Review Round 4: Review - SCSPL 3rd overall, SCSLG 7th overall. 1st and 3rd Of The 18 Team Leagues!

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Ben's Beasts

Leadership Group
6 Jan 2013
AFL Club
Score: 2,214
Rank: 219 (from 403)
Heroes: Captain Grundy, Docherty, Howe, Sicily, Neale, Rowell, Pittonet, Simpkin, Long
Villains: Doedee, Fyfe (inj), Cripps, T Brown, Dusty, D Smith
Trades Made: OUT: Whitfield, Sturt IN: Simpkin, Rivers
Trades Planned: OUT: Howe and either Fyfe or Naismith IN: Ridley and either Bont, T Green or Xerri
Comments: Another decent round and climb up the rankings. Copped all of Fyfe, Howe and Naismith like many others did. Will definitely be trading Howe this week and will think about whether to trade Naismith or Fyfe. Leaning towards holding Fyfe now that he’s out for just 1-2 weeks. Congrats to all in the PL ranked #1 out of all the leagues of 18 teams.
4 Jul 2012
AFL Club
North Melb.
Score: 2,153
Rank: 209 (from 126)
Heroes: Grundy VC, Docherty, Howe, Sicily, Neale, Rowell, Pittonet, T.Mitchell
Villains: Fyfe, Greenwood, Dusty, D.Smith, T.Rivers' last quarter, S.Hill's last 3 quarters
Trades Made: BZT & Cavarra - S.Hill & Hamill
Trades Planned: Howe & Fyfe - Simpkin & Bont

Comments: Bit of a disaster of a week in terms of injuries, don't think i've ever copped this many in a round. Fyfe was on track for a solid 110 - 120 while Howe could have easily reached 130. Naismith on the bench luckily and Hamill was looking promising and now his cash gen is stifled due to a concussion before quarter time. Out of all of them i'm probably most cut up about Naismith despite not being fielded. Was going to ride him all the way up to 450k as a pod mid pricer making 200k. Unfortunately only made 50k and have to cut my gains short, 150k less than expected cash gen is going to hurt alot in a year where a lot of rookies are bunched around the underwhelming 50-65 type scores. Naismith being out rd 2 forced me into Pittonet so definitely dont regret starting him, his injury risk was always a component of him as a pick. As with Naismith, Fyfe comes with a risk of an injury score. Luckily was able to provide me 3 weeks of a 140 avg. Don't think it will be a one weeker so looking to offload. Howe's injury was plain unlucky. Had him for a solid 2 weeks and that's the end of that trade, dont regret getting rid of Houston for him.

Trades done weren't anything special. Was basically a choice of 2 between Hill, Green, Williamson, K.Pickett and Hamill with some price constraints as i didnt want to offload Sturt as i heard his injury wasn't as serious as first made out to be. Had Williamson and Pickett most of the week but landed on Hill and Hamill. Pretty happy with it, would have had to play Pickett over Williamson if i went down that route so Hill scored more and i like his dpp swing and JS. Hamill showed enough in about 12 minutes to make me think he isnt going to be a total waste of a trade.

After this week i'll have made 11 trades for not a single one up, one down trade. In a typical year i'd be ****ting my pants that my final team wouldn't be completed or i'd be tradeless by round 15 and having 3 premiums rot on the bench with injuries that i cant trade for. Still not overly stressed this year even with two forced injury trades this week. Only 7 upgrades to go, i've conceded that Rowell will be a season long keeper despite how unaesthetic it is to have a rookie in a final side. This man isnt a rookie. Hopefully next week i can do my first proper upgrade through a Naismith downgrade to some 117k R3 potato and then perhaps Noble to the cat, Jake Lloyd. Will be looking to bring in some high owned premiums over the next months as there isnt anything worse than barracking against guys you want in your side. Along with Lloyd i need to get Gawn in sooner rather than later and possibly Macrae if he can show some form.

Trades this week are a bit more straightforward than previous weeks, yet still not 100% sold on them. Simpkin would be coming in as my 7th forward. Already have Whit, Dusty, Petracca, Greenwood, Ceglar and D.Smith with 2 of the mid/fwd guys currently in my midfield. I think the value of Simpkin at 520k is too hard to ignore especially with his ownership rising fast. I'm sure a fwd premium will get injured between now and rd 17 so it will give me an opportunity to offload them to a Mid or defence premium. Lloyd is the other option im looking at for Howe but im leaning towards Simpkin due his price tag vs Lloyd who i think is priced at his max. Fyfe gives me a good opportunity to do a downgrade of sorts and pass up on the likes of Serong, Xerri and Mahoney this week by generating 100k to Bont. Can bring him back in once recovered and the 72 is out of his cycle. Still not totally sold on Bont. Had one insane quarter and has had 3 poorer weeks. Was tagged against GWS and still found it alot vs Saints but they got smashed. With Dunkley out i dont think there is role change risk and with 3 winnable games in a row im preferring him at this stage. Also really like Parker and Oliver, they're bit less popular though so they wont hurt as badly if they go on a streak.
7 Jul 2012
AFL Club
West Coast
Score: 2,104
Weekly Rank: 36,451
Overall Rank: 14,882 (down from 13,048)
Heroes: Rowell, Neale, Docherty, Gawn, SImpkin
Villains: Fyfe's Hamstring, Aish, Doedee, Cripps, Dusty, D.Smith
Trades Out: Houston & Whitfield
Trades In: Fyfe & Simpkin
Comments: Another average week. Dropped most league games. Thought I'd pulled off 2 really good trades this week dropping the falling Whitfield and the underperforming Houston and picking up Fyfe & Simpkin... Then Fyfe goes and does his hammy halfway through the game. Nothing worse than trading in a top end premo and then they go and get injured straight away. So many guys went under their average this week and what makes it worse is when your league opponent's unique's all fire.

Just keep dropping in rank due to bad luck every week now. Surely I'm due for some luck my way.
25 Jan 2013
AFL Club
Score: 2,203
Weekly rank: 10,513
Overall rank: 19,645 from around 30K
Trades made: Sturt to Hamill
Heroes: Bont, Grundy VC, Danger, Jelly, Doc, Sicily, McInerney, Rowell
Villains: Fyfe, Devon, Doedee, Whitfield, Macrae
Trades planned: Bailey Williams to Butler, considering Doedee to Green

Solid week. Nice for Danger, Kelly and Bont to start showing up. Just can’t get all my mids to fire at once. Fyfe hammy hurts but looking minor so will hold. Hopefully Hamill holds his spot after his head knock. My team isn’t too bad on paper, they’re just in a corona-induced slumber that they’re slowly getting out of. Just really lacking Neale
21 Mar 2012
AFL Club
Score: 2,321
Weekly: 691
Overall: 10,609 (down from 30,925)
Value: $11,338,000
Bank: $16,100
Trades Out: Pickett & Birchall
Trades In: Williamson & Dan Butler
Heroes: Daniel, Docherty, Lloyd, Rowell, Dangerfield, Mitchell, Neale, Grundy, Gawn (c), Butler, Walters
Villains: Dusty and some of my rookies but I don't usually name them this early in their careers
Comments: The rollercoaster continues round ranks 88k, 1k, 57k, and 691. Consistency would be nice but only if its on the round 2 & 4 side.
Planned Trades: unsure due to feeling Whitfield is a must have and not having money in the bank, might even go a week early on Whitfield or not trade at all although at the time of typing i have gone Ryder and McAsey to Ridley and Hayde

Goodie's Guns

Leadership Group
21 May 2012
AFL Club
Score: 2,175
Weekly: 16,234
Overall: 5,416 (up from 7,224)
Value: $11,198,800
Bank: $103,900
Trades Out: Sturt (DNP), Whitfield (85)
Trades In: Simpkin (119), Williamson (76)
Heroes: Grundy (C), Docherty, Neale, Gawn, Kelly, Rowell, Sicily
Villains: Fyfe (Injured), Cripps, Macrae, Martin, Smith, Laird
Planned Trades: Deciding between a one-up, one-down. Or double-down.

Comments: Reasonably happy with the small rise in my overall rank. Josh Kelly producing after a few frustrating weeks was encouraging, but down weeks for Macrae, Cripps, Martin and Smith was annoying, plus Fyfe's injury. Stoked with trade ins of Simpkin and Williamson. Early thoughts are hold Fyfe for the back half of the year and continue to upgrade rookies. Now to decide on either one-up one-down, or double-down, and nailing the right rookie trade in/s.
26 Jun 2019
AFL Club
Score: 2,092
Weekly: 40,433
Overall: 40,849 (up from 43,094))
Value: $11,163,000
Bank: $$22900
Trades Out: Long (91), Noble ( 72)
Trades In: Neale (147c) L.Butler (49)
Heroes: Doc Neale TMitch Danger Grundy Rowell H.Young
Villains: Laird Fyfe Cripps Macrae NicNat Dusty Heeney Whitfield Rivers
Comments: Another poor round overall. Forward premos and half my mids firing blanks. Several rookies scoring 40s. H.Young was the real surprise for me and liked lil Louie Butler. NicNat continues to disappoint with his TOG% in a shortened game.


Leadership Group
3 Jul 2017
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Score: 2164
Weekly: 18,914
Overall: 25,587 (from 33,003)
Value: $11,291,100
Bank: $122,400
Trades Out: B Long and A Brayshaw
Trades In: J Simpkin and T Doedee
Heroes: P Dangerfield, T Mitchell, S Docherty, B Grundy (C), M Pittonet, J Simpkin and M Rowell
Villains: L Ryan, D Hannebery, C Rozee, T Doedee, D Smith and P Cripps

Very relieved that Simpkin worked out well considering the success of my other trades. Still no Neale and likely to not feature this season as the selection would severely impact my cash generation considering 4 rookies didn’t play last week. As has been the case with my 50-50 decisions this season selecting Doedee over Butler (who I was highly recommending) didn’t turn out as expected but hopefully Doedee can string together some 80+ to allow an upgrade to Hurn/Daniel in the coming rounds.

Planned Trades: Out: S Naismith, In: C Serong
2nd trade is Howe to a premium on any line which is yet to be determined but likely 1 of J Sicily/C Oliver/B Smith.
25 Jul 2012
AFL Club
Score : 2037
Rank : 33,758 (from 27,315)

Heroes: Doc , Reg (C) , Jelly , Get That Bus Out , Sicily , WOWell

Villians: TJL , Laird , Sloane (injured) , Cripps , Fyfe (injured) , D Smith , Heeney , Stewart (injured)

Trades made : Sauce to Get That Bus Out ✓ , Pickett - > Hamill

Trades Planned : Stewart - > The Riddler , Fyfe (maybe) - >

Comments: Too many villians......again , they all score 90 and suddenly I am closer to 2200 and at least competitive.


Have spent the last few days trying to formulate a trade plan without relying on $$$ from my bench , may lead to a "compromised" final side but oh well , trade to generate cash and see what happens.

Hopefully selection is kind tonight.

Think Sidebottom suspension is harsh , hopefully the penalty only related to the Covid return to playing breaches and everything associated wasn't taken into account.

Anyway he won't be the last.

Anxiously awaiting Auld's next move in how to solve the fixturing jigsaw.

Good grief with Cripps , Doc & Mr Worldwide tonight Carn the Blues.

We are the dark old Navy Blues......good lord I need to visit the Doctors 😀