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24 Feb 2020
AFL Club
I'll be honest, pretty pissed the Club went down the Buckley route a few years ago, things would've been different IMO if he just went and did his coaching apprenticeship elsewhere and then came back to the pies.

Buckley should be remembered as one of the great players to ever play for the Pies and not the failed coach who leaves/sacked mid-season.
Wouldn't call Nathan a failed coach. As true coaches never stop learning. But, Nathan returned to Collingwood as Head Coach way too early, was still too inexperienced. And the way he inherited the Head Coach role from Mick, was not the correct way to do things. Impatience on Nathans part, made him a great football player but not YET a great Coach. Good but not great. Very few get to those heights.

The way the football Dept handle the last trade period, was a disgrace. We can make the argument of the situation of "hub life" as the cause, and wanting early draft choices, but how Nathan and others on the coaching panel treated the players involved, was not good or acceptable for the culture of the Club and its most important assets. "THE MEMBERS" what happened to "side by side"

How can a Club expect to attract named players off contract or experienced coaches with this sort of attitude. Can understand tough decisions need to be made from time to time, but this trade debacle was just poor planning and now you have this mess. Giving players away and paying other clubs to take players. Again just poor planning for the future....how many paid professional in the footy department and this basic error is allowed to happen.

Moving forward as a footy club and as a business you cannot have the Football Dept making these bad decisions followed by bad decisions. Well documented off field discontent has not helped, but has played no part in the poor choice of match tactics, players roles and development "ARM CHAIR EXPERT TALKING" ha ha..

So many issues that need to be address on and off the footy field to keep corporate dollars rolling in. Very difficult job and I wish all board members future success. Very difficult (3) years approaching for the footy club to maneuver back in the right direction.

Although I have been active in suggesting Nathan should walk, I also wish Nathan all the best and every success in his next coaching role.

Second half of this years fixtures will be interesting to see which players get what role and how they get themselves out of the massive list issues they have....cough cough degeoy as a starting point.
4 Mar 2021
AFL Club
To be fair he coached the Pies to a grand final they probably should have won, knocking out the tigers in the prelim that year was a fair accolade.

I don't see him as a failed coach by any means. Merely a cleanout of house which I guess the club wants to go all the way with to protect it's image.

I'd take a guess and say quite a few clubs would be interested in acquiring him as a coach in some regard if not head coach.
18 Jul 2016
AFL Club
imagine being so sick with the virus, and leading a PGA Tour event by 6.
Kind of puts Jordan's flu game to shame doesn't it. Based on the reaction of Victoria to it you might even go as far as to say it's the single greatest sporting achievement ever...

Yep, and I'm sure the Bombers would rather have Hird there after he had some time coaching elsewhere - best way to break a club legend is to transition them straight into coaching at the club they've led for years.
Not sure if they'd have bothered putting any accountability on him still which was the bigger issue there. Letting an inexperienced guy with some pretty dodgy connections run roughshod and unchecked is generally not a good idea. When you take his side over the medical staff it just gets worse.

Bucks did a pretty damn good job at the Pies but his last year has not been good at all, the Treloar thing was handled about as poorly as it could be, their inability to recruit a KPF over the last 5 years has to come back to him at least a little bit given that we've seen Lynch, Dixon, Franklin, Cameron, Daniher and Brown all move clubs in that period but I think he did a good job.

That said, he was cooked the moment he let Darcy Moore embarrass him and completely undermine his coaching position. I've never seen a player so actively and visibly dog a coach like he did to the point of making the position untenable and Bucks clearly didn't have the support from the board to actually respond to it because Darcy should probably still be playing reserves right now after what he did. When players are doing that to you, you're done.

Was a sad way for him to go out.

Hoping Robert Harvey can have a good run at it, one of the genuine good guys in football and I'd love to see him take the position and run with it because he's done the hard yards as an apprentice and deserves a crack at it.
20 Dec 2016
AFL Club
Eddie McGuire! I kind of hope they've taken money on that.

Reckon the loser of the Korda/Browne stoush should be made to be coach for the rest of the season, with the other destabilising them the whole way. Might help them realise how "helpful" they've been to their club this year.
15 Mar 2019
AFL Club
Blake Caracella Head Coach.

Dale Tapping midfield and ball movement

Adam Yze Match Day Strategy. (Moved to Melbourne this Year and look what happens.)
Brought all that Clarko knowledge with him.

It's interesting how many coaches/assistants have spent time working with him, including a lot of the favourites for the Collingwood job full time. I can see why he is favourite for the role (just like most of the coaching jobs for years).
30 Jan 2013
I was just thinking about the great triumvirate. Buckley, Hird and Voss.
I think they are all good coaches but you need so much more than that. I've said for a long time that the Richmond Football Club coached Hardwick as much, if not more, than Hardwick coached the Richmond AFL team.
Voss might be a good coach now, but I remember too many comments from him about his plan being great, it's just that the players couldn't execute it. It tended to be based around good and quick disposal.

Unfortunately the players we had back then arguably couldn't execute an aristocrat in the French Revolution, so at some point a good coach faces the facts and adapts their plan to their team's strengths (ideally the sooner the better). Never happened.