Analysis 2024 AFL SC: Rolling Perfect Team [Post #242 onwards]

20 Jan 2016
AFL Club
The team currently leading is entitled "Nuke". Here is what they have done.

My observations.
  • Used maximum possible trades to date so only 6 left.
  • Has 9 mid premiums, 5 def premiums & 5 fwd premiums (6 if you count Sexton)
  • Yet to miss a captain. Averaging 136 with a lowest of 109.
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Thanks for that.
136 captain average, I thought that was crazy then added up mine and the exact same 136 avg, 109 lowest.
Certainly burned through those trades, used all 5 boosts straight up and only 5 premiums have stayed in their team from the start.
Trading in Houston this week saved their round.

The team coming 3rd looks in good position, high team value and 23 premiums.