Discussion Round 4: Review

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21 May 2012
AFL Club
Score: 2,258
Weekly Rank: 6,816
Overall Rank: 6,551 (from 13,139)
Heroes: Grundy (C), Grundy, Cripps, Neale, Whitfield, Boak, Walsh, Wilkie, Scrimshaw & Remaining Rookie DEFs
Villains: Dangerfield, Kelly, Oliver, Parker
Trades Made: Dunkley ---> Whitfield (via Moore), Scott ---> Stack
Trades Planned: N/A

Comments: Pretty stoked with what my rookie DEFs produced this week, maybe all they needed was one senior head down there (addition of Whitfield via Moore FWD). Very happy to have jumped off Dunkley when I did, I'm a massive fan of his and was pretty confident preseason but Beverage is just not allowing him to play a SC friendly game. Whitfield in was massive for me, and it was a pleasure to what him rack up the touches on Saturday arvo, same cannot be said to Kelly and Dangerfield!! Hoping to see a lift out of Oliver and Coniglio over the coming weeks, still happy to back them in over the long run. Cousins (who was on target for a ton) and Parker getting injured early-ish in the game which hampered their scores was the only downer for me on Sunday, where I had Cripps plus 6 rookies to play (Walsh 123, Collins 87, Scrimshaw 98, Wilkie 112, Cousins 75 & Parker 32). Ideally no trades this week, need Fyfe back, if he isn't I may be best looking at turning him into Jake Lloyd. If any of the bubble boys get picked for their third game I will look into them, but with a very, very close eye on JS prospects.


5 Feb 2014
AFL Club
Score: 2,312
Weekly Rank: 1,737
Overall Rank: 97,57
Heroes: Crips (C), , Cripps, Rocky, Whitfield, Walsh, Billings, Scrimshaw
Villains: Dangerfield, Bradshaw
Trades Made: None last round
Trades Planned: Butters to stack

Ended up a very good round started slow then built. Most rookies making some good coin but isn’t much coming up on the horizon which is going to make for an interesting year if it keeps up. Butters looks done, even a couple 70+ won’t make much. Kelly likely to be first proper upgrade thou also looking at Stewart


Rising Star Nominee
7 Mar 2016
AFL Club
Score: 2,027
Weekly Rank: 88,666
Overall Rank: 54,403 (from 41,086)
Heroes: Cripps, Neale, Walsh, Whitfield, Andrews, Lobb
Villains: Dangerfield, Dunkley, Williams, Crisp
Trades Made: None
Trades Planned: Dunkley out?

Ouch. Remained hopeful of solid improvement up until this round but now very much feeling defeated. Happy to see Andrews respond to my bake last week and still had plenty of players score well. but just way too many low scores. Fielding Ridley and Clarke over Collins and Scrimshaw in DEF certainly didn't help. Even though Lobb and English both performed as well as could be expected (and probably even more so) I'm not sure that experiment is working out, would want Gawn and especially Grundy to have a bad one pretty soon.

In short; too many problems, not enough trades