly, Doc, Bont, Grundy
Villains: Gresham, Nic Nat, Devon Smith,
Very happy with the Houston/Ridley trade.
Thought all week about bringing Fyfe in for either Jelly or Titch. Glad I didn’t in the end. Although disappointed with the Stewart and Howe injuries just as I was about to sort out my rubbish benched rookies that are not playing. Now have to make two premo forced trades.
Planned Trades: Probably Howe/Stewart out for two best defenders unless I can find another hidden gem like Ridley 👍
15 Apr 2013
AFL Club
Score: 2,288
Weekly: 1,671
Overall: 770 (up from 3,729)
Value: $11,552,600
Bank: $14,700
Trades Out: Cameron, Sturt
Trades In: Williamson, Vandermeer (odd last minute choice)
Heroes: Docherty, Bont, Neale (C), Mitchell, Gawn, Grundy, Kelly, Sicily
Villains: yo-yo Doedee, Cripps, Martin
Comments: Neale/Mitchell/Gawn/Sicily were all a worry at stages but ended up on great scores. Still early days but team is rolling nicely from $16k in round 1. First season in a while I haven’t started with as much mid price madness nor made any early premium or mid-price side trades. Been pretty fortunate with injuries too.
Planned Trades: Brayshaw a mid price fail but maybe a wait n see with Fyfe out. Eyeing off Hill, Mahony, Ridley, Simpkin, Petracca, Danger.


Leadership Group
4 Feb 2013
AFL Club
Score: 2,154
Weekly: 21,493
Overall: 4,048 (up from 4,317)
Trades Out: Pickett, Sturt
Trades In: Simpkin, Mahony
Heroes: Grundy (C) (270), Docherty (185), Neale (147), Mitchell (143), Rowell (114)
Villains: Fyfe's hammy, Hurn, Laird, Cripps, Dusty, Petracca, Dev Smith, Whitfield, Ceglar.
My original plan all week was Out: Whitfield, Sturt &
In: Simpkin & Sicily. It changed last minute due to the plethora of rookie options that were going to be on the bubble next week. Really annoyed I didn't stick with my original plans. Only 5 of my players tonned up which was quite disappointing. Fyfe injury was unfortunate.

DEF: 4/10
Docherty MVP. Hurn continues to be an such a disappointment, still would have rather picked Howe back then despite his injury this round. Laird over Sicily was also another 50/50 that continues to haunt get me.

MID: 7/10
Neale is basically the forever captain option. Welcome back Tom Mitchell! Cripps very poor. Fyfe going great until that hammy. Rowell what a superstar and probably 2nd atm for the brownlow behind Neale and will be a definite keeper. Simpkin was a temporary mid for me this week and what a grrwat debut. McInereny solid score. Budarick disappointing. Brown & Mahony warming the bench. Starcevich and Noble both serviceable. Rivers very poor. Brander warming the bench.

RUC: 7/10
Grundy solid VC option. Pitto very serviceable and just shy of the tonne. Naismith injury also very unfortunate, wish he had played just one more but he becomes trade bait now.

FWD: 6/10
Very disappointing because despite have 5 premos... not one tonne in the fwd line this week (Simpkin in the midfield). Taylor poor. King warming the bench.

Planned Trades: Fyfe to either Bont or Danger & Naismith to Hill.

To the week ahead, Williams donut playing first isn't ideal. Hurn Vs Dusty for the VC which I am not confident in either at this stage with Cameron as my donut.
25 Feb 2019
AFL Club
Score: 2,234
Weekly: 5,838
Overall: 799 (up from 1967)
League Wins: 9/10 (missed by 12 points)
Value: $11,757,100
Bank: $47,500
Trades Out: Jacobs & Pickett
Trades In: Simpkin & Xerri
Heroes: Docherty, Grundy (vc > c), Neale, Simpkin, Walters, Rowell, Howe, Oliver
Zeros: Zerrett, Cripps, Laird, Martin, Hurn
Comments: Not sure what I’m doing in this rarefied air, but I'll enjoy the ride.
Team player of the week award goes to my Captain, Ross McQuillan who scored 207 (Grundy 135 + Noble 72)

Howe is my long-term issue, and Zerrett a short-term hole for next week.
Laird & Martin have been underwhelming, and one may get the chop this week if there are no other spot fires to put out.
7 Apr 2012
AFL Club
Score: 2,125
Weekly: 29,831
Overall: 2,548 (down from 1,774)
Value: $11,385,900
Trades Out: Doedee (48) Noble 72)
Trades In: Petracca (89) Hamill (22)
Heroes: Gawn (C) (282), Docherty (185), Neale (147), Grundy (135) J Kelly (120) Rowell (114), Sicily (114) Howe (112)
Villains: No real villians - the rookies were slightly under and too many premos in the 80-90 range,
Comments: Fyfe/Howe and fielding Hamill instead of taking Brander 49 all held my score back a bit this week and caused a drop in rank. What canya do
Planned Trades: Not sure again with this. Aggressive short term view is just swap Fyfe and Howe to a couple of guns but there may be an option to seek some value or even hold fyfe and fix another rookie (eg a non playing rook to Hill or Serong)
22 Feb 2013
AFL Club
Score: 2,157
Weekly: 20,703
Overall: 3,516 (up from 3,853)
Trades Out: Sturt and Dunks
Trades In: Simpkin and Williamson
Heroes: Grundy, Docherty, Neale, Mitchell, Gawn, Sicily, Simpkin, the Chad
Villains: Cripps, Dusty, Doedee, Fyfe, Smith, any on field rookie that scored less than 50...

Comments: A very meh round. My rookies scores killed me, even though I had a loop on every line. Also left points on the bench with Williamson and Green. Underperforming prems didn't help and finding a good Fyfe replacement feels season defining. Lost SCSPL and SCS$50 :( Not all bad though, SCSPL is basically the best league in the land and the Hawks won :D
15 Oct 2018
AFL Club
Score: 2,255
Weekly rank: 3,765
Overall rank: 26,362 (from 45k)
Trades out: Sturt and Tom Lynch
Trades in: Trent Rivers and Jy Simpkin
Heroes: Docherty, Sicily, Howe, Noble, Hayden Young (on my bench), J Kelly, Oliver, Danger, Rowell, McInerney, Tom Green (on my bench), Gawn (C), Grundy, Pittonet (on my bench), Simpkin
Villains: Doedee, Brander, Cripps, Dusty, Dev Smith, Budarick
Trades planned: Howe to Harris Andrews/Ridley & Viney to Macrae

Bounced back from a horrible 1,663 score where half of my side seemed to be out with a big week. I've had a lot of luck with rookies and with the rookies I've kept or brought in and hopefully that will be of use moving forward. I feel like my side is a lot better than my overall rank, although not without its issues (like no Neale) and things will continue to improve.

This graph sums up my year so far.

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 5.06.40 pm.png
17 Jun 2014
AFL Club
Score: 2,094
Weekly: 39,773
Overall: 21,620 (down from 19,654)
Value: $11.36m
Trades: Nil
Heroes: Docherty, Neale, Gawn (c), McCluggage, Grundy, Sicily, Rowell, Young, Green, Pittonet
Villains: Cripps, Dusty, Whitfield, and the six on field rookies who scored less than 50.

Comments: Managed to score less with 22 players than last week with best 18. That wouldn’t be the case if I didn’t move Young to the bench to field Rivers instead!! Rookies on the bench scoring well is a good thing though.

Fortunate to avoid the popular injuries this week. It is looking like one of those seasons with regards to injuries and late outs, so maybe saving trades this week will be advantageous down the track? It does mean I’m fielding more rookies at present than most, so need to keep pushing past 2100 to not lose copious amounts of ground whilst the rookies keep making cash.

Planned Trades: May sit tight again if I can, but likely to move on a non player or two for named bubble players.