Review Round 8 Review - 7 Leagues In The Top 21


19 Mar 2012
AFL Club
Score: 2,010
Weekly: 48,133
Overall: 28,921 (down from 25,876)
Value: $11,872,600
Bank: $111,400
Trades Out: Pittonet (53), Brander (DNP)
Trades In: Witts (97), The Egg (45)
Heroes: Really just not enough of them! Petracca (282) Macrae (169), Sicily (164) - ave 158 :D
Villains: Simpkin (35), Rozee (39), Smith (49), Grundy (61), Docherty (66), Houston (67),Yeo (77)- ave 56 :mad:
Comments: In a week where there 14 x 130-149 scores, and 11 x 150+ scores, to have only 3 of those 25 big scores, when a lot of them are popular, or semi popular, is a disaster!
Lost all my League matches, including my mates League, to someone outside the top 8. A long time since that has happened!
Keep Zigging, when I need to Zag. Pretty much when tossing up two players to trade in, I choose the wrong one of the two, nearly every time. Smith and Rozee are killing me!!!! Rozee has averaged 44 his past 6 games, after starting 125, 145! Rozee is now valued at a good Rookies price, but still has a BE 124. I think my patiece has run out! Lost around 20 points on the Neale trade out scenario this week, but still well in front, so far.
Planned Trades: I ummmed and aahed on taking Oliver, or even going early on Close this week, and ended up taking The Egg instead. It's only cost me 130 points, and around $30,000, if I grab Oliver this week, as intended! Also looking to grab a Zorko type as well, possibly.


19 Mar 2012
AFL Club
League Update

SCS Old Farts - 5th overall, 4th of the 18 team leagues
SCSPL - 8th overall, 7th of the 18 team leagues.
SCS $C - 11th overall, 10th of the 18 team leagues
SCSCL - 14th overall, 13th
SCS Best Of The Best - 17th overall, 16th
SCS Shake'N'Bake - 18th overal, 17th
SCS $A - 21st overall, 19th
23 Mar 2019
Score: 2,135
Weekly: 21,169
Overall: 13,439 (up from 14,100ish)
Value: $11,961,800
Bank: $386,800
Trades Out: Hately (DNP), McInerney (DNP)
Trades In: Macrae (C - 338), B. Smith (104)
Heroes: The trades in! Oliver (177), Macrae (338), Gawn (157) Petracca (141), McCluggage (131), B. Smith (129), Whitfield (116), Coniglio (106), B. Smith (104)
Villains: Simpkin (35), Smith (49), Grundy (61), Docherty (66), Yeo (77), Doedee (31), Simpson (49), Ainsworth (51), King (52), Rankine (56)

Comments: Pulled the trigger on 2 upgrades for the first match and thought I was on, but too many poor scores overall. Need to get rid of a few inconsistent performers.
Planned Trades: Hmmm, I have no idea, writing this I remember back on Thursday I had every intention of going either Ainsworth or D. Smith to Neale, but then everything that has happened has me second and third guessing, maybe I should be spending my dollars across a number of problem areas.... Right at this second I might go Ceglar>Cameron, Smith>Neale, Hill>Stewart, but there's a lot of water to pass under the bridge yet....
1 Feb 2014
AFL Club
Score: 2,228
Weekly: 7,793
Overall: 634 (up from 649)
Value: $12,287,500
Bank: $145,8400
Trades Out: Butler (87), Berry (29)
Trades In: Petracca (141), Simpson (49)
Heroes: Gawn (314), Macrae (169), Sicily (164), Neale (151), Petracca (141), Whitfield (116), Steele (114), Ridley (114), Martin (108), Saad (107), Mitchell (104)
Villains: Unlucky Doedee (31), Smith (49), Grundy (61), Docherty (66), Cripps (75)
Comments: Not complaining, but this was the chance to gain a few ranks, but it was shot by the Carlton stars
Planned Trades: Thinking of May for Doedee, will see what the medical report is. Also keeping an eye on Grundy: he has not looked 100% for the last few games, possibly due for a rest.
31 Mar 2012
AFL Club
West Coast
Score 2,346
Weekly 1,179
Overall 160 from 360
Trades pitt fyfe out for Grundy Bailey Smith
Heroes sic Ridley Ryan Hammill Neale Macrae Zerrett Gawn Tracc Brayshaw Dusty
Villians Devon Houston K Pickett vandermer
Trades planned
Have almost enough cash for 1 down 2 up so given the rank will pull the trigger. Needs careful thought with the non stop footy, rolling lock outs and potential restings. Should be easy o_Oo_O

moving back up the rankings. Team looking good and with 3 trades this week can move to only 3 rookies on field but zero in the bank. 530 odd points off the leader, clawed back about 100 this week.

Grundy trade in was annoying but closes a negative pod and he dropped the same as Pitt so waiting a week wouldn't have helped plus it's the right long term move. Also with Fyfe to miss at least 2 of 3 and Bailey Smith looking good price wise did a sideways that i usually avoid. Short term win, plus Fyfe out really helping brayshaw.

See lots of SCS members also in the top 1000, great stuff and well done to those who's seasons area not going to plan, as that's usually me! Only took me 9 years playing to finally have the rub of the green. Still a long way to go tho.

Good luck all!


Leadership Group
13 Sep 2014
AFL Club
North Melb.
Bank: $318,400
Trades Out: Fyfe & Ceglar
Trades In: Ridley & BSmith
Heroes: Gawn (c), Sicily, Lloyd, Petracca, Whitfield, Steele, Ridley, Dusty
Villains: My whole MIDFIELD as Steele was the only one who scored a ton!
Comments: MID Premiums and Rookie roulette really snuffed out any chance of a respectable score for the round, though I was fortunate enough to win most of my important league matches. As a non-owner, I was pretty disheartened seeing the likes of McPherson, Georgiades, DCameron, McKay all scoring so well so it's no surprise that I was extremely comforted by Serong's score tonight.
Planned Trades: I need to fill a DEF void courtesy of the injury to Doedee and try to reduce the number of on-field Rookies in my MID, so that will be the focus of my trades. It's not even CLOSE as to who's the best Bubble Rookie to trade in...


Leadership Group
11 Nov 2012
AFL Club
Score: 2,140
Overall: 5031 (down from 4472)
Trades Out: Taylor, Hill
Trades In: B.Smith, Whitfield
Heroes: Sicily, Neale, Gawn, Trac, Whitfield, Viney, Ridley
Villains: Bont, Danger, Doch, Devon, Grundy
Comments: Bit disappointed to go down in the rankings in a double upgrade week. Midfield which included guys like Bont and Danger lacked the fire power to compete with the Macrae/Jelly/Oliver types. Hopefully Fyfe is back for me this round. Non stop AFL and rolling team selections (both BBL style) is going to be an interesting challenge for SC. Am prepared for lots of carnage and misfortune to come, but it's just that sort of year!
Planned Trades: Looking at McAsey/Brander/Budarick to Ling/Close/Lloyd. It's come to two down one ups for me!
25 Jan 2013
AFL Club
Score: 2,251
Rounds rank: 5,744
Overall: 4,044 (from ~6,000)
Trades made: Green and McInerney to Ling and Bailey Smith
Heroes: Sicily, Lloyd, Hamill, Macrae, Jelly, Gawn VC, Whitfield, Petracca
Villains: Doedee, Danger, Bont, Simpson, Taylor, Starcevich, Grundy, Smith
Trades planned: Bring in Close

Another good week, which is a pleasant surprise. Nice to have some of the higher scorers. My mids are still a bit hit and miss but they’ve held up OK with Fyfe on the bench. Doedee going down sucks, he has been awesome since round 2. Really happy that I was able to loop at D6 this week. Wanted to see what Ling had, and while he was quiet I thought his last quarter is good, so hoping he gets an extended run. But for Hamill to get 96 was grouse!

Team shaping up well, just worried about cash gen because those bench rookies aren’t really mooing yet. Also annoying to have DCamdron pop back up and do well after getting rid him of last week. Despite the additional trades, I am trying my best to not sideways trade keepers and rather build around them. Who knows what will happen over the next 3 weeks with injuries and rests? Hoping to have a strong team for league finals but also finish as high as I can.
Good luck to everyone as we head further into uncharted territory.
5 Jul 2012
AFL Club
Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 5.56.07 am.png
Bank: $170,400
Trades Out: MKing & Ceglar
Trades In: Simpson & BSmith
Heroes: Gawn (c), Jelly, Lloyd, Haynes, Petracca, Whitfield, Ridley, Dusty, BSmith, SERONG (even though he was on my bench)
Villains: Cripps, Simpkin, Danger, Doch, Pittonet, Dev
Comments: Jumped 21k in the rankings the last 2 weeks which is really pleasing. Nice to see Jelly post a good score after a largely frustrating year so far, Cripps has officially become a problem. Was a good week not to be a Grundy owner, though as Pit as much R2, I am not really well placed. Need to address that issue ASAP.
Planned Trades: Really not sure...contemplating bringing in Neale and 2 rookies. Then as of next week start to look for value
21 Jan 2016
AFL Club

Bank: $68,200
Trades Out: Ceglar and McInerney
Trades In: Houston and Simpson
Heroes: Capt Lloyd, Sicily, Ridley, Neale, Macrae, Oliver, Steele, Gawn, Petracca, Whitfield
Villains: Houston, Docherty, Dangerfield, Cripps, Grundy, D Smith,
Comments: I'm pleased that I am continually climbing up the Season Rank and in my Leagues. I prioritised this round to get McAsey out the starting 22 (he scored 31 this round, as expected), by getting Houston in (not my 1st choice, but thought the safest choice I could afford that will help me through the byes) and I plan to upgrade Houston later.
Planned Trades: Need to work out a strategy to get through the next block of rounds. I'm glad we have the extra trades. Not sure if I should be trading out my non-playing Rookies, or my CCs who are losing money :unsure:. D Smith is certainly trying his best to get traded out, hmmm.
25 Feb 2019
AFL Club
Score: 2,176
Weekly: 14,389
Overall: 8,069 (up from 9,199)
Value: $11,855,600
Trades Out: Pittonet (53), King (52)
Trades In: Gawn (157), Georgiades (86)
Heroes: Macrae (169x2), Oliver (177), Gawn (157), Neale (152), Merrett (135), Haynes (129), Walters (115), Hurn (114), Martin (108)
Zeroes: Starting with Cripps (75), then another 11 players ending with Doedee (31), a whole potato farm worth of spuds.

Comments: Player scores were definitely in 2 halves, the heroes at one end, and the zeros at the other with only a couple of players in the middle.
Glad I picked a strong C this week as it gave me a solid score, along with the new recruits.
Walters & Doedee are injury concerns and trades will depend on how they look in the long term.
The next 4 rounds will be a challenge with trading, as we wont know who is listed to play until the day before for each game.
18 Jun 2012
AFL Club
Score: 2,235
Overall: 850 (down from 970)
Trades Out: McInerney, Brander
Trades In: S Simpson, Georgiades
Heroes: Lloyd, Sicily, Neale, Oliver, Merrett, Viney, Gawn (C), Petracca,
Villains: Houston, Docherty, Doedee, Grundy, Simpkin, D Smith, Taylor
Comments: Rise in the rankngs on a double down-grade week, so happy with that I guess. Plenty of holes still, covered over by 7 scores over 130 :), but 9 scores under 60 :cry:. Got a few problems to address, Doedee, Hill, Taylor, Simpkin, D Smith to name a few. Happy to get Georgiades, not so much S Simpson, but win some lose some.
Planned Trades: Noble, Taylor, D Smith, Taylor all on chopping block, need 2 mid, 2 def and 2 fwd upgrades, so still plenty of work to do
15 Mar 2019
AFL Club
Score: 2,048
Weekly: 39,448
Overall: 46,937 (up from 49,193)
Value: $11,654,700
Bank: $371,400
Trades Out: Pittonet (53), Rowell (DNP)
Trades In: The Beard (157), The Egg (45)
Heroes: Sicily (164), Short (110), Hurn (114), Serong (118, on the bench...), Gawn (157, C), Petracca (141)
Villains: Docherty (66), Egg (45), Starcevich (48, Bench), Bont (87), Boak (54), D. Smith (49), Grundy (61), Simpkin (35), King (52), Rankine (56), Aarts (46), Hill (for sucking me in)
Comments: Knew it would be a tough week for me, and despite being below par, I'm not disappointed. Missed a lot of good scorers this week I had wanted in my team but I hadn't been able to trade in due to making injury replacements (and replacing previously chosen duds), but I expected that may happen.

Glad I decided to get Gawn, despite cash still being tight for next week's planned trades - big win over Goldy/English/keeping Pittiful as my alternatives. Egg laid an egg this round - need him to lift or he will be traded in R10/11 - expected much better.
Planned Trades: Think I need to do 2 down, 1 up to get enough cash for next week's planned trades. Out: Hill, King, Smith. In: Georgiades, Close, Parker. May need to look at trading Simpkin though, not sure he is right and they have a tough draw.

Goodie's Guns

Leadership Group
21 May 2012
AFL Club
Score: 2,265
Weekly: 4,664
Overall: 3,150 (up from 5,065)
Value: $11,782,300
Bank: $29,800
Trades Out: Jacob Townsend (49), Justin McInerney (DNP)
Trades In: Lachie Whitfield (116), Bailey Smith (103)
Heroes: Jackson Macrae (169) (C), Josh Kelly (195), James Sicily (164), Max Gawn (157), Lachie Neale (152), Christian Petracca (141)
Villains: Tom Williamson (28), Jy Simpkin (35), Brandon Starcevich (48), Devon Smith (49), Sam Simpson (49), Izak Rankine (56), Brodie Grundy (61), Sam Docherty (66), Patrick Cripps (75), Elliot Yeo (77)

Comments: Always nice to nail your double upgrades, and stoked to rise up the overall ranks with a pretty decent score. A shame there were quite a few disappointments after the highs of the first couple of games of the round. D5 and D6 are killing me at the moment, missing Hamill and McPherson a real clanger looking back now. That will be fixed this week, with a DEF upgrade on the cards. Contemplated potential moves to trade out Grundy, but have since found a nice middle ground between my risky trade options and my safer/smarter trade options that sees me hold Grundy. Docherty, Cripps and Yeo (suspension) are incredibly frustrating, although Devon Smith is on a complete different level, he's plain and simple not good for my mental health at the moment. Current trade plans see him likely survive this week (damn), but probably moved on the following week hopefully. With an impressive debut, I'll now likely pass on the elevated Georgiades and hope that Close (and some other rookies hopefully coming down the line) can be sufficient enough cash generators, as I want to do the MID and DEF upgrades with my other two trades.

EDIT: Shout out to Jack Crisp, after dishing up a Krispy Kreme stat line and SC score during the only quarter that the game was in the balance, he somehow recovered to score an 89. Wish more blokes would start producing these sort of recovery efforts...

Planned Trades: IN - MID Upgrade, DEF Upgrade, Bradley Close, OUT - Undecided (Possibly Elliot Yeo), Tom Williamson, Undecided
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25 Jul 2012
AFL Club
Score: 2063
Overall: 59,293 (from 63,893)
Value: $ 11,143,100.00
Bank: $ 582,700.00
Trades Out: Curtis Taylor (37) , Pittonet (53)
Trades In: Bailey Smith (103) , Ladhams (106)

Heroes: Kelly 195 , Greene 166, Sicily 164 , McGrath 124 , Whitfield 116 , Ridley (C) 114 , Ladhams (106) , Bailey Smith (104) , Laird (97) , Hamill (92) and Cameron on the bench with for looping Hamill (instead of Starcevich) & switching the C off Grundy with 2 minutes to go.

Villains: Butler 87, Yeo 77 , Cripss 75 , Docherty 66 , Grundy 61 , Rankine 56 , Devon Smith 49 , Lynch 35

Comments: nice to get over 2000 again.

Short term plan was always to use Round 9/10 to remove 4 onfield rookies and replace them with Hurn, Parker, Duncan & Stewart so very happy that looks like coming to fruition.

Mid term my team will be very reliant on the likes of Butler, Ceglar, Ladhams, Lynch , Smith, Yeo.......I think I just have to try and get Lynch to F7 & Smith to M9 ASAP.

Round 11 as appealing as the likes of Boak/Shuey/Simpkin might appear I will need to probably fix my R2 so happy to play the BE waiting game with the likes of Goldy & Witts, and still keeping an eye on the Big O

Long term I hope to be competive from Round 13 ->

Hopefully yhe 4 "bonus" trades I can use to clear some bench deadwood and generate $ 350-400 k in doing so.

Looking forward to the bonanza of football.

Know the fixture, know when teams are announced and relax, 2-3 rash decisions could destroy your team for the rest of the season, remember this round is the half way point.

Planned Trades:

T Brown - > E Taylor/Close (depending if their are any viable Round 9 rookies)
Noble - > Hurn
Heeney - > Parker
18 Mar 2012
AFL Club
Score: 2,226
Weekly: 8,004
Overall: 10.088 (up from 14,170)
Value: $12,034,500
Trades Out: Taylor (37) & King (52)
Trades In: B.Smith (104) & Rankine (56)
Heroes: J.Kelly (195), Sicily (164), Neale C (151), Petracca (141), Viney (118), Whitfield (116), Ridley (114), Cogs (109), B.Smith (104), Hamill (93)
Villains: D.Smith (49), Grundy (61), Docherty (66), Cripps (75), Danger (88), Yeo (77), NicNat (84), J.Steven (DNP)
Comments: Thank god for my hero's cause the villians did their best to derail my week !!
Back to back 2200+ scores for the 1st time this season and another climb up the ranks and more importantly off the bottom of the ladder in PL.
With only 4 onfield rookies to replace the decision to Gawn or not to Gawn is making me o_O