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100 Games Club
1 Feb 2014
AFL Club
Score: 2,243
Weekly Rank: 9,270
Overall Rank: 19,325 (from 33,001)
Heroes: Neale (VC), Whitfield, Sicily, Cripps, Libba, Macrae, Walsh, Gawn, Goldstein, Heeney, Scrimshaw
Villains: Danger
Trades Made: Out: Martin In: Neale
Trades Planned: Rockliff for Cousins?
Comments: Happy with a substantial rise in ranks for the second week in a row (from 44000th 2 weeks ago).
6 Jan 2013
AFL Club
Score: 2,174
Rank: 20,790 (from 23,685)
Heroes: Captain Neale, Whitfield, Andrews, B Smith, Collins, Cripps, Walsh, Grundy, Gawn, Heeney
Villains: Williams, Oliver, M Crouch, Brayshaw, Butters, Stack, Dangerfield, Worpel, Parker
Trades Made: OUT: Steele, Atkins IN: Neale, Stack
Trades Planned: IN: Marshall
Comments: Rookie roulette just keeps killing my scores each round. This week it was picking Duursma over Scrimshaw, Butters over Constable and Parker over Setterfield. Would like to have a week where I get just one or none wrong. Happy with Neale’s first week in my team, I think he’s the Tom Mitchell equivalent of last season so Steele was the one to go even though he hasn’t done too much wrong. Marshall looking extremely good and a bargain at around 400k. I’ll probably bring him in this week at the expense of a couple of rookies that haven’t quite ripened.

All is Wells

50 Games Club
4 Jul 2012
AFL Club
North Melb.
Score: 2,176
Weekly Rank: 27,815
Overall Rank: 4,606 (from 3,527)
Heroes: Cripps (C), Whitfield, Neale, Grundy, Heeney, B.Smith, Collins, Scrimshaw, Walsh
Villains: T.Kelly, Butters, Parker, Williams, Oliver, M.Crouch
Trades Made: Fyfe - M. Crouch
Trades Planned: Butters - Stack

Comments: Very pleased to have managed only a slight drop in ranks after how my score was looking coming into today's games. Thank you Cripps, thank you. Used my first trade of the year, seems a bit impulsive but had a few reasons. Crouch has a great draw coming up, Fyfe could miss another week/could feel the effects of the concussion for a few weeks, has the DeBoer tag this week, will drop 50-70k with another down game/patch, gives me 50k to help for my first upgrade, confident Crouch will be a top 10 mid and I gained a few extra points this week. Being my first trade of the year i didn't think i've too wasteful, will see how it pans out. Got 11 upgrades to make if i want to trade Williams out with 29 trades left. Will look to make 140k off the Butters trade and next week go Clark/Parker/Drew or Setters to Ross giving me around 300k and enough to do my first real upgrade. Fielding 2 forward rookies that i'll be prioritising getting off the field, in saying that, Lloyd is the guy i don't have that i feel i need the most. My 3 defence rookies are holding their own at the moment though and other than Boak who i don't love paying 580k for i don't know who to get. Maybe Marshall if he can do well against a top ruck in Gawn this week or Daniel who looks consistent in his role. Will assess next week but for now things are cruising along. Not concerned on Oliver just yet, finding a lot of the ball just butchering it more than usual. Will still back him to be a top 10 mid and go 108+ for the rest of the year. Kelly worries me with how bad he handled the tag. Has Hutchings in 2 weeks, won't be getting rid of but quite annoying that non-owners will be able to pick up for 450k or even less and have a top 6 fwd for not much. Rookies didn't get much better this week. Very little cash generation between the likes of Burgess, Balta, Setters and now Drew and Parker have joined the party. Bit concerning but at least guys like Hore, Collins and Scrimshaw look like making solid $$$. Just need a few good rookies to come through now


22 Feb 2013
AFL Club
Score: 2,072
Weekly Rank: 71,303
Overall Rank: 37,028 (from 27,525)
Heroes: Cripps, Grundy, Heeney, Walsh, Scrimshaw, Whitfield
Villains: DANGER :mad::mad::mad::mad:, Williams, TKelly
Trades Made: None
Trades Planned: No idea, I'm still too mad to think about it or look at stats.

Comments: F'd up and made Danger C after Macrae failed VC. The other two options for VC and C - Grundy and Cripps.

Also Hawthorn lost.



400 Games Club
16 Jun 2013
AFL Club
Score: 2,313
Weekly Rank: 1,695
Overall Rank: 7,883 (from 23,519)
Heroes: Cripps, Grundy C, Neale, Whitfield, Heeney, Walsh, Marshall, Gawn, Macrae, Lloyd, Scrimshaw, Collins, Hore on bench.
Villains: Oliver, some poor rookie scores
Trades Made: Fyfe-Neale; TJ Lynch-Marshall
Trades Planned: Probably bring in Rocky.

Comments: Pretty good week. Marshall looks fantastic (although Lynch tonned up, typical). Probably need to make a forward upgrade sooner than later. Left a couple of better rookie scores on bench, but didn't turn out too bad. Really pleased with my rise in the ranks this week. Looking forward to next week. :)


250 Games Club
2 Mar 2014
AFL Club
Score: 2,256
Weekly Rank: 7,100
Overall Rank: 45,968 (from 70,741)
Heroes: Grundy (VC), Neale, Hurn, H.Andrews, Libba, Walsh, Goldstein, Heeney, Walters, Marshall
Villains: Danger, Butters, Petrucelle
Trades Made: Out: Yeo & B.Smith In: Libba & Marshall
Trades Planned: Out: Butters & Petrucelle In: Stack & J.Cameron

Comments: Little bittersweet to see my mid POD Yeo ton up after trading him out but I knew it'd be the case. He was just going to shed a bit too much cash. I've been burning up the trades correcting my many mistakes although that's the way it goes. Not owning any of Lloyd, Whitfield, Crippa, Macrae or Gawn is concerning, but you can't own them all. Need to be patient and wait for them to slowly come back to the field.

Really happy taking the plunge with Marshall. McEvoy/Ceglar are no pushovers and he comes up against Gawn this week. We'll see how he stacks up against a premier ruckman. Making my first upgrade in Jeremy Cameron as I can't afford to field one of Petrucelle or Parker any longer. I traded Parker in, so I'm not going to flick him just yet as he can punch out a 90. Here's hoping he can manage one this week. I like the look of the draw that Cameron has coming up & he's still under 500k. If he goes big again in the next few weeks it might make him hard to reach.

The Experiment

Michael Tuck Club
5 Jul 2012
AFL Club
Score: 2,205
Weekly Rank: 18,354
Overall Rank: 38,160 (from 52,285)
Heroes: Cripss (c), Walsh, Marshall, Collins, Scrimmers, Smith, Whitfield, Heeney
Villains: Danger, Oliver, Dunkley, Zac Williams
Trades Made: Gibbons > Marshall
Trades Planned: Nothing planned, need to start looking at fixing up my ruck line. Traded Hore out after round 2, surely I couldnt trade him back in....

Comments: Super Sunday saved my round - few under performing POD 'premiums' dragging down the season so far, as well as not having Grundy or Gawn...nice to see a move up the rankings rather than down


Well-known member
21 Mar 2019
AFL Club
Score: 2,167
Weekly Rank: 38,146
Overall Rank: 11,352 (from 10,851)
Heroes: Cripps (C), Whitfield, Heeney, Walsh, Gawn, Brodie Smith, Cogs, Scrimshaw
Villains: Danger, Dunkley, Zac Williams, Sloane, Angus, stalling rookies, piss-weak nose cartilage, Nank for taking the first 55 minutes of the game off and then scoring 70+ the rest of the way!
Trades Made: none
Trades Planned: Rookie downgrade for cash gen? Sideways trade from Nank to Mummy for cash gen?
Comments: Came into Sunday on 1,490-odd points, left with 2,164. Thanks Crippa! Three scores in the 2100's and one score in the 2300's points to some consistency issues, but I knew that the mid-pricer strategy would likely head down that path early. Bit unlucky with Brouch getting his nose rearranged just as he was getting a run on in the 3rd qtr and looked headed for another solid ton. Some consistency from Zac and Brodie would be nice down back. Managed to get the rookie roulette mostly right except for Drew / Setterfield this week which was nice.

Some tough decisions to make this week with potential rookie downgrades and maybe going sideways from Nank to Mummy for more cash gen.
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23 Jan 2014
Score: 2,105
Weekly Rank: 57,195
Overall Rank: 4,086 (from 950)
Heroes: Cripps (c), Walsh, Scrimshaw, Lloyd, Smith, Libba, Macrae, Gawn and Goldy
Villains: Danger, Williams, Sheed, Crouch Bros, Telly, Robinson & Moore
Trades Made:
Coniglio > Lloyd (Via DPP)
Scott > Constable

Trades Planned: Nothing planned, that could change this week.

Comments: Terrible start to the round, gradually got worse, then a hail mary Sunday to redeem my team. Cripps, Walsh and Scrimshaw need medals.. my midprice madness backfired this week, but a lot of room for improvement right across the board. Need to bounceback hard this week.


Dual Best & Fairest
18 Jun 2012
AFL Club
Score: 2,335
Weekly Rank: 860
Overall Rank: 2,444 (from 10,936)
Heroes: Whtfield, Smith, Scrimshaw, Wilkie (not on field, but cash generation perfectly timed), Cripps, Liberatore, Grundy (VC), Boak, Heeney, Billings
Villains: Williams, Oliver, BCrouch, Danger, Parker
Trades Made: none
Trades Planned: not sure yet

Comments: 2 great rounds with weekly ranking of 751 last week and 860 this week has seen an O/A ranking improvement from 54,273 after round 2 to 2,444 after round 4 (improvement of 51,793). Only real big move was Jacobs out and Grundy in, but it did cost a few trades to get the cash and it meant that Collins and Ridley had to be traded to cheaper picks in Parker and Wilkie, Wilkie has worked, but not so sure on Parker. The big imporvement has largely been driven by getting the C choice right and getting the rookies right, first two rounds had big fails in C choice and rookies on field. i still gave up points on Moore and Parker on field over Wilkie and Setterfield on field, but no where near the level of round 1 an 2. Onward upward hopefully. Good luck all going foward.

Kumamoto Ken

100 Games Club
16 Mar 2013
AFL Club
Score: 2,307
Rank: 26,020 (from 54,245)
Heroes: Captain Neale, Whitfield, Hurn, Scrimshaw, Wilkie (on bench but cha-ching), Cripps, Cogs, Rocky, Walsh, Grundy, Gawn, Heeney
Villains: Williams, Oliver, Butters, Wallis, Dunkley, Parker
Trades Made: None
Trades Planned: Stack probably for Butters.
Comments: Best week of the year for me by a long shot (coming from a bloody long way back)...sadly came up against @Deeman1 (see above) in SCS Demons.

It was a good week not to have Danger and Telly, unfortunately I have Wallis and Dunkley instead and they're making me pay every week and are now bleeding cash. Outside of Heeney my forward line really stinks.

Looking forward to upgrade season starting in a few weeks, Telly an obvious target.


Michael Tuck Club
31 Mar 2014
AFL Club
Score: 2,224
Rank: 18,640 (from 28,668)
Heroes: Grundy, Whitfield, Cripps, Rocky, Walsh, Gawn, Heeney, Macrae, DARLING??, Lloyd, Libba, B Smith, S Collins!!!!
Villains: DANGER CAPTAIN, Z Williams, Butters!
Trades Made: J Short to J Lloyd!
Trades Planned: Maybe some rookie culling, bring Stack in
Comments: Last minute change from Grundy to Macrae (VC), then Captain Danger cost me 94 points :(, and perhaps a top 10000 placing.

That aside really happy with my team. Only used 3 trades so feeling okay, just probably need 1 trade this week. Some people on here doing really well and nice to see so many teams jumping up the rankings! Cream is rising to the top.....let's keep it up!

Crabby Skills

50 Games Club
25 Jun 2015
AFL Club
Score: 2,114
Rank: 9k (from 4k)
Heroes: Neale, Whitfield, Cripps, Walsh, Gawn, Heeney
Villains: Williams, Moore, Kelly
Trades Made: None
Trades Planned: Stack maybs I dunno
Comments: Shocker.

Not trading Fyfe will hopefully come good, but I'm not confident in any short-term reward as the tag and dizziness will surely come this week :/

No Port rookies bar Drew is also looking like a bad move (not that I ever thought it was really a good move it's just what i did...). Plus, literally every week so far I have flirted with bringing in Boak, and have decided against it, and we all know what's going to happen when I take that next step.

On a brighter note, I'm 10th overall in the tipping after doing all my tips a week before the season. Good strategy it seems.

Jim's Dim Sims

Rising Star Winner
29 Jan 2017
AFL Club
Score: 2,153
Weekly Rank: 36,608
Overall Rank: 7,078
Heroes: Grundy C, Neale, Whitfield,Walsh, Gawn, Heeney, Andrews, Macrae, Scrimshaw
Villains: Williams, Moore, Danger, Wallis, Crouch, Brayshaw
Trades Made: None
Trades Planned: Burgess to Hore
Comments: No Cripps, Rocky, Libba, Lloyd and Boak are the ones hurting me at the moment. Out of those, Cripps is the one I want to get but he's just too expensive at the moment. Hopefully holding Fyfe will be a good decision long-term. Starting to regret trading out Collins after R1.


250 Games Club
17 Jun 2014
AFL Club
Score: 2,143
Weekly Rank: 40,805
Overall Rank: 40,378 (from 44,106)
Heroes: Cripps (c), Hurn, Heeney, Walsh, Mummy
Villains: Danger, Telly, Oliver, Heppell, in fact almost everyone who played on Saturday!
Trades Made: Out: Fyfe, Pierce In: Libba, Mummy
Trades Planned: Maybe Butters and Parker to Stack and Marshall.
Comments: On Saturday morning I was feeling good on 4/439 and by Saturday night I was 18/1530 feeling numb after 8 players scored under 75. With Cripps (c), Walsh, Setterfield, and Scrimshaw to come on Sunday, I was just hoping I could break 1900, so was really happy with my otherwise average score in the end.


100 Games Club
25 Apr 2013
AFL Club
Score: 2,097
Weekly Rank: 60,595
Overall Rank: 29,314 (22,341)
Heroes: grundy c, cripps, whitfield, walsh
Villains: tkelly, oliver, sloane, gray, danger, williams
Trades Made: none [28]
Trades Planned: two shitty rookies to two cows
what can i say? no heeney, libba ,boak, rocky, lloyd, neale and all my pods going shithouse. rookies stalling $ good times. last year i was too reckless and i think i over-corrected this year, meh.


Rising Star Winner
18 Jan 2016
AFL Club
Score: 2187
Overall Rank: 685 down 400
Heroes: Cripps, Neale, Boak, Bsmith
Villains: TKelly, Williams
Trades: Out Kelly in Heeney (26)
Comments: Despite my rank I'm not feeling great, I've missed Libba, Whit and Lloyd. I have 4 crows and they look a complete rabble. Steele is not what I hoped and if trade him he's guaranteed to go on a rampage, so I cant bring myself to trade. Really disappointed I traded Billings, any potential keeper at 430k is pure gold.

Ricky Bobby

Vice Captain
8 Jan 2014
AFL Club
Score: 2035
Overall Rank: 65,758 (previous 57,796)
Heroes: Cripps, Neale (C), Boak, Lloyd, Bsmith, Walsh, Goldy, Gawn, Scrimshaw
Villains: TKelly, Williams, Danger, Oliver, Treloar, MCrouch, Parker, Butters
Trades made: Darling > Boak, Cogs > Neale
Trades planned: Butters > Rocky (D6) & Rookie > Stack (Bench)
Comments: Ok, lets get this out of the way. Another poor week and another drop in the rankings. Some bright points with Neale and Boak performing well on debut and a range of other good scores, but just too many poor performances from my premiums and a few stinky scores from rookies like Parker & Butters. I also have myself to blame for taking my eye of the Butters/Atkins loop opportunity and depriving myself of 45 points.
Planning to bring Rocky in this week and then look for another upgrade the following week. Need to be a bit smarter with my rookie loops and captain choices and trust my under performing mid premo's to come good (I'm looking at you Clarry, Treloar & Crouch).
My rank is rubbish, but still "only" 526 points away from top 5K. Not a great position, but certainly retrievable, IF these under-performing players LIFT and few players like Grundy & Whitfield ease back a little. Need a little bit of luck to swing back my way and hoping it can start this week.