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3 Jul 2017
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Further information:
We’re looking to test out our new fantasy game in its raw form, for the upcoming Super Series 4. We will then act on any feedback and refine the game for our mobile app, which we hope to launch in time for the World Matchplay with some cash and non-cash prizes. See below for more detail and what we would like from you as a tester…

To start with, please make sure you are registered on our website. In the coming days we will grant you access to a hidden section where the fantasy game is hosted, along with where to find it. We would like you to:
  1. Pick a team of 8 players to score points for you through the Super Series (for the Matchplay the number of players per team will be less).
  2. Access the player transfer facility day by day so that we know it works (for the Super Series we have set a rule of one transfer per day)
  3. Check on how your team is performing through the Super Series - using the league tables and scoring tables we have put into the site.

Stats = Points!
Players score points for…
  1. Legs won
  2. Matches won
  3. Three-treble visits (171-180 scores)
  4. 99+ Outs
  5. 160+ Outs
  6. 9-darters
Players will be priced based on their expected points return and prices will fluctuate throughout an event based on the popularity of players as the tournament unfolds. For each tournament you will have a budget to work within to pick your team and there will be transfer windows throughout (the number of these will vary depending on the tournament).

The game in its test form will have no visual graphics, images or design, so please don’t worry about giving us feedback on what it looks like - it will look very different in the final mobile app version. We would like feedback on the game rules, experience, and whether it works. We are also undecided on whether players should be grouped into Constructor Teams with limitations of how many players you can pick from each Constructor (e.g. Price and Wright would both be Red Dragon) - it would be great to get your thoughts on whether you would like to see this or not.​