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4 Feb 2013
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BTW has anyone watched the 2 seasons of NZ Survivor that are on 10Play? Haven’t seen either, but are wondering whether they are worth binge watching at some point?
I have seen the 2nd season of the NZ one back when it first aired on YouTube. Think I saw each episode within the week it origainally aired in 2018. There was a bit of a controversy in that season but won't give too much away and let you find out what it is for yourself. Actually thought it was pretty ok. Couldn't find season 1 but seeing as it's now all available on 10play, may go back to see first one though if I have spare time. Shame they cancelled NZ survivor after only 2 seasons.

The recent South African season is apparently very very good from what I hear.

Imagine if they had an International Survivor. Picking 5 allstars from each of the 4 countries. Could see Aus/NZ castaways gang up against the US. Would be very epic.