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24 Feb 2020
AFL Club
Have you ever wanted to have some fun testing your trading skills against your fellow SuperCoach addicts?

If your answer is ‘yes’, then this could be the comp for you!

I know your SuperCoach teams are precious, so this competition will be played on the AFL Fantasy platform.

The idea is that every team in the competition will be identical in Round 1. All teams will be required to start the same 22 players on field, have the same Captain and Vice Captain, and the same players and Emergencies on the bench.

After the completion of Round 1, there are no rules. Just trade your own way through the season to see if you can claim bragging rights as this seasons best SCS trader!

Since this is a trading competition, it won’t matter what our starting team looks like. However, we are a competitive bunch here at SCS, so I am sure we will want to be starting from a solid base. Therefore, everyone who is in the competition will get to have a say in the structure and make up of the starting team. Stephen, who has a solid fantasy record across platforms and sports, has kindly accepted responsibility to take the lead and provide the casting vote if we are split on decisions or just need the final pieces fitted into the starting team.

This will be a free competition. All it will cost you is your commitment to set your AFL Fantasy team to the agreed lineup. Note - you will stand out if you don’t because all teams in the league should have an identical score after Round 1!

A league will be established once we gain a sense of numbers.

If you want to be part of this, please register your interest in this thread. We will nut out the finer nuts and bolts between us over the coming weeks.

Entries so far:
1. Diabolical
2. Stephen
3. Darkie
4. Tails
6. Deeman1
7. Connoisseur
8. Brisbane Lions
9. Rowsus
10. Bomber18
11. Presto
12. KLo30
13. Hot Shame
14. jaca
15. Doc Ron
16. Goodie's Guns
17. Herbie66
18. Hogan's Heroes[/QUOTE
I will ante up.


Leadership Group
12 Apr 2014
AFL Club
Just Davis to Cameron so far for me. Depending on how ext benches wash out maybe Roberton to Rivers and Brayshaw up to someone good (Wingard?)
Made a few quick decisions earlier following final team drops:

Roberton to Rivers
Naismith to Pittonet
Zerrett to Viney
20 May 2014
AFL Club
St Kilda
trying to stay sensible and focus on cashcows so went Roberton, Xerri and Long for Sturt, Rivers and Pittonet. Hopefully a chance to jump on one or two of the exciting forwards next week.