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I was in backburners last year, but somehow I did not get an invitation, could you possibly resend it?
Happy got 1466 this week, equal second for the week and went up 2 places to 7th overall.
My first post. Hope to finished top 10 again this year.
Got knocked out of my elimator by Lings Bling 2 weeks ago who is no. 1 overall, I had Collins he had Embid
Just noticed you're having a great fantasy PL season, mate! Still in the running for the prize I reckon.
Crabby Skills
Crabby Skills
Have a good plan for the chips! Last season season I kept the BB 'till the last gameweek's craziness and it shot me up from 1k to 200. This season it looks like there's going to be 2 doubles and 2 blank GWs though...
Unfortunately used my wildcard to fix up my team which was loosing lots of ground on the leaders but still have Free Hit and BB to use (most likely in double gameweeks) and just hope to field a solid team for the blanks.
And Triple captain (forgot about that). That will be used in DGW and BB could be used any time from now
I like both of them, especially Moore. Moore will be taking the kick ins and will take a stack of intercept marks. He looks to be our most dangerous player at training.
Quaynor's a good size, neat by foot & top 5 in our 2k's. He could play round 1, in place of Aish or even Crisp, who has only just started running on the ground. Only minor set back a head knock on the GC camp.
Thanks mate, good colour. I think the kick ins issue could potentially be the key determinant of who is a good starting pick this year. Reckon I’ll make room for Moore, maybe at the expense of Hanley. has an advanced fantasy section with sections called "ceiling" and "floor" showing the most money made and lost during the year.
2019: 21,835, 2018: 220th, 2017: MEd. affected) 6409th, 2016: MEd affected 9401st, 2015: 1219th, 2014: 2093rd, 2013: 902nd, 2012: 8057th ... but always 1st in China.
Hi mate - might be a bit off the pace for the league now. 1684/18. With Fyfe captain still hoping for 2200 but not massive...
Hi Freowho

I would love a copy of your spreadsheet please.


hi freowho

hope all is well

would love a copy of your spreadsheet , my email is

good luck

Hi Erich,
Hey mate, make sure you attend to your team.
You missed submitting a team last week and had no more active emergencies if someone else was out.
Also you had Petrie named in reserves and senior team the round before I pointed out at the time that you never sorted out on that round. Best not leave it to last moment if you miss stuff like that.
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