Opinion Who is the biggest AFL club? (POLL)

Who is the biggest AFL club?

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7 May 2023
AFL Club
Collingwood supporters often say that their club is the biggest in the land. Is it true?

Please select the club you genuinely think is the biggest in the land. Feel free to use your own interpretation of 'biggest'.

*Note: For the poll, I included the traditional big 4 in Collingwood, Carlton, Essendon, and Richmond, and added interstate big clubs West Coast and Adelaide. I mean no disrespect to any club not listed.
17 Jan 2015
AFL Club
Everything depends on your definition of 'biggest' of course.
Financial vs members vs supporter base vs most dominant over a period of time etc.

Sydney are said to be the club with the largest supporter base, according to the latest Roy Morgan report. Apparently they have over a million supporters Australia-wide, however I'd argue that the level of 'support' would be drastically lower than that and that for many who live in Sydney or NSW perhaps Sydney is just their default team.
Same can probably be said for Brisbane or West Coast, both of which gained the 'support' of many who live in said state when they were the only local option.
The 'biggest' clubs as far as success over the past 20-25 years would be Geelong, Hawthorn, Richmond and Brisbane for flags won.
Since 2000:
Premierships/Runners Up:
Collingwood 2/4
Essendon 1/1
Richmond 3/0
Hawthorn 4/1
Melbourne 1/1
Geelong 4/2
Sydney 2/4
WCE 2/2
Brisbane 3/2
Dogs 1/1
Crows 0/1
Saints 0/2
Port 1/1
Freo 0/1
GWS 0/1

Collingwood have remained a 'powerful' club for a long time. Have always had a large supporter base, many of whom are passionate and actually support by buying merchandise, attending games or purchasing memberships.
Anecdotally, at games, the verbal support is also hard to question.
Collingwood also had the highest average attendance for games, and as far as I know have done so for a long time.
When it comes to newspapers or media, Collingwood sells as well.

So, biased or not, Collingwood is my answer :)