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9 Mar 2012
AFL Club
apparently it is so they have an abundance of picks at their disposal to match whatever bids come for Jackson Mead... i'm not sure if that makes it a good deal or not... depends where another club nominates him I guess
They must have been convinced that Mead would be taken before pick 29 to make this worthwhile. Now, in theory at least, they'll get three top picks AND Mead, although they are probably paying overs for it with next year's first round pick.

I’m guessing with the success they had with having three first round picks last year come straight in and play they probably feel like they can speed up the squad's future development by bringing another three top players now. If they get it right like they did with Rozee, Butters and Duursma they would have the backbone of a pretty solid squad in 5 years time.