Review Round 8 Review - 7 Leagues In The Top 21

6 Jul 2019
AFL Club
Score: 2,202
Weekly: 10,730
Overall: 16,424 (up from 21,526)
Value: $11,967,300
Bank: $20,200
Trades Out: Hill (DNP), Brander (DNP)
Trades In: Oliver (177), Georgiades (86)
Heroes: Sicily, Lloyd, Brodie Smith, Jelly, Oliver, Suitcase and Serong (Bench but welcome cash gen)
Villains: Devon Smith, Aarts, Taylor, Simpson and VC Grundy into C Danger
Comments: Really happy with the trades I made brought oliver in as someone that can be consistent and has already had the bye didn't expect this type of score at all and the same with georgiades his JS wasn't great so I've lucked out a fair bit with my trade ins this week. Captaincy was what held me back from a really good score this week. I never really considered sicily or Lloyd as a VC option so can't complain about missing out on them. Was considering VC kelly but wanted to take a look at grundy with the VC instead of the C as I wasn't confident of him belting out an easy 130+ with cameron in the side and once grundy had given his lowest score in years I momentarily considered putting the C on oliver instead of danger just on the small chance danger was a late out and I had no other C options in that game but stuck with my original plan. Overall can't complain about this week highest score and overall rank of this season avoided a lot of the carnage just worried about the lack of gawn and neale as trustworthy captains in my team going forward.
Planned Trades: Close as a bubble boy is certainly coming in, the main thing I'm debating is whether I pay close to 800k to bring in gawn currently have nic nat at R2 so I didn't feel the same urgency to bring in gawn as pittonet owners but as good as nic nat is playing its not translating into sc points. The sooner I can decide on the gawn situation the sooner I'll know whether I can confidently target macrae petracca types as trade ins or go more value with the likes of cripps dusty etc
15 Oct 2018
AFL Club
Score: 2,319
Weekly rank: 1,924
Overall rank: 992 (from 2,053)
Trades in: Caleb Daniel, Sam Simpson
Trades out: Starcevich, Curtis Taylor
Heroes: Sicily, Caleb Daniel, Ridley, Macrae, Oliver, JKelly, Gawn C, Petracca, Whitfield, Dusty
Villains: Docherty, Doedee's injury, Noble, Danger, Yeo, Cripps, Grundy, Simpkin, Dev Smith, Rankine

Comments: Can't remember a week where I had so many guys go absolutely massive and so many score so poorly but in the end I ended up on the right side of the equation thanks to JKelly, Oliver and Daniel scoring incredibly well and being in relatively few teams. A bit worried about what's going to happen with Yeo, Doedee and Noble this week, hopefully two of them can play. Again it's great to see SCS leagues continue to dominate.

Planned trades: King to Close, Brander to Ling/Watson, and Hayden Young to Zerrett the Byeless (via Rivers), leaving 162k in the bank.
18 Mar 2012
AFL Club
League Update

SCS Old Farts - 5th overall, 4th of the 18 team leagues
SCSPL - 8th overall, 7th of the 18 team leagues.
SCS $C - 11th overall, 10th of the 18 team leagues
SCSCL - 14th overall, 13th
SCS Best Of The Best - 17th overall, 16th
SCS Shake'N'Bake - 18th overal, 17th
SCS $A - 21st overall, 19th
Little worried for the PL as my side has improved on paper and scoring out put over last 2-3 weeks but have seen the league drop each week :unsure:
if it guarantees the league climbing back up i will gladly make my team poor again :cautious:
19 Jan 2014
AFL Club
Score: 2,224
Weekly: 8,211
Overall: 9,337 (from 13,011)
Trades Out: M King & Ceglar
Trades In: B Smith & Geogiades
Heroes: Lloyd, Sicily, Ridley, Neale, Macrae, Gawn, Whitfield, Georgiades
Villains: Grundy, Devon Smith, Bennell, Docherty, Simpson, Starcevich, Noble, Taylor (on the bench tho)
Comments: Reasonably happy with the score, was hoping to get to 2,300 but Grundy's low score meant it was going to be hard work. Stoked that the gamble on Geogiades worked out for me. Can't wait to bring in Petracca this week, sucks not having him when he's a popular pick! Will also be welcoming back Nat Fyfe, so its almost like a triple upgrade week!
Planned Trades: Bewley/Green/Taylor > Petracca/Oliver/Close
9 Aug 2012
AFL Club

Trades Out: Hunter and Rivers
Trades In: Treloar and Egg-Smith
Heroes: Macrae, Gawn, Neale, Haynes, Whitfield, Walters, Cogs, Titch, Hammill and Georgiades
Villains: Treloar, Grundy, Boak, Crisp and Doedee
Comments: Literally limped to 2085. Had 11 scores under 61. Three scores above 150 saved me. New trade in Treloar started well, until he and the rest of his side were dominated by the Eagles. Not much more to say really, just looking forward to ranting during the bye rounds, with injuries and players being rested every 2nd week. Some huge scores posted again this week, symbolizing the SCS spirit, well done to all. Now to see how I deal with injuries to Doedee and Walters.

Planned Trades: TBA, actually I'm not trading Close in, as I already have him. ?
17 Jun 2014
AFL Club
Score: 2,177
Weekly: 14,251
Overall: 9,995 (up from 11,833)
Value: $11.96m
Trades Out: Green (DNP), McInerney (DNP)
Trades In: B Smith (104), L Ryan (118)
Heroes: Macrae, Sicily, Gawn (C), Neale, McCluggage, Ryan, Whitfield, Ridley, Dusty, (Serong).
Villains: Docherty, Doedee, Cripps, Grundy, D Smith
Comments: Very happy to reach a 10k ranking after being almost 90k after Round 1. I am still fielding more rookies than many, so I may start slipping again as people start to finalise their teams before me. My 15 premiums averaged 112 this week whilst my 7 on field rookies only averaged 46. This rookie average seems to be getting lower each week as the season goes on, so I really need to get them off the field sooner rather than later. Really happy to be part of the Old Farts League as we march on with our wheelie walkers to number 1, even if I am holding down last place on the ladder ... if I end up being our worst team and I can stay in the top 10k, we will continue to go well.
Planned Trades: There are only reactionary plans as I prepare for late outs as the round unfolds. I might need to move Doedee on to Lloyd to sure up my defence.
4 Jul 2012
AFL Club
North Melb.
Score: 2,230
Weekly: 7,598
Overall: 1,299 (up from 1,562)
Value: $12.193m + 35k cash in bank
Trades Out: Pittonet & Brander
Trades In: Gawn & Maynard
Heroes: Sicily, Lloyd, Gawn (C), Neale, Whitfield, Ridley, Dusty, Hamill, Petracca, Greenwood's last 10 minutes
Villains: Docherty, Cripps, Grundy, D Smith, Bont, Maynard
Planned Trades: King/S.Hill/C.Taylor - Close/Ling/Macrae

Comments: Week started off quite poorly being a non owner of Macrae, J.Kelly, Haynes, Daniel and B.Smith. Was staring down the barrel of my 5th straight week of going backwards in overall rank. Got a bit lucky being a non owner of Simpkin and Doedee while pods in Lloyd and Hamill far exceeded their season average.

Was set on Macrae all week as my 2nd upgrade but decided to switch to Danger after Hunter was left out of the side. Was absolutely spewing missing out on his 170 but saving the trade meant i could trade a non playing defender out to avoid a 0 once Hill wasnt named so i skipped on Danger too which seems a lucky move for this week at least. Unfortunately my #1 preference of Daniel had already played once the Hill news was released. Haynes was an option but with a high b.e and an upcoming bye i thought i would go Maynard. Seems a poor decision as i hadn't realised Maynard's b.e was still so high, he will effectively drop 50k over two weeks and still has a bye to come like Haynes. I can only afford my trades this week by 2k which wouldn't have been possible if i got Haynes which is a silver lining.

Will need to do all 3 of my trades before tomorrow nights game and hope team news is positive. Will look to close off the negative pod Macrae has been in the past 3 weeks. Don't love Ling too much as a downgrade option but seems the best of a poor bunch. Was considering Georgiadis in at 180k but i'm thinking Ling can make the same amount Georgiadis has left to make and it allows me to keep Dev Smith a week longer while also getting Macrae. Not many rookies are at a tradeable price which is worrying for future weeks. Only Pickett and Naismith look good to chop next week while Simpson and Rankine are approaching a tradeable price but i'm confident starting them on the field each week. I guess with best 18 there scores wont count as frequently, so getting rid of them soon could be a viable option. Looking at getting B.Smith, Simpkin and Danger/Oliver in the next few weeks.

Another good week by SCSBestoftheBest, up to 17th overall and starting to live up to our name
22 Feb 2013
AFL Club
Score: 2,145
Weekly: 19,423
Overall: 3,758 (down from 3,221)
Trades Out: McInerney and Davis
Trades In: Petracca and Egg
Heroes: Sicily, Lloyd, Gawn (C), Neale, Ridley, Dusty, Petracca, Macrae, Parker, Serong (bench)
Villains: Docherty, Cripps, Grundy, D Smith, Simpkin

Very glad to get Petrock in the team, really he should have been in their from the start but I went with Ceglar in a 'oh who gives a ****, COVID is going to stuff the season and rucks are scoring awesome' moment of weakness. Was it the wise choice to spend all my (substantial) bank on moving Davis onto Petrock? Not sure to be honest. It does mean that I need to use all three trades this week to get rid of another donut, do a rookie swap and still afford a prem. Moving into uncharted territory with all the late team announcements and not really comfortable with it really. Fingers crossed I can continue to put up solid scores. There is the smell of donuts in the air...
21 Mar 2012
AFL Club
Score: 2,231
Weekly: 7,498
Overall: 5,909 (from 8,303)
Trades Out: Hill & Hayden
Trades In: Zorko and McPherson
Heroes: McPherson, Hurn, Daniel, Lloyd, Dusty, Whitfield, Zorko, T Kelly, Neale, Gawn (c), Walters (Also a twang for villain)
Villains: Docherty, Danger, Grundy, TJL
Planned Trades: Williamson/KKP/Walters - Close/Zerrett/Gaff

Comments: Pleasantly surprised at rank jump. Late post with round 9 started but for all the reasons stated in other posts by other people was unable to post yesterday. Great to see the site back and posting now as I think it helps get my mind on the job for this round and the rest of the season, maybe the act of looking in detail at my heroes and villains rather than checking scores as the games progress.
At the time of posting everyone seems to have a good start, keep it up.
By the way have you looked at the team name of the last weekly winner, say it out loud (maybe with a slight irish lilt to the accent).
13 Jan 2019
AFL Club
Score: 2325
Weekly: 1719th
Overall: 8069 (from 15,912)
Trades: Houston and Rankine in for Young and Pittonet
Heroes: Gawn C, J.Kelly, Petracca, Dusty, Oliver, Ridley, Sicily and massive mention to SERONG!
Villains: Houston, Docherty, Bontempelli, D.Smith, Cripps, Simpson, Grundy, C.Taylor, Rankine
Comments: Pretty chuffed with the week's score (and the rankings jump). An amazing effort from Serong at the end of the round that probably aided me in jumping up 500-1000 extra ranks. Looking at using my three trades in the coming round, most likely D.Smith + Bewley + C.Taylor > Merrett, Whitfield and Close (Have 3.7K in the bank if I follow through).
7 Jul 2012
AFL Club
West Coast
Am blessed to be in Old Farts and PL. PL is a remarkable league. Am luving Old Farts, apparently we are supposed to know what we are doing
Me too mate, Both are fantastic leagues... Lucky to be in both!!

We have Old Farts in our PL...:eek::eek::eek:
Yep, there's a hand full of us, lol

Ben's Beasts

Leadership Group
6 Jan 2013
AFL Club
Score: 2,088
Rank: 613 (from 204)
Heroes: Captain Gawn, Sicily, Haynes, Ridley, Neale, Viney, Petracca, Dusty, Bazlenka
Villains: Docherty, Doedee (inj), Andrews, Bont, Yeo, Cripps, Starcevich, Simpson, Bennell, Grundy, Simpkin, D Smith
Trades Made: OUT: Long, T Brown IN: Bazlenka, Simpson
Trades Planned: OUT: McInerney, Brander, Taylor IN: Whitfield, Geodude, Close
Comments: Oops, forgot to post this earlier. Horrible round. So many villains which included a few POD’s which made it even worse. Hoping to bounce back next (this) round!